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Auntie Phone SexHave you ever had a fantasy about your aunt? Auntie phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex topics. I would be your mature aunt  and you are my nephew. You love to hide in the closet and watch Aunt Victoria getting undressed.

You follow me to the bathroom. Edging your young penis as you watch me bathe. Sneaking back into the closet as you watch me put my sexy lingerie on. Admiring myself in the mirror. Wearing my corset, bra, panties stockings and heels.

Uh oh Auntie Hears you moving around in the closet. Auntie opens the door catching you by surprise. Oh you naughty naughty boy!  Instead of punishing you I let you undress me. Watching how wide your eyes get as you look at my naked body. Only to redress me in your favorite lingerie and heels all over again.

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After redressing me during Auntie phone sex you climb into bed with me. I let you get on top of me and rest your head on my big boobies. Your young hard dick  poking through your boxers. I tell you its ok to hump aunties stockings. You slide your cock out of your boxers. Rubbing it up and down my  stockings like a good boy.

Your young cock is so hard and chubby. You crawl between my legs and rub your hard young dick against the crotch of my panties. Sucking on my big hard nipples as hump me harder and harder. Your such a good boy darling. Make Aunties panties all wet and messy.

Of course we don’t stop there. I take you into the bath tub with me and soap up your hard young dick.  Your hard incest cock can get hard multiple times a day. You moan and squeal as Auntie jerks you off in the bath tub cumming all over Aunties gorgeous breasts.

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But how could I keep you all to myself during Auntie phone sex?  You invite all your friends over to play with me.  You already have me dressed up when there is a knock at the door. Surprising your auntie by bring all of your friends into my bed. Oh my 2 more hard young dicks to play with.

Auntie Victoria just can’t help herself.  Your friends are exploring my body. Licking and sucking upon my ample breasts. Kissing down my tummy as you watch and edge yourself.   Standing in front of me so I can suck on their hard cocks one at a time. Laying Auntie on the bed at their mercy.

Your friends spread my legs and hold me down. Forcing and pushing a hard young dick inside my wet mature pussy.  Fucking me over and over with their virgin dicks. Pushing and probing into my pretty pink pussy. As I look up your other friend is rubbing his cock all over my face. I reach up and suck his cock and balls.

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Both of your friends have their way with me during Auntie phone sex.  Taking turns making love to my hot wet pussy and mouth. Filling my pussy with their sweet virgin cock cream. Making Auntie Victoria’s pussy so wet and creamy for your hot young mouth.

After your friends leave you get between my legs. Spreading my thighs nice and wide. “Your pussy smells like cum” you say. Soon your young tongue is licking every hot wet drum of fuck juice out of my incest cunt. Lapping up all their creamy sperm. Making me cum in your mouth as you latch unto my clit like a nipple.

It’s more than you can take. You long to fuck my hot wet juicy pussy. As you slide into my hot wet cunt  you can still feel their cum deep inside me. My pussy is so juicy after being freshly fucked and sucked. We make out as you lick their cum out of my mouth. Giving me a load of cum of your own.

Strict Auntie phone sex

Of course I can be a mean Auntie during Auntie phone sex! Sometimes youAuntie Phone Sex need a firm hand to keep you in line.  I take you to run daily errands with me. You would make sure to always open my doors for me and carry my bags everywhere we go.

Daily we would go to the mall and other stores for my shopping fix. You are to always stick by my side and not wander away. When we get to the parking lot, you are to load all of my bags into my car and not give me any back talk. You love looking at my long legs. I make conservative look so sexy.

I always talk to you in a strict tone, so that you know I mean business during Auntie phone sex. When you misbehave, I will make you drop your pants and crawl over my lap in the back of my Lincoln town car. It doesn’t matter that your way to old to be spanked!

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I am quite old school during Auntie phone sex.  I know the power I have over you. Your dick begins peeking out of your underwear and your cock rubs against my legs. I chastise you for allowing your dick to get hard as I begin to spank you.

You enjoy spanking phone sex and moan out in enjoyment as I spank you harder until you cry. I gloat on how sore your ass must be and you agree. You have always had a humiliation phone sex fantasy. I tell you when we get to the house how you were going to get ice cream and play video games. Of course you have been too disobedient, so I am just going to take you straight home.

We get home and you get ready for round two of your spanking. I get my purse strap and belt out and tell you to go to my room and assume the position. I instruct you to take off your boxers as I lash at your ass with my purse strap. You yell out and tell me not to stop. I begin spanking you harder as your dick stiffens and your nipples perk up.

Auntie phone sex spankings.

I begin telling you how my mother use to spank me during Auntie phone sex. with her purse strap and my step father spanked me with his belt. I came from a very strict family. Even after I graduated high school the spankings continued. You sit down on my bed with your severely red ass in pain.

I was a bad girl in high school. After I graduated I lived at home and had a period of rebellion. I continue to tell you about how after my step father would spank me, he would make me give him a blowjob and fuck him. Spankings turned my step father on and was considered foreplay for him.

The way his belt would lash out at my ass, made his dick jump. I loved getting fucked by my step daddy after a good spanking. He would pin me up against the wall and pump my hot wet pussy hard. He made sure that my cunt was throbbing just like my ass was.

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My mother would peek during Incest Phone Sex in every time my naughty step daddy and I had our alone time. She would look disappointed. She was mad because he didn’t fuck her the way he fucked me.  After we were done, I would clean his dick off with my tongue and go to bed.

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