BDSM role play

BDSM role play

Give into your Dark desires !

My favorite type of BDSM role play  is when I smack a pair of nicely fitted cuffs on your wrists. Then a tight fitting collar around a lovers neck and make him beg for the privilege of tasting my forbidden fruit. Men can’t help themselves once they get around me. I love knowing I have complete control!

Stop denying your need to be controlled.

Mistress phone sex makes them beg for a chance to get to know me. When they see how much power I possess, they crave more. I can be a mean mistress, but I find a softer voice is even more powerful than a louder one.  I love using my hypnotic voice and sharp wit to control your dick! Yesterday during bondage phone sex, my phone lover wanted to experience things on the dark side.

Beg as I tease and deny you what you want most…me!

My newest slave wanted to see how it would be if he were severely punished. I granted his wish. Later I put him in my basement under lock and key and forced him to worship my breasts and tight ass.  Making you bow down to me gives me satisfaction! Remember that when you call. I revel in your unrequited lust. I bask in your worship.

Hunger for just one taste of the honey you crave.

He stared at me for hours and begged to touch my sweet curves. I denied him every time and made him beg even more. By the time I was done with him he was on all fours with his tongue out acting like a dog who hadn’t gotten a bone in months. I enjoyed watching his eyes glaze with desire and lust.

Submit to your Mistress !

Sure he was tempting, but I refused him every time he wanted something. I had to make sure he was a true submissive and had no other wants or needs. It’s hard for a Mistress to find someone who really wants to give their all. But when I find that special submissive… I take them to the edge and beyond.

Call me for BDSM role play! Indulge your desires.

Some submissive’s come a dime a dozen. You can never find them, but they ultimately find you. Now and then you find one that is special. Who sits in his gentleman’s chair. The one whom begs for more as you tease him with even the slightest touch. Who obediently waits in eager anticipation. Are you looking for someone to throw away your key? Want to be erotically teased and tantalized?  Call me for even the darkest of BDSM role play! Don’t keep your Mistress waiting!

CALL ME: VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932