Erotic Phone Sex Fun

Erotic Phone Sex Fun

Erotic Phone Sex Fun is for horny stepsons !

Erotic Phone Sex Fun starts with you volunteering to be your stepmoms sperm donor. Your Step mom & father want to have a baby. Your dads balls had to be removed for health reasons. Of course you stepped up to the plate. Volunteering to be their sperm donor.

Who better than to give sperm than you! Your young virgin dick is ripe for the taking. With healthy viable sperm to impregnate your step mom. She is half your fathers age. Desiring to be pregnant, which your father can’t possibly give her.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun is what you really want!

During Erotic Phone Sex Fun you get tired of beating off in a cup. Dads out on a business trip this weekend. You come over knowing he won’t be around. Offering to submit your sample you request your step mom wait for you in her room.  Soon she will be submissively begging for your cock!

However you have zero intention on jerking off in a cup again. This time your going to impregnate your stepmother yourself. Shooting your seed deep in her naked bare cunt! You know she will protest at first but she’ll give in. Dad doesn’t fuck her anymore. She has to be sexually frustrated.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun fulfills all your dirty desires!

You surprise your stepmother with Erotic Phone Sex Fun! Telling her your tired of jerking off in a cup. Planning to do things the good old fashioned way from now on! She tries to tell you no but you seduce her into saying yes. Holding her down on the bed until she submits to your hard young dick.

You hold her down and kiss up & down her neck.  She tries to say no but you kiss her nipples through her blouse. Rubbing her pussy through her panties. Reaching right under her skirt. Finding her sweet spot through her panties until she squirms. No’s become moans soon enough. Your stepmom’s panties are fucking soaked! Of course she wants your young hard cock!


Erotic Phone Sex Fun makes your stepmoms cunt wet!

Its been so long since your mom had Erotic Phone Sex Fun! Her cunt is salivating as she looks at your hard young dick. Your cock is bigger than dads ever was. Pulling out all the stops you hold her down & seduce her. Making her wet with your fingers & mouth. Making her beg for your hard young dick!

You rub your dick all over her face. She tries to say no but you make her open her mouth. Forcing her to suck your hard cock. That hard dick of yours is so much bigger than daddies. Making her deepthroat it while you finger fuck her. Rubbing your wet hard cock all over her face. Watching her salivate over your huge young dick.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun makes  your stepmother beg!

You get on your knees and lick her neglected pussy. She cums hard on your face. Begging for your dick inside her. You slide your young virgin cock in step mommy’s cunt. Sliding in and out nice and slow.  Your step mother starts to moan begging for your seed. ” Mommy wants your baby batter!”

You fuck your stepmother nice & deep. Making her cum all over your cock.  Filling her to the brim with your young cum! Of course you both agree its your little secret! Your dad doesn’t have to know that your fucking his wife. He can’t satisfy her anyway! He doesn’t even have any balls!


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