Under The Desk Guest

You Woke Up To An Under The Desk Guest

You fell asleep at work during Under The Desk Guest. Woken up to your horny secretary who just started sucking your cock. She knows you might fire her but she doesn’t care.

You think your dreaming when you see her under your desk naked rubbing her cunt and sucking your cock nice and slow. Not knowing whether to call security and fire her or just enjoy it. Of course you just enjoy it.


Horny Secretary Is Your Under The Desk Guest

Wifey NEVER sucked cock like this 21 year old can.  Your eyes roll back in your head as she does everything right.  Horny Secretary confesses to you how badly she needs this job. She has all these student loans and she will do anything to get ahead…including give you head.

Your  Under The Desk Guest sucks your cock like never before! She sucks slips licks kisses and coaxes every drop of cum out of your cock.  Of course she is now promoted to your personal assistant. This way the two of you can spend more time together at work (and on business trips).


Submit to your Under The Desk Guest!

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