Sissy phone sex training

It’s important for all of my sissy phone sex lovers to go through proper training. Many of you come to me with no prior experience as sissy sluts which makes my job that much more interesting. We need to have weekly sissy boy phone sex in order for you to understand my rules and regulations. During our sessions you need to always have on a pair of pink laced panties. First I want you took look into the mirror while wearing your panties and see how your cock looks in them. It’s important not to touch your dick, but to imagine me touching it for you. If you’re good, I may even let you cum inside of them. I always make sure feminization phone sex is exciting and a little degrading. I will assist you with putting ads up on the internet so we can find you as many dicks as possible  for your sissy mouth to suck. We’ll post pictures of you in your cute little pink panties on forums and let guys know you’re always ready for a good time and to call you so you can get fucked in your man pussy  and suck their cocks until they bust on your face. I’ll even do your makeup and drive you to your dates. I will be close by so I can record every cock that goes into your filthy mouth and use it for training purposes later on during the evening. No limits phone sex will be even sweeter once your sweet fuck hole is dripping sweet cum and you’re begging for more Sissy phone sex.

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Naughty Group phone sex Fun


I love having a little Naughty group phone sex fun on beaches especially nude ones. My friend and I teach a couples class on a nude beach. Now this of course isn’t your regular group of couples. We don’t just talk about our feelings; we act on them. We meet once a week, for a two hour session, sometimes longer, and teach the couples on how to please one another. I find it very important to explore anything and everything that deals with sex. There are many ways to please your partner and you don’t want to limit yourself to just one way.

In this particular session, we were teaching the males how to impregnate their lovers. For the entire session we took our time and made everyone feel comfortable. As I entered the session with my partner, I greeted all of the couples who were already standing there naked. “Good evening everyone! I hope you all are ready for a very special night. We are going to be teaching you how to impregnate your lovers this evening.

So ladies, please help your male partners lay on their backs” I said. As the ladies helped their lovers lay on their backs, my partner Mark and I, faced them to see their reactions to the task at hand. We were getting ready to have some fun. “Now that you have laid your partner down ladies, admire his penis. Look at it, touch it, and get yourself ready for the next step” I said in a flirty way. My partner Mark whispered to me softly in my ear, “Let’s show them how it’s done.”

I giggled right before I directed the couples to get ready for their next task and Mark laid down on his back. “Now ladies pay attention to every word I say. You are now going to suck your man’s penis. Do not simply tease the tip. Really stroke his shaft with both your tongue and your hand. You want him to be begging for your vagina when you’re done” I instructed.

As the ladies began to inhale their men’s penis, I gave them further instructions. My job was to guide them in every way possible and reach their goal of the men impregnating their partners. “Massage his hard steel pipe with your mouth. Your mate needs to feel your entire mouth around his penis. Don’t be afraid to use your homemade lubrication; your spit” I said to the ladies as Mark began to massage my shoulders as I sucked his penis. As the couples were there fully enjoying one another out in the open on the beach, I could not help but be turned on. I loved watching sexual acts especially ones that were out in public.

That’s why I began teaching this class. Even though it was night time, people were still walking around the nude beach, watching us. Another couple even wanted to join in on the impregnation phone sex fun and I let them. The more the merrier. One couple in particular was really getting down and dirty in the front row. The female made her partner’s penis completely disappear with her mouth. He was loving every minute of the experience. You could tell he was restraining himself from cumming and drenching her mouth with his special sauce.

By this point my vagina was dripping sweet juices that trickled down my leg. I wanted Mark inside of me so bad, so I began to show the ladies how to actually suck a penis and drain a man. I got down on my knees and sucked Mark’s penis so hard. He was the loudest of all the men. “Okay ladies let’s switch it up a bit. Men it’s time for you to devour your woman’s vagina. Make her want to push your head down there as she squirms. You want to eat her vagina like it’s the best thing you’ve had in a long time” I said.

The women quickly jumped onto their men’s faces and began to ride them. All you could hear was loud moaning. Every woman was holding onto their man’s head like they were going to pass out. I knew that everyone was extremely turned on at this point and ready to get into action. After about 15 minutes of vagina licking, I switched gears. “Ladies get onto your hands and knees and get ready to be penetrated by your man. Men insert your penis into your woman’s hot and ready vagina” I said to all of the couples.

As soon as I said insert, the men were thrusting themselves deeply into their women’s vagina. I had to make sure they were going at the right speed. “Now you guys don’t go too fast right now. Do simple slow strokes. You want to get the vagina ready for you to shoot your hot semen into it. So you have to loosen her up a bit. You can pick up the pace again after a few more strokes” I said to the men. As the men went slower I could hear the women’s moans get louder. Since the men slowed down their speed, the women were ultimately more aroused.

“Men you can pull on their hair a little if you want to get a little kinky. I know it may be getting hard for you all not to cum. I now you’ve been holding it in. But Mark will instruct you all on when it’s time for you to cum. We will cum as a group” I said as Mark began thrusting his penis harder and harder inside of me. Mark looked like he was getting ready to explode his semen deep within my hot wet love hole.

He opened up his mouth while moaning and said “Okay in the count of three we will all ejaculate our semen into our ladies.” My vagina was dripping wet and I knew it had Marks penis completely covered in juices. After Mark said 3, everyone came inside of their women. Onlookers couldn’t help but stand there in amazement. Every couple was completely drained and satisfied. “Now in a few weeks we should all know who has some good sperm” I said as I wrapped up the orgy phone sex class.

Call me lets see where this goes.

Call me: Victoria: 1-888-295-4932

Domination phone sex

I own you during Domination phone sex

How do you like your phone sex Domination? Imagine inviting me over to your house wearing just a simple shirt and shorts with no bra or panties. You can see my  perky nipples peeking through my reveling French cuff blouse as you imagine your mouth sucking on them. I force you to get onto your knees in this Domination phone sex session as you watch me gently remove my clothing off of my smooth skin.

You want me bad!

You can barely contain yourself as your mouth waters from looking at my perfect love hole. It’s one of the prettiest things you’ve seen in ages and you can’t wait to get a taste of my pussy. You love ass worship and can’t wait to place your face and tongue deep in my tight asshole. I make you beg for the privilege of being my personal erotic pleasure chair.

I leave you vulnerable.

You look up at me with your hands behind your back just waiting to get a whiff of my sweet pussy.  I make you lay on your back as I climb on top of you, putting my pussy and ass in your face. I ride your face for over an hour making you fulfill all of my face sitting fantasies. You devour my honey pot and eat it as it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. I cum continuously squirting my sweet juices all over your face multiple times.

I am always ready for more.

We take a quick nap and I awaken you to my sweet fuck hole in your face, Getting you ready for another pussy worship session. I then use your cock like it’s my own personal sex toy and make myself cum while you watch in amazement. You never knew domination phone sex could be so sexy. You then decide to switch and we trade places. You decide to dominate me in the worst way possible and mold me into your personal submissive sex slave.

The tables turn now.

You throw me onto the bed, force my legs into the air and you smother my face with my breasts and fuck me until I completely pass out. My pussy is swollen and worn out, but you awaken me with a vibrator teasing my clit, getting me ready for round two. You keep me in your house for days fucking me over and over trying to accomplish your goal of impregnating me. After a couple of months of trying, I finally get pregnant and you take full ownership of me. I am now your submissive phone sex slave that no one can touch but you.

We can switch!

You will use me for your personal pleasure and have your way with me anyway you like. You can’t wait for my titties to get bigger and begin producing milk. As the months go by and my belly begins to swell, my pussy gets juicier and you can’t help but to indulge yourself with my pregnant cunt. My titties grow massive and begin dripping creamy milk from my swollen nipples as you fuck me harder and deeper with your bulging dick.

I enjoy it all!

You love hearing my moans  of ecstasy and listening to the way your big heavy balls smack across my round ass while you hit my pregnant pussy from behind. You have never been more satisfied in your life.

Call me and lets see where it goes! Lets Indulge this Fantasy together.

Call me: Victoria: 1-888-295-4932

Hot and nasty phonesex

 I find myself  a bit friskier  during Hot and nasty phonesex than usual.

Is it the joy of the season that loosens the bindings of my cloths? Or perhaps the rum that assists in the unbuttoning of my shirt. Upon retrospection I must concur that often primal carnal sexual needs disguise themselves as a fleeting whimsy in my thoughts. I find myself fantasizing about Hot and nasty phonesex when I am wrapping gifts. The squishiness and pliability of the wrapping paper, how it rolls into a phallic shape.

But of course the abundance of candy canes fail to help my resolve. It’s no secret that I have quite the oral fixation. Yes gentleman I love to suck cock. The bigger the better. I have no idea why the idea of running my lips and tongue up and down a hard chiseled cock penetrate my thoughts so much this time of year. Is it the egg nog maybe? Or maybe all this holiday cheer brings out  the very best in Hot and nasty phonesex sluts. Its just something about this time of year that makes me into such a cock sucking whore.

So back to presents, As I roll and tape the corners down around  the packaging I find my mind wandering to even more carnal pleasures.  My round ass grinding against a fat dick as it pulsates deep inside me. Of course then my tight eager pussy now begins to become quite wet. All it would take is a touch, a breathe a kiss and I would most defiantly melt into a hot slutty mess.

By then of course  I have ripped the paper. See this is why gift bags are a necessary evil! But in retrospect at least the paper allows me to vent my frustrations. I can’t help I am a nympho. I truly need dick! There is no substitute for a being pounded repeatedly while grabbing sheets and finding nirvana as A lucky partner and I undoubtedly find our climax together.

Of course since I can cum multiple times with an intense throbbing resolve he or she might want to pace themselves. Which leads me to how many glasses I will accidentally drop and break while mentally entertaining my many edge play fantasies. I believe sex is an experience that should be savored not squandered. Now of course everyone loves a  good hard fuck!

Well seriously who doesn’t right? There is no greater pleasure in the world than having your panties ripped off and a cock suddenly forced into your hot wet fuck hole. Of course the peace your neighbors were enjoying is now optional as you find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs like an animal. Destruction of furniture could follow but do you even care *Snickers?

So as you shop around this Holiday season for the perfect phone sex slut let me assure you I am already mentally sizing up your package. Your fuck stick is like a gift presented to me with a velveteen ribbon. Part of me wants to toss  the ribbon aside and immediately play with you. While the other part longs to savor the moment and take it nice and slow.

Which Victoria will you get you might ask? I guess it depends on our connection and chemistry *wink. Shall you gently peel off my shirt as you kiss down my neck? rubbing my nipples slowly as I reach for that bulge in your pants? Or shall it be more of a passionate plundering of quickly scattered cloths. Shall we take our time? Or do you want to fuck the shit out of me darling?
Call me…. I would love to find out.

I am just aching to feel your lips upon my perky tits. Your tongue licking and caressing each and every curve of my nipple. Our hearts beating faster as my pussy wet-tens and your dick oozes pre cum. Our bodies were made for each other. We would fit like a lock and key. My cunt is a glove for your cock. I need you more than I need air right now.

All this time your investing on considering your many options could be better spent enjoying your present right now. Hot and nasty phonesex is right at your finger tips when you call me. But what is your gift you might be thinking? Well I guess you can ponder that question as I drop to my knees and take you inch by inch in my mouth.

If you can manage words while I am deep throating your dick I will be quite impressed.  Of course there is much more to me than the common cock sucking. Your balls need individual attention. I plan to suck them one at a time right after my tongue slowly slides up and down the crack of your ass. Are you intrigued yet? Good !  I intend to push every sexual button and pull every bedroom switch you have. Shall I be dominate and hold you down as I slide atop your body?

Or am I the submissive prize you plan to adorn in metal bracelets that just happened to be chained to my four post bed? Go ahead and spank me I love all the extra attention. Feel free to explore my body, every inch of it like a new frontier. My fuck hole is sweet and wet, care to taste it lover? Just keep sucking on my swollen clit…I would love to cover you in my honey. But don’t get me wrong I am never selfish. My mouth was made to suck cock. I bet you taste  so good.

I would love to get caught up in the moment of draining your balls dry as you grab onto handfuls of sheets  arching your back, and moaning my name. I intend to make your toes curl. We might break this bed but its all fair in love and war now isn’t it? The only thing that exists is this moment right here. My mouth moving up and down your dick. Maybe my finger exploring your ass if your kinky. I want that sweet creamy load of yours and I will work so hard to get it.

But now for an agonizing pause……

Right before I put you inside me. Oh yes we are going to fuck today. My lovely pussy lips are going to grip your dick as your big engorged mushroom head hits the back of my cervix. My hips rolling up and down playing your pleasures like a violin as I milk every last drop from you. Let me be clear I love making my men (and women) cum more than once.

Think of it as a three course phone fuck.  I understand we were just having a merry holiday get together but trust me I didn’t intend on taking you so (or did I?) I mean  I am such a good sweet girl and all *bats eyes innocently.  Maybe it was the hungry stare that gave me away? Or quite possibly my hard nipples poking through my sheer blouse. Of course biting my lip and rolling my hair between my fingers while staring at your package could not possibly be what got us here right?

The holidays are a time of joy. Reminiscing on ALL simple pleasures. Now I understand this blog might find you stroking your dick uncontrollably. Maybe I should confess I am quite intrigued with the idea of not only getting on all fours for you but riding you until your weak from exhaustion.

I am damn sure going to grind my hips from right to left because I want to make sure that jingle bells is not the only thing that makes your year. Whether by passion or redemption this is going to be best fucking Christmas you have ever had. But that is of course if you call me.

I mean I could have all this fun alone, And it would serve you right for making me wait as you read this. I will allow you a few minutes to pretend that the idea of hearing my seductive voice as I slide this vibrator in and out of my honey hole doesn’t turn you on. I mean most certainty your not in the least bit interested in jerking off while hearing a beautiful woman get off for you now are you? (of course not *giggles).

And while you pretend that the idea of getting off with me right now isn’t enough to make you pick up the phone. The idea of Free phone sex could not possible appeal lol.
Free phone sex? (ears perk) oh yes you heard me you sexy beast, free phone sex!
From now until the New Year rings in you are going to get free phone sex
But why would I just…give it away? Why not!
The Holiday 10 Special
Every time you purchase a ten minute call with me you get an extra five minutes free.
But please don’t stop there gentlemen…..
The Holiday 30 Special
Every time you purchase a 30 minute call with me you will recieve 10 minutes free.
Now of course this does not combine with any other special (lets not be too naughty )  And you must of course use all the minutes in the same call. But trust me, Once we get started you really won’t want our fun to end.
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