50 Shades Phonesex

50 Shades Phonesex

Are you ready for a 50 Shades Phonesex adventure?

I know you seek a fine erotic Mistress such as myself to make you do the unimaginable and give you 50 Shades Phonesex. You’ve had a hard time finding the right seductive Mistress that’s perfect for you. It seems as if you called all around but have yet to find your perfect kinky match until you called me of course.

You can’t wait to begin 50 Shades Phonesex and hope that it’s all you’ve imagined.

I bring you down to my elaborate phone sex dungeon and tie you up to a chair. Your hands and feet are bound and only I require one more thing for you to be completely satisfied. I tightly blindfold your eyes, making sure you don’t see what I’m about to do.

Your blood is boiling and your hands start twitching as you anticipate what’s next. For all you know, I might leave you there and bdsm phone sex will be out of the picture. You think I’ve abandoned you until you smell my vanilla scented perfume. Being just a few inches from you, you sense me near. I squat my tight ass in your face and begin going up and down on your mouth as you worship me in face sitting phone sex.

You’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad before this very moment, but you understand that all you’ll get is a quick wiff of my pussy pie. I whip your chest as I squat on your face deeper while you’re still bound to the chair. I ride your tongue and feed you everything that comes out of my sweet goddess cunt! After about an hour of feeding you, I walk away, leaving you there in complete shock. You want more but must wait until we play again.

Do you have a BDSM fantasy? Whether you want it mild or wild I love giving you 50 Shades Phonesex ! Call me if you dare!

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