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Little Dick Humiliation
Little Dick Humiliation

creeping up on hot unsuspecting cheerleaders?  In this Fantasy role play I am the perfect hot slut you lust for so badly.

You know your never going to get to fuck us during Humiliation phone sex. Hotties like us don’t fuck little dick loser’s like you.

  It’s laughable you think you even have a chance. Your dick is so small.  My girlfriend and I would need a microscope and tweezers to see it.

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You are a  pervy Janitor at the the high school I attended. Having all kinds of Humiliation phone sexHumiliation phone sex fantasies staring all my gorgeous friends.

Constantly watching us undress and grabbing your junk. Rubbing your tiny shrimp dick. In your panties you wear under your uniform.

We had an idea someone was jerking off to us. But every time we ran to look you were gone. Having no idea you were the shrimp dick pervert peeping on us.  The more you leered and gooned at us the closer you got to getting caught.

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In high school I was the head cheerleader in charge of Humiliation phone sex. I always had the best times with my other cheerleader friends.

Making sure after graduation we always kept in touch. It was a gloomy evening. All of my old cheerleader friends came over to my new house. Excited for a sexy sleepover.

We all wore our satin lingerie and heels. Dancing  around the house. Laughing as  we reminisced.

Over our old days in high school. My best friend Amy was known as the cheerleader phone sex slut back in the day.  You probably thought you could get on the action too.

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Humiliation-phone-sex-blogI remember when we fucked the entire football team over a bet we lost. Those were the good old days.

As we began to pop open our third bottle of wine we heard something in the bushes. I looked outside to see what it was, and nothing was there.

My other friend Stacy decided to shake the wine bottle before she opened it, resulting in the wine spilling all over our clothes. Our clothes were covered in white wine.

We had to get out of them right away. While we took off our clothes, I heard a noise again in the bushes. Someone was obviously watching us. You, my neighbor and my old high school janitor. Watching and playing with yourself like a pervert.

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I almost missed your Humiliation phone sex peeping.  Too turned on, looking at Stacy’s sweet bare ass to see what the noise outside was.

I slid my finger into Stacy’s pussy just as I heard the noise again.  As I opened up the blinds, I saw “J” . “J” my perverted next door neighbor and old high School Janitor.

He was always creeping up on my friends and I.  Since I moved into my new house…I’ve heard him lurking.

I’ve caught him looking at other ladies around the neighborhood too. When I saw him looking at me and my naked friends, I  had to make him pay.

I’ll make you pay during Humiliation phone sex!

 Humiliation-phone-sex-roleplay“Look what we’ve got here ladies a Humiliation phone sex loser . J  my naughty next door neighbor & old janitor” I said.

Our pervy janitor is leering at us.  Spying on all our fun jerking it in his pants. Stacy and Amy looked him up and down, examining every inch of him.

With our perfect perky titties and  hot wet juicy pussies out, we grabbed J  in by the collar and pushed him onto the floor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” “J” stuttered. “You didn’t mean to what “J”? Jerk off while looking at the hot girls next door?

You got busted during Humiliation phone sex

You know what? Take off your clothes looser” I said. As he pulled off his pants, he exposed the smallest cock I have ever seen. We all busted out laughing.

“What did you think you were going to do with that little thing?” Amy asked. I walked over to the stereo and turned on some music. Swing that little thing around for us “J”” I laughed.

J began dancing and stroking his tiny pathetic cock with his hand. We got out our pom poms and cheered him on. Still naked, J kept looking at us as his cock. His micro penis got harder. We chanted “You’ll never get any of this tight pussy with that small little thing!”

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 Humiliation-phone-sex-sissyHe began to beg so helplessly, that we decided to pull him into the bedroom for more small cock humiliation phone sex. We jumped on the bed and cheered for him. Laughing at him as he stroked his little pathetic tiny cock.

Faster and faster jerking his micro penis to our hot naked bodies. When he finally came, it was the shortest little squirt I had ever seen! He shot all his looser lop into his hand. What a fucking bitch.

Pegging you in your panties during Humiliation phone sex!

Now we dress up J when ever he comes over. Making him wear panties and dress up like a girl.

We shove toys up his ass and fuck him like a faggot. His teeny weeny petite man meat is our entertainment. The fact he thinks he had a chance is beyond pathetic.

No matter how hard J tries he can never make our pussies cum. We could never feel that tiny thing. No friction would be had. Even if we let him fuck our belly buttons there would be room to spare.

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Want me to laugh at your woefully inadequate dick? Got toys you want to fuck your ass with for me? Like dressing up in panties like a girl? Ready to be cut down to size?

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Bisexual phone sex

I try to keep the urge to have Bisexual phone sex to myself, but lately it’s been coming up more than it usually does. When I was  younger I use to have threesomes with my roommate and her boyfriend. He loved watching her eat my pussy as he jerked off. She really knew how to use her tongue rather well which kept me squirting. Not too long ago, she reached out to me asking if we could meet up and hang out like old times. I of course accepted her invitation.

We met up at her new house that she shared with her husband. She was a regular housewife who spent her husband’s’ money while he worked long hours. This was the lifestyle she always wanted so I wasn’t surprised to see that she was living it. We sat and chatted over tea and cookies reminiscing about the old days. At one point she excused herself for an extended amount of time. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, her tongue was buried in my honey pot.

I was moaning so loudly that I almost didn’t notice a handsome man standing there watching us. He started taking off his pants and jerking his meat while my friend made me cum for the third time. I figured the man was her husband and wanted to see lesbian phone sex. After I squirted in her mouth once more, she got on top of me and we bumped vaginas while her husband nutted on their marble floors

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Threesome phone sex

Threesome phone sex

You never dreamed how hot Threesome phone sex was until now!

I never knew how tasty Threesome phone sex could be until my old college friend came back into town. Her and her boyfriend were thinking of moving back here and purchasing a house.

Ever Dream of walking in on Threesome phone sex

I was excited because we had some great lesbian phone sex when we stayed together. I haven’t seen her in years and it was time we rekindled what we once had. She called me the other day and told me she was on her way over to pay me a visit.

I love the best of both worlds with Bisexual kinky fun!

When they got to my house I invited them into the dining room where I had arranged for an elegant catered meal to be delivered for us. Back in college I wasn’t much of a cook but I knew how to put together an elegant spread of take out or something simply like fruit & cheese.

Knowing we could get caught made Threesome phone sex even more exciting!

Serving  my roommate always brought me a great deal of satisfaction. Of course I longed to serve her in other ways. After dinner we went out to my garden and had a few drinks. Her boyfriend kept staring at my slightly exposed breasts that were spilling out of my tube top.

Stop denying your true desires!

My friend was looking as well so I told her to come inside to help me with something. I sat on the kitchen counter and spread my legs open as wide as they would go and had her dive deep into my honey pot.

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She sucked on my clit while squeezing my nipples and I started to cum right as her boyfriend walked in on us. He started sucking on my tits while she continued to lick me until I came. Once I exploded we switched positions and busted nuts all throughout the night.

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