Orgasm Control Phone Sex

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During Orgasm Control Phone Sex You learn your place.  First I make you get on your knees to worship me. Then I stand you up and put a collar around yourOrgasm Control Phone Sex neck. Placing vibrating nipple clamps on each nipple. You will learn to enjoy pleasure & pain under your Mistress.

Your cock & balls belong to me in fact I keep you in a Chasity cage. When its time to milk you I let you out. Tying up your cock & balls so I can edge you. Until I am ready to milk you. That’s if I even allow you to orgasm. Your dick & nuts are mine. You have zero dominion or control over your cock & balls now.

Like putty in my hands 4 my Orgasm Control Phone Sex!

Forever surrendering  yourself to me. This means total control of your orgasms! As my slave you will only cum when I say so! You are not permitted to jerk off without  permission. Never again will you ever be allowed to fuck your wife. Orgasm Control Phone Sex means I own & control your pleasure.

You may lavish me with attention compliments. Worshipping every inch of my body. Including my perfect ass & cunt. You will devour everything coming out of my perfect shit hole & hot wet pussy.  I will ruin you for all other women. My voice & photos will be the only thing that gets you aroused.  However you will never get to fuck me.

On your knees 4 more Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

You will worship every inch of me from my head to my toes. Washing my hair & brushing it. Massaging scented oil into my silky soft skin. Licking my perky nipples. Eating my pussy & ass sweaty or clean. I will use you as my toilet slave & you will thank me for it. Your hands mouth & tongue will worship my beautiful smooth feet, heels & toes. On your back & on your knees you will worship your Goddess Mistress.

In Orgasm Control Phone Sex you will start by kissing my feet. Then progress to sucking my toes. While giving reverence to my long legs with your lips & tongue. Massaging my feet & legs until you reach my thighs. Kissing between my thighs until you reach my pussy. My pussy you will make love to only with your mouth. Gently licking kissing & sucking upon it slowly.

Draining you dry during Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

Relishing every moment of tenderly making oral love to my sweet cunt.  Nibbling upon my clitoris like its a delicacy because it is. Taking your time to make me cum with only your mouth until I am satisfied. In return I will cum in your face. Cumming squirting into your mouth and onto your face until I am weak in the knees. You will sit there with a hard cock begging for release.

Instead of milking you I will gently pull my ass cheeks apart. You will lick suck eat and pleasure my sensitive shit hole. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your Goddess Mistress. I am everything you have ever wanted and desired in a woman. Your wife girlfriend cannot hold a candle to me. You would rather  jerk off to my voice than fuck them.

A slave 2 your passions 4 Orgasm Control Phone Sex!

Then you will sit underneath my bottomless chair. My padded bottomless chair you must lay beneath.  Your mouth open with a funnel in your mouth.  As you await the golden nectar only my pussy can give. Then you will lick every drop of Golden ambrosia off of my cunt. Licking my love canal clean like its your last meal.

Then after lubing up your ass I will insert a vibrating butt plug inside. Your nipples & ass buzzing as I begin to milk your dick. Your balls twitching as your prostrate & nipples vibrate with pleasure. Putting on my gloves and milking your well lubed cock.

During Orgasm Control Phone Sex you surrender completely. Loosing control as I milk every last drop of your cum. Thick creamy cum pouring into a milking bowl.  Then like a dog you will get on your hands & knees and drink every drop. But first before I allow you the pleasure of Cum eating you will beg. Beg for the privledge to eat your tasty semen.

When you are complete emasculated  I allow you to drink your own cum. Of course I will humiliate you first. Making you beg to eat your own splooge. Your thick strings of jerk off juice I milked from your dick & balls.  You thank me for the privledge. Thanking me like a good submissive Orgasm Control Phone Sex slave.

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Ass Worship Phone Sex

In Ass Worship Phone Sex I use my hot ass & female charm to seduce you. My soft sultry sexy voice lulling you to satisfaction. Underneath my dress I rub my white thong. Seducing you with my full ass & tiny top barely covering my perky tits. Nipples poking out at you playfully.

You practically run to my area of the nude beach to service me. Begging for my attention. As you vie for the privledge of applying sun tan lotion all over me.Ass Worship Phone Sex When you get to my perfect ass you take your time. Rubbing back and forth across my skin. Massaging my ass in circles getting closer to my pussy. Playfully I part my legs allowing you a a view of my tight little ass.

Boldly  during Ass Worship Phone Sex you plant kisses all over my ass. Allowing your affections I pull my cheeks apart. Revealing to you my tight little rose bud. Crawling under my beach blanket you begin tongue fucking my ass. Your tongue exploring every inch deep inside of me.

Lick my cunt from behind then back to my ass.  Your mouth forming a tight seal. Sucking around my ass as you suck. I raise slowly situating my pussy upon your mouth. Sliding my bottoms to the side. Allowing you the privledge of tasting how creamy you made my hot wet cunt. Ass Worship Phone Sex continues whenever you call me. Rubbing your cock all over my nice round ass.

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Strap-on fuck little dick phone sex

Strap-on fuck little dick phone sex

Some of you love dressing up like a femmy sissy girl  for me.  You beg me to make fun of your tiny little shrimp dick cock. Oh my, you do have a tiny little dick don’t you? What a pathetic little panty wearing sissy you are. I can’t wait to dominate you and get you ready for a good hard strap-on fuck!

Reprogramming you is what I love best.

I know how much you get off on me laughing at your little button man clit! Want me to  make fun of your tiny shrimp dick?  Fantasize about a hot girl like me laughing at you with my girlfriends? Ridiculing your miniscule sissy stick while you fuck your own ass like a cross dressing faggot? I bet your jacking that tiny pathetic dick right now aren’t you? Begging for me to give you Anal  ass worship with my vibrating strapon cock? Just how much of this 10 incher can you take  inside  you?

Bend over like a bitch for this strapon dick!

Of course a pathetic woefully inadequate sissy faggot like you needs some Masturbation Instruction too! You need to learn how to stroke your tiny man clit in your panties while I fill your ass to the brim don’t you? Your stiffy man clitty getting all hard and throbbing during our  Small Penis Humiliation  roleplay. 

Prepare to be my butt slut

Some of you want me to help stretch you for Big Ass exploration. I have to stretch out your tight little fuck hole so you can take the bigger cocks like a good cuck!  Bend over like the sissy strap-on fuck toy you are .

No holds barred little dick phone sex

 I will lead you through Joi, during our Femdom experience together. I can’t wait to totally  Mind Fuck you!. Get ready for a twisted  Fetish phone sex experience.  Your Little dick sissy femdom  Masturbation experience will never be the same. Call me soon. I can’t wait to laugh at your little tiny penis


BDSM role play

BDSM role play

Give into your Dark desires !

My favorite type of BDSM role play  is when I smack a pair of nicely fitted cuffs on your wrists. Then a tight fitting collar around a lovers neck and make him beg for the privilege of tasting my forbidden fruit. Men can’t help themselves once they get around me. I love knowing I have complete control!

Stop denying your need to be controlled.

Mistress phone sex makes them beg for a chance to get to know me. When they see how much power I possess, they crave more. I can be a mean mistress, but I find a softer voice is even more powerful than a louder one.  I love using my hypnotic voice and sharp wit to control your dick! Yesterday during bondage phone sex, my phone lover wanted to experience things on the dark side.

Beg as I tease and deny you what you want most…me!

My newest slave wanted to see how it would be if he were severely punished. I granted his wish. Later I put him in my basement under lock and key and forced him to worship my breasts and tight ass.  Making you bow down to me gives me satisfaction! Remember that when you call. I revel in your unrequited lust. I bask in your worship.

Hunger for just one taste of the honey you crave.

He stared at me for hours and begged to touch my sweet curves. I denied him every time and made him beg even more. By the time I was done with him he was on all fours with his tongue out acting like a dog who hadn’t gotten a bone in months. I enjoyed watching his eyes glaze with desire and lust.

Submit to your Mistress !

Sure he was tempting, but I refused him every time he wanted something. I had to make sure he was a true submissive and had no other wants or needs. It’s hard for a Mistress to find someone who really wants to give their all. But when I find that special submissive… I take them to the edge and beyond.

Call me for BDSM role play! Indulge your desires.

Some submissive’s come a dime a dozen. You can never find them, but they ultimately find you. Now and then you find one that is special. Who sits in his gentleman’s chair. The one whom begs for more as you tease him with even the slightest touch. Who obediently waits in eager anticipation. Are you looking for someone to throw away your key? Want to be erotically teased and tantalized?  Call me for even the darkest of BDSM role play! Don’t keep your Mistress waiting!

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Trick-or-treat - Copy

looking to phone sex Trick-or-treat ?

Trick-or-treat, worship my feet, get between my legs for something good to eat. I expect every one of my phone sex lovers to worship every inch of my seductive body.  As we talk, I want you to picture sucking on my perky breasts and then working your way down to my stomach and planting sweet kisses on my body as you get closer to my sweet pussy. I lay on the bed as you open my honey pot wide and admire my pearl. You suck on my clit and take your time licking around it, making sure I experience the best orgasm ever. You use your fingers to get me even wetter and turn me around to finish the job from behind.  With diligent  pleasure you begin savoring ass worship and kiss me all over before showing my hot slit  attention once again. I cum and my juices begin to drench the bed sheets during domination phone sex.  As you enjoy every minute of body worship phone sex, I can see your hard cock rising through your boxers. You crave my touch and ask me to put my hand on your pulsating dick only to get denied.  I give you instructions to proceed with more pussy worship and give into your femdom desires. I ride your face while you squeeze my ass and leave a trail of drool over my body. Every part of my body shakes as I come again from an intense orgasm leaving your face sticky and wanting more. You finger me while we face each other and rub your throbbing man meat as it drips precum craving the tightness of my hot wet cunt. Cum join me for a naughty Halloween Trick-or-treat phone sex fantasy

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