Halloween phone sex

Halloween phone sex - Copy

Looking for Halloween phone sex fun? Be sure to check out my Twitter Time line for  Spooky songs, Games, a scary fun house and great deals on phone sex! Have a special naughty fantasy in mind for this spooky night? Maybe I am the Naughty Milf handing out candy and you are the college coed next door cum to pay me a visit? Or are you the sexy police captain who finds me walking home in the dark after the party and escorts me home where I sedduce you?  We could also mix in some really spooky fantasies. Maybe you are a Horny Vampire entranced by the scent of my body.  Do I awaken to you licking and biting my neck and fingering my hot wet cunt? You could also be the horny ghost who I can’t see but I awake to feeling your hard dick fucking me. Maybe you have been haunting my house for some time now. And on this one special night of the year you can reach out and touch me. How many nights have you been tormented by watching me play with my hot wet honey pot hmmm? Sliding my dildo in and out. I feel a kiss on the back of my neck but no one is there? But its my horny ghost! You probe, touch and penetrate me in all the right ways.  Be sure to call me for Halloween phone sex and check out my hot specials below.


"Cherry Pie" - 15 Minutes for $20 (Savings of $10). 
​(For All phone lovers/Any Day any time- once per lover per day please)
(cannot be combined with any other special, minutes do not carry over and must be used during same call)

20 minutes for $20- is available tonight for Halloween. Normally only available on wednesdays and sundays. I am making a special exception on such a fun day ;)

20 minutes for $20 - Wednesdays and Sundays only*Its Back!
On Wednesdays and Sundays only enjoy 20 minutes for $20
All minutes must be used during same call, no minutes carry over.
Cannot be combined with any other special. Only one special per day per phone lover please.
This special is only good on Wednesday and Sundays. "Tax relief special" -100 minutes for $100/$1 a minute phone sex.
No gimmicks/ No BS
Do you like cheap phone sex? Want to prepay for your sessions with me and save $$$?
Now you can. When you prepay for our sessions in one large package you get a nice discount.
$100 gets you 100 minutes to enjoy any way you want (that's a savings of $100)
Feel free to split up our time any way you like,all sessions must be broke up into 10 minute+ sessions please.
All packages are prepay and non refundable and never expire. All phone sessions are first come first serve.
Buying a package does not garentee you are first but it does lock in an amazing rate on phone sex that can't be beat!
(cannot be combined with any other special)

"Big Spender $60 for 40 minutes"
Buy 30 minutes for $60 get 10 free
Must be used during same call, time does not carry over.
Cannot be combined with any other special
Packages are prepay, non refundable and never expire!

"Bikini Special $60 for 4 ten minute calls"
Buy 3 ten minute calls for $60 get your fourth ten minute call free.
Cannot be combined with any other special
Packages are prepay, non refundable and never expire.