Auntie phone sex


Have you ever had a fantasy about your aunt? Auntie phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex topics. I would be your mature aunt  and you are my 18 year old nephew and I take you to run daily errands with me. You would make sure to always open my doors for me and carry my bags everywhere we go. Daily we would go to the mall and other stores for my shopping fix. You are to always stick by my side and not wander away. When we get to the parking lot, you are to load all of my bags into my car and not give me any back talk.

I always talk to you in a strict tone so that you know I mean business during Auntie phone sex. When you misbehave, I will make you drop your pants and crawl over my lap in the back of my Lincoln town car. It doesn’t matter that your way to old to be spanked! I am quite old school and I know the power I have over you. Your dick begins peeking out of your underwear and your cock rubs against my legs. I chastise you for allowing your dick to get hard as I begin to spank you. You enjoy spanking phone sex and moan out in enjoyment as I spank you harder until you cry.

I gloat on how sore your ass must be and you agree. You have always had a humiliation phone sex fantasy. I tell you when we get to the house how you were going to get ice cream and play video games, but you have been too disobedient, so I am just going to take you straight home. We get home and you get ready for round two of your spanking. I get my purse strap and belt out and tell you to go to my room and assume the position. I instruct you to take off your boxers as I lash at your ass with my purse strap.

You yell out and tell me not to stop. I begin spanking you harder as your dick stiffens and your nipples perk up. I begin telling you how my mother use to spank me with her purse strap and my step father spanked me with his belt. I came from a very strict family. Even after I graduated high school the spankings continued. You sit down on my bed with your severely red ass in pain. I was a bad girl in high school, and after I graduated I lived at home and had a period of rebellion.

I continue to tell you about how after my step father would spank me, he would make me give him a blowjob and fuck him. Spankings turned my step father on and was considered foreplay for him. The way his belt would lash out at my ass, made his dick jump. I loved getting fucked by my step daddy after a good spanking. He would pin me up against the wall and pump my hot wet pussy hard. He made sure that my cunt was throbbing just like my ass was.

My mother would peek in every time my naughty step daddy and I had our alone time and would look disappointed. She was mad because he didn’t fuck her the way he fucked me.  After we were done, I would clean his dick off with my tongue and go to bed. Your dick grows harder as you wait to hear more of my spanking phone sex stories. Have you been bad? Call me and I will be happy to put you in your place!

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