Tease Denial Phone sex

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Tease Denial Phone sex. ….. oh my…I love being the sexy teacher so giving into my students fantasies is something I can’t control. Sometimes that control leads me to commit acts of Tease, Denial and Betrayal. There is one student of mine that I have had my eye on for some time now. I like teasing my sweet 18 year old admirer by giving him gifts and showering him with attention. He does everything possible to please me because I promise him a special reward in fantasy phone sex. I started off by having him doing chores around my house such as cleaning my pool, marching in full uniform in the hot sun on my 10 acre property, etc. One day he caught me betraying him by giving that same attention to another cadet. He told me how hurt he was because he thought he was the only one. I told him I started showing attention to another cadet because he hurt me in some way. I told him I would make it up to him so he agrees to come to my home one last time for his reward. He cleans my pool and marches while doing his chores as I swim in a skimpy bikini only to tease him some more in tease and denial phone sex. I finally restrained him in a chair and stripped for him, while feeding him apple pie as his dick bulges in his pants. Finally in domination phone sex, I released his restraints telling him to go home. At this point, he had pure lust in his eyes, so he seduced me and fucked me right there on my kitchen table while I succumbed to his lust of Tease Denial Phone sex .

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