Panty Lover phone sex


Panty lover phone sex

Whenever my sister and  naughty brother in law visit, I often find my silky pink panties missing. So last time they visited I made sure to  close my  bedroom door . When I finally caught the culprit, I was in shock. I lingered in the doorway of my bedroom watching as my horny brother in law sniffed my silky pink lacey panties in  Panty Lover phone sex. He stroked his face with my panties in ectasy and traced his hungry tongue around the inside of the crotch area imagining my hot dripping wet pussy being in them. After catching him, I decided to take a quick shower to figure out my next move. He crept into my bathroom while I was showering so he could sniff my freshly discarded dirty panties while stroking his hard erect throbbing cock. He admired the soap suds clinging onto my curves and then gently washing off of my sexy body. I heard him moaning how much he loved sister in law fantasies and felt him creeping up towards the shower even more. He opened up the shower curtain and begin taking in my scent even further while he exploded his hot thick rich cum cream into my silky bikini panties. My sister and naughty brother in law still visit, but when they aren’t here, I tell him over the phone to put a small vibrator deep inside his tight little ass while he rubs my panties up and down on his bulging rock hard dick. I also tell him to pinch his pink nipples as he moans then cums to the sweet sound of my voice while screaming out my name.

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