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My Public phone sex  started in a parking lot at the mall. My seduction of a horny Shoe Sales man was slow and calculated. I could tell that he had a bit of a foot fetish by the way he stared and touched my feet and toes. I had been sizing him up for quite awhile.

Every time I went to his Shop I knew he wanted me. His dick always got hard when I would let him slip my naked feet into a pair of shoes.  His hands would shake as his bulging man meat throbbed in his slacks.  Teasing him was the highlight of my day.

I love teasing my Public phone sex lovers.

I would try on multiple pairs of shoes on purpose. My seduction started with wearing tight mini dresses with no panties or bra. My hard nipples would perk as he massaged my feet.

He loved having me trying on multiple pairs of stilettos for him. Then as he would slide them on I was sure to lean back. I loved giving a view of my naked waxed cunt.

Imagine my surprise when he offered to take my bags to my car. I bent over on purpose in the back seat. My east Indian stud got full view of my nice round ass during Public phone sex .

It wasn’t long before I felt his long wet tongue licking my pussy and ass. I pushed my hot wet pink holes against his mouth during our oral play. He told me how much he loved to play with a woman’s ass.

I made all his Public phone sex fantasies cum true!

As he was licking my ass and pussy I felt his dick against my thigh. I crawled out of the car door and began kissing him hard and deep. I grabbed him by he tie and led him to the hood of the car.

Once I laid on the hood He spread my legs and fucked me hard! Loving his uncircumcised cock I wrapped my legs around him. I told him to save his cum for my tightest fuck hole.

My mouth hungered for his dick!

I dropped to my knees and began teasing his foreskin with my tongue. Once I licked every drop off my juices off his dick he bent me over . As he kissed me he told me how badly he fantasized about Anal phone sex.

With a naughty grin I reached between my legs and guided his cock between the cheeks of my ass. He fucked me right there in the parking lot as customers walked by. One of his customers got horny and decided to join us.

Soon our Public phone sex became a threesome!

This hot blonde tongue fucked his ass and sucked his balls as he pumped me full of his jizz juice. Then she ate the cum out of my ass and shared it with me. He thought it was so hot to watch the two of us massaging each others breasts. He got hard again watching us french kissing over his cum. Then me and this sexy blonde stranger sucked his dick together.

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