No Limits Phone Sex

No Limits Phone Sex

I love it when my phone lovers indulge in No Limits Phone Sex. Are you a kinky  phone lover who loves to wear panties? Trying to sneak wearing panties in everywhere you go.  Wearing panties under your  suits or uniforms ? Maybe you also don a sexy vibrator inside one of your pretty pink holes as well? It makes me hot when someone in a position of authority lives on the edge. Wanna get naughty with me?

Want to be in control or do you take control of me.  Have I been bad? Or maybe your the naughty one? I invite you to read me my rights nice and slow. Administer justice to this tight little ass and pussy of mine. Have erotic edgeplay  in mind? Wanna tie me up& put me in pretty cuffs? Go ahead and interrogate me. Take your time & fuck the truth out of me nice and slow. Or maybe your the one who is all tied up. Do I torment you with a feather or my mouth? Is your dick or  sissy clit straining against that perfectly starched pressed uniform?

Its ok you can call me and confess all the dirty naughty things you would never share with anyone else. Are you a  driver who drives naked or in panties from the waist down ? Why not turn on that vibrator when you pull in & park. No one has to know  your secretly cumming but me.  Looking at everyone around you as you get off. Into surveillance? Are you a Voyeur? Find yourself parked at the adult book store perhaps? Sitting in the car in nothing but a trench coat and panties?

Watch me secretly from candid camera. I drop to my knees and coax his big long hard cock from his pants. Are you watching this? Does it make you hot to know I am sucking the same dick you want to wrap your lips around? Its ok if your an introvert   They don’t know your watching but I do. Then I bend over and spread my pretty little ass cheeks and take him deep inside.  Are you jealous baby?  Wish you could fuck me ? Or do you wish he was fucking you instead? You watch from the car as your vibrator hums away. Then you take me (or possibly us both home).

What happens after we get home is up to you. Shall you watch from a secret room?  Wanna Secretly Jerk off your dick or wet pussy in your panties? Watching as I fuck him ? Then lick out my anal creampie as I get his dick ready for you to suck.

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Saturday Night Phonesex

My horny lover M loves Saturday Night Phonesex. We often bet against one another when it comes to Which one of us can be kinkier. Typically We start off with a game of Truth or dare. He has to worship my pussy , Or I suck his cock for as long as he can stand it! Last weekend  We spent most of the night in a slow 69! I know he loves to be edged. I knew exactly what I had to do. I made sure that before he came over I had on some silky red lingerie with my six inch stiletto heels on. I was going to make this a Saturday Night Phonesex  night to remember.

I heard a faint knock on my door and opened it only to see M licking his lips at me while admiring my outfit of choice. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom where the fun began. I stripped off his clothes and began planting sweet kisses on his biceps. He had a very nice build which made horny phone sex that much tastier. Noticing that his tongue was begging for my nipple, I placed it in his mouth and closed my eyes while my juices began to flow. I was ready to cum just from breast play.

I then placed his cock in my mouth and went up and down on it like I was bobbing for apples. His cock was marvelous and I intended on making him bust in my mouth. He started moaning out my name and before I knew it, he busted in my mouth! His warm cum trickled down my throat as I swallowed it all. This was definetly a Saturday Night Phonesex night to remember!

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Seductive Phone sex

I love a man who takes his time. One who kisses me nice and slow. Desire slowly blossoming like a desert flower. As each petal opens and stretches ecstasy slowly builds.

Looking for someone to explore your slow seductive side with? I am not here to judge you. You can share your deepest darkest secrets with me. Seductive Phone sex isn’t just about a bit of role play that leads to an orgasm.  It allows you to connect to someone on a deep sensual sexual level. Experience  fantasies you can’t share with anyone else. 

Do you long to be edged? Teased over and over again. I love prolonging pleasure, as the ending is so much more intense. Your hard swollen member begging for release.  My lips curving around the head of your cock. My tongue flicking down your base. My lips and tongue rimming the crack of your ass.

I want to kiss your balls and caress them in my soft hand. Slide you deep into my mouth and make you feel like a man.  Drive you crazy, then stop.  You watch with hunger as I put on a show. Your pre-cum honey drips for me, You long to be let in.

Shhh. Just watch as I tease you. My hips thrust to passions symphony. Watching you watching me.  I want you to ache with desire before we become one. Your need to fill me is overwhelming now.

When I kiss you , my lips dance softly on yours. I can feel the hunger between each kiss. Your hands get rougher so I tie them up. Your mouth reaches for mine. I pull away just enough to be in your reach. My tight wet pussy sliding against your  dick. No not yet

I take an ice cube in my mouth and kiss your neck slow. Your nipples perk as the ice melts in my mouth. I bite you softly, rubbing just your mushroom head against my  slick tight warmth.

Tenderness, then Tease and denial. I know you would ravish me if I set you free. I think I will keep you on the edge.

Your tongue slides in my mouth, like you wish your cock was. I suck on your tongue as I dance on your body with my fingertips.  Your back arches as I kiss down your chest, your stomach and between your thighs.

My lips kissing you places no one has ever been. Your legs thrashing as my tongue teases you. You want your hands free. I enjoy the power I am having over you.  Then I set you free . I love the intensity in your gaze. I love the way you throw me down and make me pay. Grinding yourself with a thirst that’s seen no water in days.I want you to cry, I want you to scream my name.

Ready for  Seductive phone sex  that will leave you addicted?  Call me 😉

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Massage parlor phonesex

One of my phone lovers enjoys Massage parlor phone sex. I’m sure you have read some of the ads in  papers, or ads on the internet about massage parlors advertising their services. Have you ever allowed your mind to wonder about what must go on behind those walls for all who enter? Does your cock stiffen contemplating  having some tight pussy nympho massaging every inch of your body?  Warm soft hands on your naked skin cab get just about anyone excited. Imagine your reading a newspaper and you spot an ad for a sensual 60 minute massage for a price you can’t refuse. The girl advertising her services says she is ready for anything and knows exactly how to please every inch of a man’s body. You call her up right away and get ready for your sensual phone sex fantasy.

As you enter the massage parlor you see a sultry vixen standing by the door waiting to serve your every need. She leads you into a room where you spot a bed. She takes all of your clothes off slowly, looking you into your eyes as every article of clothing drops to the floor. You can’t help but to gaze at her supple breasts, that are showing a little through her tight fitting yoga outfit. As you lay on the massage bed, she walks over to her table and grabs some oil. She gently releases a little bit of oil at a time onto your already smooth skin. She rubs the oil into your skin making sure every part of your back is oiled up.

She tells you to flip over so that she can massage the front of your body from head to toe. As she begins working her hands from your chest onto your stomach you begin to wonder what she will do as she gets closer to your cock. As her fingers touch your pubic hairs, your dick hardens. She smiles as she sees your manhood standing at attention. As she stated in her Ad, she’s up for anything. As you wait in eager anticipation she begins to do just what your body needs. She stands up on the massage table and begins massaging your body with her cute size 8 feet.

Her manicured toes turn you on so much that your cock begins to beg for her attention. She works her way down to your cock and begins to milk it with her toes. Erotic phone sex is exactly what you have been needing this entire time. As you both become more aroused, she places her tight bald pussy in your face. You flicker your tongue on her clit, teasing her before you fill her up nice and deep with your throbbing cock.

She lets out little cute moans as you devour her entire body. She gets off your face and sucks on your cock to prepare it for her pussy. Her spit covers your manhood so much that her nectar begins to drip from your penis. She jumps on your hard shaft and you pound her in this sensual tease phone sex session. You fill her up with every inch of your pulsating desire. You hold onto her hips as you push your hungry dick deeper inside of her. She can’t help but scream as you hit her sweet spot, making her squirt cum all over your slick wet mushroom head. As she let’s out a final moan, you pull out of her tight juicy cunt and cum on her chest. Her juicy voluptuous perky breasts glisten with your Cum.

Want to enjoy this fantasy with me?

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