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I love live phone sex were we can play one on one. Do you love the sounds a woman makes when she is excited? Can I seduce you into touching yourself?  Ever dreamed of having a live phone sex girl all to yourself? Someone you can tell all of your deepest dark desires to and have her fulfill your every need? Well look no further. I love everything about phone sex and enjoy giving tasty phone sex to those looking for a special treat. The wonderful thing about phone sex is that it can be anything you want it to be. If you have any fantasy that you have been wanting to act out, but have been too scared or haven’t found the right person to do it with, I’m here to help you. Even if you’re new to phone sex and not sure exactly what you would like, you’ve come to the right place. Phone sex with me, Victoria, is always adventurous and very sexy. I tempt my kinky phone sex lovers with my ultra sultry voice and make them crave me even in their dreams. As soon as I pick up the phone and say hello, you will instantly be addicted. For those into the raunchier side of phone sex, give me a call letting me know exactly what you want, and I’m sure I can accommodate you. Phone boning is an art that not everyone can handle. However, I find everything about phone sex very seductive. You can call me just about anywhere and I’ll always be sure to stimulate your mind and cock. The phone sex I offer is always live and very discreet. I offer some of the best prices and greatest deals on the world wide web. Think of me as your one stop shop for all things sexy. I love when clients call in and tell me how much they’ve missed me and my pussy and can’t wait to stick their big thick cocks inside of me and cum everywhere imaginable. You pulling on my hair, whispering in my ear, always makes me horny and gets me extra wet. I do like to tease a bit to get you ready for an unforgettable phone sex experience. Often while I’m waiting by the phone for a call, I think about all of the naughty phone sex calls I’ve had. My nipples get hard and my legs begin to shake a little as I remember the good phone sex I dished out. All live phone sex conversations between you and I will always remain a secret. We could even make it a little game of ours. You could call me while you’re at work so I can tease you and get you ready for our live phone sex session during the evening right before you go to bed. You get harder and harder as I moan for you letting you know that I’m playing with my pink pussy and it’s dripping wet. Your cock grows in your pants and you imagine my lips wrapped tightly around it. You each your hands into your pants and slowly pull your cock out for me. I want to savor every moment as you stroke your big dick and I finger my sweet pussy. Before you hang up you tell me you will call me this evening so I can give you a good phone fuck. I await your call…My Seduction phone sex is unforgettable.

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Auntie phone sex


Have you ever had a fantasy about your aunt? Auntie phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex topics. I would be your mature aunt  and you are my 18 year old nephew and I take you to run daily errands with me. You would make sure to always open my doors for me and carry my bags everywhere we go. Daily we would go to the mall and other stores for my shopping fix. You are to always stick by my side and not wander away. When we get to the parking lot, you are to load all of my bags into my car and not give me any back talk.

I always talk to you in a strict tone so that you know I mean business during Auntie phone sex. When you misbehave, I will make you drop your pants and crawl over my lap in the back of my Lincoln town car. It doesn’t matter that your way to old to be spanked! I am quite old school and I know the power I have over you. Your dick begins peeking out of your underwear and your cock rubs against my legs. I chastise you for allowing your dick to get hard as I begin to spank you. You enjoy spanking phone sex and moan out in enjoyment as I spank you harder until you cry.

I gloat on how sore your ass must be and you agree. You have always had a humiliation phone sex fantasy. I tell you when we get to the house how you were going to get ice cream and play video games, but you have been too disobedient, so I am just going to take you straight home. We get home and you get ready for round two of your spanking. I get my purse strap and belt out and tell you to go to my room and assume the position. I instruct you to take off your boxers as I lash at your ass with my purse strap.

You yell out and tell me not to stop. I begin spanking you harder as your dick stiffens and your nipples perk up. I begin telling you how my mother use to spank me with her purse strap and my step father spanked me with his belt. I came from a very strict family. Even after I graduated high school the spankings continued. You sit down on my bed with your severely red ass in pain. I was a bad girl in high school, and after I graduated I lived at home and had a period of rebellion.

I continue to tell you about how after my step father would spank me, he would make me give him a blowjob and fuck him. Spankings turned my step father on and was considered foreplay for him. The way his belt would lash out at my ass, made his dick jump. I loved getting fucked by my step daddy after a good spanking. He would pin me up against the wall and pump my hot wet pussy hard. He made sure that my cunt was throbbing just like my ass was.

My mother would peek in every time my naughty step daddy and I had our alone time and would look disappointed. She was mad because he didn’t fuck her the way he fucked me.  After we were done, I would clean his dick off with my tongue and go to bed. Your dick grows harder as you wait to hear more of my spanking phone sex stories. Have you been bad? Call me and I will be happy to put you in your place!

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Panty Lover phone sex


Panty lover phone sex fantasies are extremely sexy to me.  I love thinking of how it would be to go into a public place wearing nothing but my dark blue panties, and masturbating out in the open.  A few of my clients love public masturbation phone sex and enjoy just thinking of the many scenarios we can act out over the phone.  Me and a girlfriend of mine love finding vulnerable men to play with out in public.  Usually we’ll go to the mall together and look around for our first victim of the day. We’ll go into the mall and walk around, passing different stores. We’ll start touching one another and then start tongue kissing. We automatically catch the attention of all the men around us.

That’s when our show begins. We keep walking until we get towards the bathrooms as a man continues to follow us. I start fingering my friends pussy as the lucky man begins to french kiss me. I expose my dark blue panties to him and he begins reaching into them. I tell him that we want to see him masturbate. He pulls out his massive 8 inch cock and begins to stroke it. He looks into my eyes as I keep finger fucking my girlfriend, getting her ready to squirt.  His cock gets harder as he watches my girlfriend cum hard. My fingers are covered in her juices. My girlfriend leaves and I tell the guy to zip up his pants so we can go somewhere.

We walk to a lingerie shop as the mall is getting ready to close. I pick out a few items to try on and have him follow me into the dressing room. I pull out a pocket pussy and begin to jerk him off while I finger myself. I try to make my moans low, but the more I finger myself the louder I become. He begins to lick my pussy while he mounts me up on the wall. I moan louder and we hear a knock on the door.

The dressing room attendant asks if everything is okay, but I’m too busy getting my pussy ate to give an answer. She unlocks the door and sees what we’re doing and joins in on the fun. She begins to take off her clothes and begins to masturbate too. She masturbates to me getting my pussy licked and and eaten. She looks at his huge bulging cock and lays down and begins to suck it. She swallows his cock and balls whole. A porn clips comes on in the lingerie shop, and as we’re having our fun we begin to watch it. I begin fingering the girls’ pussy while we watch him jerk off in a pocket pussy for us.

I can feel myself getting ready to cum, so I lean back and enjoy an epic orgasm. We both bend over and suck his big hard dick and wait for the cream filling to flow. He shoots his cum into my mouth and I spit hot  sweet cream into hers and then we begin to kiss during cum eating phone sex.

Good to the last drop! Want to enjoy this naughty Panty Lover phone sex fantasy with me? Call me, Lets see where this goes!

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Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play.

Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play is what I love to deliver. I love catering to my phone lovers needs.  Whenever my lovers call me, I really get into each one of their fantasy phone sex scenarios that they share with me.  You will find I have an imagination like no one you have ever encountered.  I pride myself on giving you Some of the best phone sex you may ever experience.

We all know I have a variety of fetishes and one that I love exploring is ass play.  I often imagine we are together And I am playing with your tiny hole and making it larger with a few of my special toys. Anal phone sex doesn’t have to be dry, or forcing objects into your tight asshole, it can be very adventurous kinky and enjoyable.  I imagine myself surprising and indulging you, my special phone lover for a little anal play.

I have on a sexy leather outfit with six inch heels waiting to give you exactly what you want.  I strip down in front of you, so can enjoy the full pleasure of viewing my succulent body.  I see your hard dick peeking through your boxers and I cannot wait to put my mouth all over your pulsating cock. I begin walking over to my suitcase where all of my special toys are at and find the perfect one for us to use.  I climb on top of your face and  rub my hot wet pussy all over your mouth.

I love it when you go to work on my hot wet Cunt .  As you suck on my juicy pussy I eagerly begin to swallow your throbbing cock whole. I make sure to cover your throbbing dick with my spit and make it wet enough so my spit is dripping from the tip of your cock onto the cold kitchen floor.  I press down more onto your face so I can feel you tongue fuck my pussy.  69 phone sex sounds just about right for our phone fuck session . You will find that I Am quite the greedy cock sucking phone sex slut, and I can’t wait to indulge myself with your nutty cream. Can you imagine your tongue licking me nice and deep,  Your wet mouth and tongue feels  so sweet flicking at my clit.


Then as you wait in eager anticipation  I bend over a little more so that my mouth is completely covering your hard shaft.  I lick your man meat up and down and jerk you off a little with my right hand.  I almost can’t contain myself and find myself leaning up and riding your face to get my nut off a little quicker.  I love it when you force my head down back onto your cock and I begin to gag.  When you work my head up and down on your big fat manhood it makes my pussy drip with excitement.  The way you fuck my face is making my eyes water.  Your cock is inch after inch of delicious sweet fun and I cannot wait to climb on top of  you and use Your erect penis as my very own sex toy. Want to be my personal fuck toy?

But you know how kinky I am, Playfully I lick your nipple and then I grab my nice long dildo that’s on the kitchen floor, and I begin to insert it into your tight little asshole.  I make sure I’m gentle at first but I begin picking up the speed when I hear your moans. I love riding your face while I fuck  your  tiny asshole. Oh? You don’t want me to stop? Maybe I should ram this nice big dildo into your tight little ass hard hmm? Do you want me to slide this dildo in and out into your aching ass, stretching it out to the max? And as I am violating and probing your tightest hole I can feel you licking and nibbling at my clit.

We are both experiencing erotic forbidden waves of ecstasy like never before.  You keep that up and I will be begging for your long hard cock.  I want you to put me on all fours and fuck me! I want your hard cock fucking my face as I open that tight little ass of yours all the way.  I love the way you scream out how much you love the way I fuck your tight ass! The way you grab my hips and suck my clit until I squirt into your mouth. Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play can be anything we want.

I long to smother your face with my juicy pussy moaning as I deep throat your dick balls deep.  Hearing you scream and moan as you devour my delicious honey pot. My legs begin to quiver as you take me to sweet ecstasy   I can feel my eyes rolling back in my head as I hungrily nurse on your cock draining you of every single drop of your heavenly cream.  I want your orgasm, Your orgasm belongs to me.  I want our time together to be the most intense sexual experience you have ever tasted.  I want our bodies to become drunk in each others lust.  I love when you grab one of my toys and fuck my tight wet pussy with abandon.

Those delicious slapping sounds accompanied by the lapping of your tongue as you take me over the edge. You hold me down onto your face to force me to loose control. Take my orgasm! Grab my ass in the throws of passion as my entire body falls apart. Take that dildo and turn the vibration on as you suck on my clit. Your pinky finger massaging my ass as I feed you my sweet cum.

My honey dripping down the corners of your mouth as you thrust your hips into  mine. Your cock hitting the back of my throat as we both have the hardest deepest fucking orgasm you ever thought possible. The sound of our moaning is guttural and loud. Your dick explodes and gags me as I am flooded with your sweet cum.

I fuck your asshole harder and faster, hitting your prostate and draining you. Milking you to the last drop.  I am a hungry cum slut and I want you to fill me nice and deep. And when I think your done sucking and licking that sweet pussy you grab my hips and continue sucking on my sweet clit until your face is covered in my warm delicious juices. You swallow ever drop and I shake in disbelief as my body convulses.


But do you want more?  You push me up a little to tell me to keep riding your face. I ride your face harder and temporarily let go of the dildo I was pounding your ass with up until this moment. I feel so selfish but I cannot help it! I want to cum again in your mouth while I finger myself.  I want to watch as your mouth milks my pussy. I need to see you suck my clit and take my cum. As you  begin massaging my clit you gently lick my pussy.

I watch in disbelief as I cum and squirt and shake as you steal my orgasm. Never have I came like this before. Now as my body is shaking I turn around on your face and I pick the dildo back up and continue massaging your prostate. Two can play at this game! I am going to make you cum until you grab the  sheets and cry out my name.

I need to hear you loose complete control and give yourself to me.  I long to feel your hips buck as you shoot huge strings of cum down my throat. I want that kind of sex where we feel our base desires for pleasure. Where cloths and sheets get ripped off. I want to have the kind of kinky phone sex where furniture is displaced and you have no idea where you are anymore.

When we am ready to switch things up a bit I do a reverse cow girl as you insert your big fat dick in my ass.  I know you love how I bounce up and down on your cock. You love leaning back and enjoying the show . Being the greedy phone mistress I am of course I rub my engorged clit as you fuck my back door harder. My pussy juices begin to pour between my legs.  My clit is squirting and sweet honey is dripping from my hot wet fuck hole.

Your surprised when I grab my toy again and fuck your tight little ass as your balls deep inside mine. I love stretching your ass until its gaping as you pound mine like a piston. When we are both close to exploding yet again I speed up how hard and fast I probe your sweet ass. The sweet rhythm of our love making brings out the best in our anal play phone sex experience. I love how you beg me to fuck your ass harder as you bust a huge nut in my tightest hole.

You feel my toy pounding away, forcing your balls to empty inside me. My vibrator is so deep inside you it disappears  with each and every thrust.  I massage your g-spot, milking every last drop until your balls are aching with pleasure. Your cock is throbbing and to be quite honest you are euphoric.  I slow down and  just massage the tip at your tender prostate as you keep your dripping cock deep inside me as you rub my clit. You rub my clit and tell me what a good little slut I am. You demand another orgasm but do I have another to offer?

You refuse to take no for answer, You are taking my orgasm! My No’s turn into yes’s, And soon I am demanding you rub my clit harder and faster. Your hands are covered with cum as I scream out your name in the throes of passion. The bed, the floor and you are covered in my juices. When I cum that last time for you my pussy tightens up and I squirt everywhere.

I completely loose myself in your arms as I feel myself drained. I beg you, I say I can’t possibly take anymore but you persist until I cry out and you feel that last intense flood of sweet honey.  And as your cock spent of all its cum slowly slides in and out of my tender ass you massage the small of my back. You have ruined me for all other men, and I am now your anal phone sex obsession.

Ready for a hot new adventure? Take my hand, lets experience ecstasy together!

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Cheap phone sex in honor of July 4th

I hope all of you are having an amazing July 4th Weekend. Some of you may be off, others are working hard all weekend. Today is the day we celebrate our Independence and freedoms (Some of you have already enjoyed Canada day…to my Canadian friends) There are so many ways to celebrate our beloved day of Independence  Food, Fire works, and of course music. Others may go camping and even go to the movies. (Speaking of movies I saw Terminator and it rocked!) . I am pleased to offer Cheap phone sex in honor of July 4th!

Let me make your Independence day a bit sweeter! I want to offer you some free phone sex! This entire weekend (Saturday July 4th – Monday July 6th) I will be bringing back my  30 min for $50 special.  That  is like getting 5 mins free because you get 30 mins for the price of 25!

Want an even better deal? Why not go all the way and get an hour for $100. An hour is normally $120 so this is a really great savings!

That means our time together on the phone even sweeter! What can be sweeter than cheaper phone sex?  Be sure to purchase one of my picture sets too. Reasonably priced for your pleasure:



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Red hot tease and denial phone sex

As you all know, I like to get extra dirty and naughty with my Naughty neighbor phone sex. Red hot tease and denial phone sex is very hot. There’s something about tease and denial phone sex that gets me going and makes my tight pussy drip. I have always dreamed about teasing a handsome nicely built man for weeks at a time. I would have you begging for my touch. I know your cock is just aching  for my lips to wrap around you. While I’m getting ready for bed, I would tease you through my bedroom window by leaving it open so you can peek in. All types of naughty thoughts run through my mind as I get ready to undress myself before you, Stripping off every article of clothing from my body slowly. I see you peeking slightly through my window trying to make sure I don’t see you. Your man meat is already getting hard and you can’t wait to stroke your hard shaft while watching at me undress.

 I take off my last piece of clothing and let it drop to the floor as your jaw does the same. You look at me seductively while I lick my lips and twist my nipples. My right hand glides down my leg and heads towards my pussy. I tease my clit with my finger licking the tip of it before I force it deep inside of me. I begin moaning loudly letting out sweet sounds of ecstasy. As you look at me pleasing myself, your eyes roll to the back of your head. You imagine your hands being in my pussy exploring every part of me. I give in and allow my sweet delicious juices to drip down my legs.

cock sucking phone sex

As you watch,You feel yourself getting even more excited after seeing my tight toned body move around fast as I cum, that you begin to jerk your throbbing cock even harder. I imagine every inch of your cock deep inside of me destroying my tight pussy walls. You work your hands faster around your big fat dick hoping that you nut soon before I leave from the window. As soon as you feel yourself about to cum, I quickly close my drapes and go lay down.  You gaze at my closed drapes  imagining what I must be doing. Your mind wonders to fantasies of erotic forbidden pictures in your mind.  You lay down with your hard dick in your hand,closing your eyes  envisioning my hot wet cunt gripping your  engorged penis. Just as many nights before, You begin to  jerk off hard and fast, blowing your big fat load as you call out my name. When your dick cums hard you imagine filling my tight wet pussy to the brim with your fuck juice. Every night I tease you, you can feel the deep need to hold me down and fuck me hard possessing your fantasies.

Then tonight,As you come in from a hard day of work, you hope tonight will be your lucky night. You take a  nice hot shower, get an ice cold refreshing beer, and begin to watch a little TV right before the clock strikes eleven. You know at 11 o’clock the fun with me begins. I open up my window again this time I’m already fully nude. You hope that I will finally give you that release you have been waiting for. I begin rubbing my perky breasts and sucking on my own nipples while you watch in amazement.

You get some lotion and start putting in work  on that bulge between your thighs. You’ve never experienced a woman as seductive as me. My slender legs, perky breasts, and beautiful curves, have me on your mind all the time. You want my luscious body on yours, but you’re satisfied for the moment with having me from a distance. I stick my finger deep inside of me and begin finger fucking myself.

I imagine having your huge cock inside of me fucking me for hours at a time. I want to be used by you for your ultimate sexual pleasure. I want you to continue to nut every time you see me. Not only when we’re playing this sexual hide and seek game, but when you see me passing through the courtyard.

You imagine my lips kissing yours deeply as we both play with my clit. I quickly figure out how naughty you can get when I see you flickering your tongue out at me between two of your fingers poised in a “V”, acting as if you’re eating my sweet spot. I feel my honey pot tingle as I imagine your tongue licking and sucking my tender places.

In response to your playful teasing I place a chair in front of my window and put my leg up on the window pane and let the cool breeze flow into my pussy. My juicy cunt gets wetter as I finger my tight wet fuck hole faster. Your cock grows larger in your hands as you stand in front of your window and massage your manhood. I am in love with the way your hands move up and down on your dick, pleasing every  hard trembling throbbing inch for me.  As you work your cock harder and I faster, I spit in my hands and go deeper into my tight eager pussy. You lock eyes with me as my hips thrash up and down and  I finally make myself cum. To further your torment I take one finger I beckon for you to come in, When you consider my offer I quickly close the drapes and disappear into my room. You are once again left disappointed and hard.

At about 2am you hear a knock on your door and are surprised to see me standing outside with nothing on. You quickly open the door and grab me up and throw me against the wall. You force your fingers into my pussy as you tongue me down with wanton abandon. You devour my vagina as if you have been stranded in the dessert and my hot wet pussy is your only oasis. Your hand is covered in my sweet juices so you begin to lick your fingers one by one.

I get down on my knees and deep throat your cock faster and faster. You moan as I take you balls deep. I want to make sure your cock is sloppy and covered in my spit. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as I swallow your man hood whole. My mouth is so wet and warm that you almost cum.  I quickly push you out of my mouth so I can finally feel your hard dick in my pussy. We have sex right on the living room rug. You spread my legs wide in order to dive in deep and hard. My pussy has been throbbing since I entered your apartment and it won’t stop until you’ve came deep inside of me.

As soon as you enter me I let out a big moan. I feel every inch of your pulsating cock inside of my warm wet juicy desire. I begin to thrash and moan as I feel you  getting closer to my g-spot. You’ve never been inside of a pussy so sweet so you enjoy every minute of it. I hold you tightly as you go faster and deeper inside me. Before you can fill me with your seed I decide I want more. I want to feel your fuck stick deep in my ass, so I turn over so we can do a little anal. I feel your big mushroom head stretch my tight tender hole. My tight asshole holds onto your cock and grips you like a tight glove. You moan as my ass begins to milk your dick and begins to drain it of its sweet cream. You begin to feel yourself getting ready to bust. You cum all inside of my tiny asshole. You get a camera and take a picture of your work. I lay content as you kiss the small of my back and ponder another round of forbidden fun.

Experience  Some of the best phone sex when we play! Call me and lets cum together!

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Naughty Group phone sex Fun


I love having a little Naughty group phone sex fun on beaches especially nude ones. My friend and I teach a couples class on a nude beach. Now this of course isn’t your regular group of couples. We don’t just talk about our feelings; we act on them. We meet once a week, for a two hour session, sometimes longer, and teach the couples on how to please one another. I find it very important to explore anything and everything that deals with sex. There are many ways to please your partner and you don’t want to limit yourself to just one way.

In this particular session, we were teaching the males how to impregnate their lovers. For the entire session we took our time and made everyone feel comfortable. As I entered the session with my partner, I greeted all of the couples who were already standing there naked. “Good evening everyone! I hope you all are ready for a very special night. We are going to be teaching you how to impregnate your lovers this evening.

So ladies, please help your male partners lay on their backs” I said. As the ladies helped their lovers lay on their backs, my partner Mark and I, faced them to see their reactions to the task at hand. We were getting ready to have some fun. “Now that you have laid your partner down ladies, admire his penis. Look at it, touch it, and get yourself ready for the next step” I said in a flirty way. My partner Mark whispered to me softly in my ear, “Let’s show them how it’s done.”

I giggled right before I directed the couples to get ready for their next task and Mark laid down on his back. “Now ladies pay attention to every word I say. You are now going to suck your man’s penis. Do not simply tease the tip. Really stroke his shaft with both your tongue and your hand. You want him to be begging for your vagina when you’re done” I instructed.

As the ladies began to inhale their men’s penis, I gave them further instructions. My job was to guide them in every way possible and reach their goal of the men impregnating their partners. “Massage his hard steel pipe with your mouth. Your mate needs to feel your entire mouth around his penis. Don’t be afraid to use your homemade lubrication; your spit” I said to the ladies as Mark began to massage my shoulders as I sucked his penis. As the couples were there fully enjoying one another out in the open on the beach, I could not help but be turned on. I loved watching sexual acts especially ones that were out in public.

That’s why I began teaching this class. Even though it was night time, people were still walking around the nude beach, watching us. Another couple even wanted to join in on the impregnation phone sex fun and I let them. The more the merrier. One couple in particular was really getting down and dirty in the front row. The female made her partner’s penis completely disappear with her mouth. He was loving every minute of the experience. You could tell he was restraining himself from cumming and drenching her mouth with his special sauce.

By this point my vagina was dripping sweet juices that trickled down my leg. I wanted Mark inside of me so bad, so I began to show the ladies how to actually suck a penis and drain a man. I got down on my knees and sucked Mark’s penis so hard. He was the loudest of all the men. “Okay ladies let’s switch it up a bit. Men it’s time for you to devour your woman’s vagina. Make her want to push your head down there as she squirms. You want to eat her vagina like it’s the best thing you’ve had in a long time” I said.

The women quickly jumped onto their men’s faces and began to ride them. All you could hear was loud moaning. Every woman was holding onto their man’s head like they were going to pass out. I knew that everyone was extremely turned on at this point and ready to get into action. After about 15 minutes of vagina licking, I switched gears. “Ladies get onto your hands and knees and get ready to be penetrated by your man. Men insert your penis into your woman’s hot and ready vagina” I said to all of the couples.

As soon as I said insert, the men were thrusting themselves deeply into their women’s vagina. I had to make sure they were going at the right speed. “Now you guys don’t go too fast right now. Do simple slow strokes. You want to get the vagina ready for you to shoot your hot semen into it. So you have to loosen her up a bit. You can pick up the pace again after a few more strokes” I said to the men. As the men went slower I could hear the women’s moans get louder. Since the men slowed down their speed, the women were ultimately more aroused.

“Men you can pull on their hair a little if you want to get a little kinky. I know it may be getting hard for you all not to cum. I now you’ve been holding it in. But Mark will instruct you all on when it’s time for you to cum. We will cum as a group” I said as Mark began thrusting his penis harder and harder inside of me. Mark looked like he was getting ready to explode his semen deep within my hot wet love hole.

He opened up his mouth while moaning and said “Okay in the count of three we will all ejaculate our semen into our ladies.” My vagina was dripping wet and I knew it had Marks penis completely covered in juices. After Mark said 3, everyone came inside of their women. Onlookers couldn’t help but stand there in amazement. Every couple was completely drained and satisfied. “Now in a few weeks we should all know who has some good sperm” I said as I wrapped up the orgy phone sex class.

Call me lets see where this goes.

Call me: Victoria: 1-888-295-4932

Domination phone sex

I own you during Domination phone sex

How do you like your phone sex Domination? Imagine inviting me over to your house wearing just a simple shirt and shorts with no bra or panties. You can see my  perky nipples peeking through my reveling French cuff blouse as you imagine your mouth sucking on them. I force you to get onto your knees in this Domination phone sex session as you watch me gently remove my clothing off of my smooth skin.

You want me bad!

You can barely contain yourself as your mouth waters from looking at my perfect love hole. It’s one of the prettiest things you’ve seen in ages and you can’t wait to get a taste of my pussy. You love ass worship and can’t wait to place your face and tongue deep in my tight asshole. I make you beg for the privilege of being my personal erotic pleasure chair.

I leave you vulnerable.

You look up at me with your hands behind your back just waiting to get a whiff of my sweet pussy.  I make you lay on your back as I climb on top of you, putting my pussy and ass in your face. I ride your face for over an hour making you fulfill all of my face sitting fantasies. You devour my honey pot and eat it as it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. I cum continuously squirting my sweet juices all over your face multiple times.

I am always ready for more.

We take a quick nap and I awaken you to my sweet fuck hole in your face, Getting you ready for another pussy worship session. I then use your cock like it’s my own personal sex toy and make myself cum while you watch in amazement. You never knew domination phone sex could be so sexy. You then decide to switch and we trade places. You decide to dominate me in the worst way possible and mold me into your personal submissive sex slave.

The tables turn now.

You throw me onto the bed, force my legs into the air and you smother my face with my breasts and fuck me until I completely pass out. My pussy is swollen and worn out, but you awaken me with a vibrator teasing my clit, getting me ready for round two. You keep me in your house for days fucking me over and over trying to accomplish your goal of impregnating me. After a couple of months of trying, I finally get pregnant and you take full ownership of me. I am now your submissive phone sex slave that no one can touch but you.

We can switch!

You will use me for your personal pleasure and have your way with me anyway you like. You can’t wait for my titties to get bigger and begin producing milk. As the months go by and my belly begins to swell, my pussy gets juicier and you can’t help but to indulge yourself with my pregnant cunt. My titties grow massive and begin dripping creamy milk from my swollen nipples as you fuck me harder and deeper with your bulging dick.

I enjoy it all!

You love hearing my moans  of ecstasy and listening to the way your big heavy balls smack across my round ass while you hit my pregnant pussy from behind. You have never been more satisfied in your life.

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Group Phonesex Fantasies


My best friend Amy and I always have steamy hot fun with our guys in Group phone sex. We both love bisexual phone sex. We ran into one guy the other evening that couldn’t wait for us to devour him. We invited him over to our place for an evening of hot, steamy, cock worshiping phone sex fun. When Adrian, the new guy we met, knocked on our door, I instantly got wet. We sat at the big dining room table in our 3 bedroom home for dinner. We had a few glasses of champagne and chatted about what we did for work and things we liked to do. After about two hours and three bottles of champagne, we were ready for dessert. Amy excused herself to the kitchen as Adrian went to the bathroom.


As I got up to take my plate to the kitchen, Amy signaled me to the bedroom. As soon as I got into the bedroom, she instantly stripped off my clothes. As she took off my bra, she tongued me down with her sweet tasting tongue. Her hot pink tongue drew circles around my swollen cunt. The taste of champagne was still lingering around her mouth, making  her sensual kisses even more potent. As she took my clit into her mouth and began to suck I felt my hips bucking beneath her. In the midst of ecstasy, I heard the bathroom door open and knew that Adrian would be looking for us. I knew we might get caught but I just can’t help myself around her.

As I began to finger fuck Amy under her tightly fitting red dress, Adrian appeared in the doorway. He didn’t say anything, he just stood there and watched as we pleased one another. My lips covered Amy’s nipples as I played with her pussy. I love how her eyes roll back as I explored her decadent fuck hole. This threesome phone sex session was getting steamier by the minute. I wanted to tongue fuck Amy’s hot wet pussy, but I loved seducing her more than anything. Watching the way her body moved as I got closer to her g-spot, had me dripping wet.

She had her fingers in my hair pulling me closer as my tongue and mouth milked her hard clit. Her moans were so loud and so sexy as she began to grind her pussy into my face. That made Adrian’s cock stand up at attention through his khaki pants. Amy aggressively pushed me onto the bed and began to lick my eager honey hole. Adrian started telling Amy to finger me while she ate my swollen pussy. We both still had our heels on which turned him on even more. Soon Amy and I were intertwined into a divine 69.  Our bodies grinding and moving as one with our sweet moans escaping our lips while we pleased each other.


Adrian couldn’t take it anymore, watching Amy eat my pussy like it was her last supper !   Adrian ripped off his clothes as I began to kiss him on the mouth. As I seductively tugged on his upper lip Amy got on the bed and started sucking his big cock. But I couldn’t let her have all the fun. We began french kissing over his massive pulsating hard staff. But of course Amy wanted his dick all to her self so I got underneath her to eat her sweet pussy. I fingered her ass as my tongue went deeper into her wet cunt. Amy moaning loudly, started gagging on Adrian’s’ fat cock and rubbing on his balls as he began thrusting it between her lips nice and hard.

We switched positions so I could get a good taste of his cock in my already wet mouth.  Adrian got up from the bed and watched as Amy and I ate each other out. We tongue fucked one another so good we came at least three times.  Adrian wanted to get his nut off badly so I invited him back into our bed and I started riding his cock as Amy tongue fucked my ass and I fingered her. I let her taste the honey on my fingers so she could see how sweet she tasted.

We switched positions again so we could eat each other out once more, Adrian forced his cock into my tight asshole. He told me to make him cum. I began rolling my hips, milking his dick nice and slow. He shot off a huge nut into my asshole and Amy licked it all out of my ass like a cum hungry slut. She then spit the cum into my mouth, kissing me nice and deep so I could play with the cum on my tongue. At the end, we French kissed over his huge bulging cock while rubbing each others nipples. I love to share…Don’t you?

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Massage parlor phonesex

One of my phone lovers enjoys Massage parlor phone sex. I’m sure you have read some of the ads in  papers, or ads on the internet about massage parlors advertising their services. Have you ever allowed your mind to wonder about what must go on behind those walls for all who enter? Does your cock stiffen contemplating  having some tight pussy nympho massaging every inch of your body?  Warm soft hands on your naked skin cab get just about anyone excited. Imagine your reading a newspaper and you spot an ad for a sensual 60 minute massage for a price you can’t refuse. The girl advertising her services says she is ready for anything and knows exactly how to please every inch of a man’s body. You call her up right away and get ready for your sensual phone sex fantasy.

As you enter the massage parlor you see a sultry vixen standing by the door waiting to serve your every need. She leads you into a room where you spot a bed. She takes all of your clothes off slowly, looking you into your eyes as every article of clothing drops to the floor. You can’t help but to gaze at her supple breasts, that are showing a little through her tight fitting yoga outfit. As you lay on the massage bed, she walks over to her table and grabs some oil. She gently releases a little bit of oil at a time onto your already smooth skin. She rubs the oil into your skin making sure every part of your back is oiled up.

She tells you to flip over so that she can massage the front of your body from head to toe. As she begins working her hands from your chest onto your stomach you begin to wonder what she will do as she gets closer to your cock. As her fingers touch your pubic hairs, your dick hardens. She smiles as she sees your manhood standing at attention. As she stated in her Ad, she’s up for anything. As you wait in eager anticipation she begins to do just what your body needs. She stands up on the massage table and begins massaging your body with her cute size 8 feet.

Her manicured toes turn you on so much that your cock begins to beg for her attention. She works her way down to your cock and begins to milk it with her toes. Erotic phone sex is exactly what you have been needing this entire time. As you both become more aroused, she places her tight bald pussy in your face. You flicker your tongue on her clit, teasing her before you fill her up nice and deep with your throbbing cock.

She lets out little cute moans as you devour her entire body. She gets off your face and sucks on your cock to prepare it for her pussy. Her spit covers your manhood so much that her nectar begins to drip from your penis. She jumps on your hard shaft and you pound her in this sensual tease phone sex session. You fill her up with every inch of your pulsating desire. You hold onto her hips as you push your hungry dick deeper inside of her. She can’t help but scream as you hit her sweet spot, making her squirt cum all over your slick wet mushroom head. As she let’s out a final moan, you pull out of her tight juicy cunt and cum on her chest. Her juicy voluptuous perky breasts glisten with your Cum.

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