Girlfriend Day Phonesex

Girlfriend Day Phonesex

My  horny phone sex lovers can’t wait until that special day of the year comes.

They prepare themselves a day before National Girlfriend Day by emailing me their perfect phone sex fantasy and figuring out what special gift I would like for the special occasion. The day finally comes and you call me ready to explode.

I can tell by the excitement in your voice that Girlfriend Day Phonesex has been on your mind for quite a while.

I tell you exactly what I want, and as my phone sex lover you deliver. You’ve never experienced a delectable phone sex treat quite like me before.

So when I begin to tell you how my wet tongue is already licking on your ear as my hands travel to unseen places, your mind is blown away. Your hard cock jumps up every chance it gets and without warning it’s already in my mouth before you can even get your pants down.

My GFE role plays make you rock hard!

You mouth fuck me with your every inch of hard throbbing manhood. I figure you must not know your cock too well, because precum is already leaking out before I’ve even gotten a chance to squat on it during GFE roleplay phone sex. I roll my hips and I ride your dick!

You just can’t help yourself!

Throughout the evening while I get ready to feed you a sweet Girlfriend Day Phonesex treat. Switching between riding your face and riding your cock, somewhere in between you explode and drift away.

Indulge your desires!

When you wake up you realize that the special occasion was delectable phone sex on National Girlfriend Day Give me a call so we can start your day off right. Tell me all your deepest darkest fantasies. We can just talk, or we can enjoy kinky erotic toe curling role plays. I love making all your naughty dreams cum true when we play. Not alone? Ask me about cyber sessions too 😉 . Mrs Nice never has to know.

Reach out and play with me now!
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