Saturday Night Phonesex

My horny lover M loves Saturday Night Phonesex. We often bet against one another when it comes to Which one of us can be kinkier. Typically We start off with a game of Truth or dare. He has to worship my pussy , Or I suck his cock for as long as he can stand it! Last weekend  We spent most of the night in a slow 69! I know he loves to be edged. I knew exactly what I had to do. I made sure that before he came over I had on some silky red lingerie with my six inch stiletto heels on. I was going to make this a Saturday Night Phonesex  night to remember.

I heard a faint knock on my door and opened it only to see M licking his lips at me while admiring my outfit of choice. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom where the fun began. I stripped off his clothes and began planting sweet kisses on his biceps. He had a very nice build which made horny phone sex that much tastier. Noticing that his tongue was begging for my nipple, I placed it in his mouth and closed my eyes while my juices began to flow. I was ready to cum just from breast play.

I then placed his cock in my mouth and went up and down on it like I was bobbing for apples. His cock was marvelous and I intended on making him bust in my mouth. He started moaning out my name and before I knew it, he busted in my mouth! His warm cum trickled down my throat as I swallowed it all. This was definetly a Saturday Night Phonesex night to remember!

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Secret phone sex


Tell me your Secret phone sex confession.

In my experience everyone has a Secret phone sex desireWhen you hear the name Victoria Verone, what do you think of? Do you think of a sensual mistress who demands your attention and rewards you with her lips being wrapped around your cock?

You will become addicted instantly to me.

Or do you dream about my wet pussy being locked around your man stick begging for each drop of your cum? Whatever scenario has brought you to my phone sex abode, make sure that when you enter, you’re here to stay.

Cum explore the mind and sensuality of a true phone sex goddess.

For me, there’s nothing like a curious man who doesn’t know exactly what to do with his cock. He’s experienced almost every woman on this planet but is still unfulfilled when it comes to sex.

You will want to serve me.

This curious man still wants to reach his sexual peak, but lacks when it comes to finding someone who can do this very thing. I like to make all of my men fall to their knees with amazement when they call me.

I will mesmerize & tantalize your senses.

My voice and sensual phone sex imagination puts them in a trance they just can’t seem to escape. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but there are many unexplained things in the world of erotic phone sex.

Lets go on a phone sex adventure!

Before you call me, try to figure out what phone sex fantasy you really want to explore. I am skilled in many things including some of the unknown. What is the unknown when it comes to Fetish phone sex? Take my hand, lets find out together!

I love the forbidden & the taboo.

It includes many unspoken fetishes that some don’t even wish to mention. Sometimes when you mention certain things it brings them to life and makes us all face a reality we’re not ready to deal with. Are you ready to become part of my Secret phone sex society?

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Foot fetish phone sex

VICTORIA  1-888-295-4932

Some of the best phone sex comes to mind after my latest visit to my favorite local shoe   store.

Does the click of sexy open toe kitten heels get you going? Do you lust after Those perfectly painted manicured toes slipping into stockings. Then delicately placed feet into the perfect heels. Can’t you just envision sucking on each and every single one of my toes?

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? I love nothing more than to walk into a shoe store, pick a nervous looking horny male clerk and proceed to try on every pair of heels. Now the fact I forgot to wear panties might  just add to the excitement *Snickers.

I love teasing the shoe salesmen with glances of my wet pussy as they assists me in slipping into my shoes. I get so much pleasure from watching those hard cocks twitch in their trousers as they lovingly slip on my shoes. Its endearing how they try not to get caught looking up my skirt. Silly salesmen, Don’t you know I love teasing you this way? Imagine his surprise when one of my feet wanders over to his eager crotch. Do you like the way the perfect soles of my feet rub your aching man meat?

I bet you can just imagine sliding your big hard dick between my feet until my soles are a sticky mess huh? Or maybe sucking on my toes while you fucking my tight wet holes? I love feeling your cum drip between my toes and onto my heels. You would look so good tied to my bed in my silk stockings as I ride you all night. But of course I would tease you until you were begging for release. I mean after all..nothing good cums easy!

Call me for foot fetish phone sex you will never forget. Do you have a fantasy?

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