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Strapon Phone SexGet ready for Strapon Phone Sex! Dommy Mommy Wants your  butt hole. You have been very naughty. Always Sticking your finger in your butt. This time I caught you fingering your fuck hole like a dirty boy!   Mommy told you next time I catch you  your in trouble. Of course You didn’t listen. Now Mommy is going to give you an enema. Then for a nice warm bath.  Of course you act out because you don’t want your ass fucked. Not at first anyway! You really wanted to fuck mommy’s pussy but mommy only fucks big dicks. Your inferior little cock is not big enough for my perfect cunt!

Submissive Strapon Phone Sex Fun.

After your nice & clean you start to throw a tantrum.  You want mommy’s warm wet cunt but its a hard no! Dommy Mommy told you to behave.  As your Dominate Mommy Mistress I keep you in line. You only get your cock milked while riding mommy’s dick. Time to spank my naughty submissive boy. *Spank *spank goes mommy’s paddle.  Dry up your tears and bend over & touch your toes. The snap of a rubber glove startles you. The reality of your situation begins to set in. Your going to be mommy’s bitch whether you like it or not.

Spankings, Prostate massage & Strapon Phone Sex.

I put lube all over my gloved finger. You bend over like a good bitch and touch your toes like a good boy. Tears still in your eyes from your spanking phone sex.  Dommy Mommy lubes up your tight little fuck hole. Finger fucking your ass like a faggot. Soon Mommy gives you a prostate massage. Your little pink butthole relaxes & you almost cum. You love getting your back pussy fingered & massaged. Why did you even throw a fit? You love how mommy massages your shit hole. You begin to grind on my hand.

Strapon Phone Sex & Anal Domination.

Bounce on mommy’s dick like a good Submissive Phone sex slut!  Breathing deeply as you relax on Mommy’s strapon.  Strapon Phone Sex feels so good the way mommy does it.  You get so greedy for more mommy bends you over for anal fisting! Feeling my fist going in and out of your prolapsed ass feels so good.  I hit all the right spots while I jerk off your dick until you cum!


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Seductive Anal Phonesex


Many of my naughty Anal Phonesex lovers stick out in the fore front of my mind. But one of my favorites is Naughty “Mr. E” . He loves when I take Big Black cock in all my holes. Especially when my tight little Ass gets filled to the brim with throbbing Mandingo dick!

Cuckold prepares me for my lovers.

Seductive Anal Phonesex entices you. My Cuckold Phone Sex lover ensconced my senses by blind folding me and tying my hands in silken rope. Keeping his plan a mystery promising the best was yet to come. As he began to tease my most tender tight fuck hole with his tongue and an ice cube ever so slowly.  

Begging For Big Black Dick

He rubbed his long strong fingers upon my meaty clit while his long  tongue drenched my tight little shit hole. ” Mr. E” Encouraged me to push my ass upon his tongue. My clit began to throb in arousal as he continued to tempt and tease. I was riding his eager hungry mouth until I was begging to be filled to the brim with lots of big dick.

It wasn’t long until He let in all my well hung suitors. Soon my firm butt cheeks were well oiled and spread wide for lots of big fat cock. After my many Anal Phone Sex lovers had their way with me “Mr. E” prepared himself for his favorite meal. Nothing wets his appetite like a thick sweet juicy anal cream pie dripping into my tight wet cunt!

“Mr. E” Started with the wet spot between my thighs, then began eating my pussy from the back. It wasn’t long before he licked every single drop of creamy cum out of my well fucked ass.

His long fingers gliding in and out of my juicy honey pot until I came again and again. Then after He licked every drop  cum from my tender holes it was his turn to have his way with me.

“Mr. E” drove his big hard throbbing shaft deep inside me again and again until he filled me with his creamy seed. Breeding me like a dirty whore. Filling me with his thick white sperm. Pushing ever drop of his hot wild man meat into me again and again until his balls were completely drained.

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Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria


Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria

Giving all of my doctor patient fantasy phone sex lovers good care has always been a priority of mine. I enjoy every moment of being a  sexy doctor and giving my horny patients exactly what they need and when they need it. Yesterday a patient of mine came into the office for his usual check up. I had one of my naughty nurses lead him into one of the back rooms so I could check to see what needed to be done to him today. After waiting for about ten minutes, I entered the room to see him in his birthday suit. He explained to me how his hard cock had been in a little bit of pain lately and wanted to see if I could check it out for him. I massaged the tip of his throbbing dick with my hand and checked his pee hole with my tongue. As he was standing right in front of me, I took my other silky slender hand and massaged his tight tender ass hole with my probing finger. Everything was looking good to me, but I needed to inspect his erect penis a little further in our  medical fetish phone sex. I stripped down to nothing but my high heels and held his cock in my mouth as I repeatedly gagged on it. He wanted someone to continue fucking his ass hole. At first my naughty nurse took her fingers in slutty phone sex and slid them in and out of his tight fuck hole as I massaged his cock with my mouth. But I could see he needed a bit more girth so  I called my nympho nurses to come into the room and join in. We all took turns fucking him with our strap ons and deep throating his cock until we all were full of  his creamy hot cum.

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