Naughty neighbor roleplay

Naughty neighbor roleplay

I love being bad during Naughty neighbor roleplay!

My horny married neighbors are some of the funniest men around. They love Naughty neighbor roleplay phonesex because they can’t get any pussy from their uptight wives.

Teasing horny men during Naughty neighbor roleplay really gets me wet!

So every time I go outside and flaunt my luscious body around, they instantly get hooked. I go outside with the shortest shorts and smallest tops for a reason. I love tease and denial phone sex and making men crave me more and more.

Naughty neighbor roleplay makes the guys I date so jealous.

My boyfriend hates it when I go outside for this vary reason. I just can’t help myself though. When my boyfriend went away on a guys trip last weekend, I had a lot of fun.

I love playing hard to get.

I pretended that I was outside watering my flowers when in fact I was just being the ultimate Phonesex tease! I made traffic stop on my street and jaws drop. I barely went outside with anything on and that just drove the men even more crazy.

I gave my neighbor a show….

My neighbor Bill came outside just in time to see a naughty phone sex show. I grabbed my breasts in my bikini top and started rubbing them before I bent down and spanked my exposed ass cheeks.

Luring men into my Naughty neighbor roleplay is so easy…

Bill didn’t know what to do. I knew he wasn’t going to take the bait though because it was too risky with his wife right in the house. He would just have to watch and wait.

I know you want it!

Maybe one day he would get a wiff of my tasty phone sex treats. Call me today and become my naughty phone sex neighbor! I Can’t wait to enjoy a Naughty neighbor roleplay with you.

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