Working as a French maid leads to three way phone sex

French maid phone sex - Copy

My new employer hired me to clean his house as his sexy French maid. Who would have imagined it would have resulted in some of the hottest three way phone sex I would ever experience. I didn’t think he would be home as I cleaned the house, but when he invited me in I saw that he had already risen to the occasion. I went out of my way being a phone sex tease by bending over and leaning over in front of him exposing my cleavage. I went into his office where everything was a mess. As his slutty maid, I made sure that I not only dusted off his desk, but that I also sucked his cock as I cleaned. I always forget to wear my panties so whenever I bend over he always gets a good look up my skirt and sees my beautifully trimmed pussy. As I walked into his office one day, I noticed his gorgeous secretary there by herself. When I walked past her she quickly jumped out of her chair and graced my lips with hers. She guided me down onto the floor and opened my legs wide and dived her tongue in deep into my wetness. My boss walked in, right when I was getting ready to cum and made both of us go into the back room. He instructed us to bend over and spanked us both in three way phone sex. After whipping us both and leaving his mark on us, we got on our hands and knees and we both French kissed over his cock. While I devoured his secretary’s delicious cunt, he fucked my wet box and stretched out my asshole in our sexy roleplay


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