Homewrecker Phone Sex

Homewrecker Phone Sex Compels you!

In Homewrecker Phone Sex, I’ll slowly, deliberately and relentlessly seduce you.  Brainwashing you into blindly obeying me! Leading you down the rabbit hole of total submission. Forging a path of handing complete ownership of everything to me.
Teasing your brain & denying your cock is what I do best.  Leaving you relentlessly lusting for my cunt!  Thinking  of nothing more than my pretty pink pussy.  Your wife’s body looses its appeal. All you can think of is spreading my pussy lips apart.

Homewrecker Phone Sex will tease your brain & deny your cock!

Don’t deny how often you dream of sliding into my pink inviting folds.  Peeling back my labia like a present. Savoring my clitoris like a precious gem! Anticipating those two moist pussy  lips gripping your cock. If only you could just  suck yourself into my silky smooth cunt .
Of all the girls out here you could call I am the one you lust for. All the women in real life no longer hold any appeal. All the women look the same. Endless Copies of copies. Now I have you right where I want you.

I alone bewitch you into Homewrecker Phone Sex

Guiding you down this path of obedience, decadence and disloyalty was always my plan. To  lead you to where we both know you forever long to be.  My helpless property .  Every dollar you earn & have into my bank account. Because I give you more than she ever did!
When you saw I offered tributes you began to graciously tip me. Sending me e-gift cards without being asked.  Going as far to bestow upon me crypto coin payments . Every day is Christmas for me because you have become my Santa clause, my sugar daddy & my slave.

I know the real Homewrecker Phone Sex slaves from the rest!

I often have men who ask me how to rinse their wallet. When they ask I know they are not serious. Real men who desire their wallet rinsed and worship me do so without asking. They do not ask me how .  I am already waking up to e-gift cards, credit/debit card tributes and crypto tips in my inbox. That’s how I know your serious!
Real findom/homewrecker slaves know their place. Understanding they are  nothing more than a piece of property. Property owned by your Goddess Victoria. They don’t need to ask me where & how. Already having scoured my website like the bible. They can quote what I offer better than I can.  Practically having my site memorized because they are dedicated and it shows.

Are you a real Findom/Homewrecker Phone Sex Slave?

Are you truly dedicated to me? I know which slaves are without question the most obedient. Because my email & bank account  show me the proof. And those very generous slaves always get rewarded with free pictures  &  written erotica.  As well as daily call backs  so they can worship me during their lunch break.

Maybe the erotica is in the form of a blog I know they will love. Other times its sent to directly to their email. They know by being loyal & generous they will always be rewarded.  Sometimes I make them beg to be rewarded other times I surprise them. But unlike their wives I never make promises I don’t intend to keep.


You will beg me to control you during Homewrecker Phone Sex.

Mistress Victoria is always fair. Serving me definitely has its benefits. As it earns you all that extra attention you so long for & crave. However my time & attention isn’t free. My favor is valuable & sought after.  My most loyal slaves, callers, and followers know this.

You will beg me for control during Homewrecker Phone Sex.  Oh, I’ll do it so smoothly. You won’t even know you’re giving up the reins.  At first, I’ll convince you to call me at least once a month. So I can slowly get my hooks into you. Confessing all  your erotic fantasies & sexual deviances to me.
Homewrecker Phone Sex  will leave you addicted!
You will open up to me like you do at confession. On your knees ready to receive your salvation. You’ll admit how you really feel about your wife. How you wish she could be more like me. Then how you wish she was me. Then you won’t desire her anymore.
Homewrecker Phone Sex will teach you how to better manage your time. So you can spend time with me.  I’ll tell you how important it is to lie to your wife.  Bend you to my will. Taking more & more of your time away from her.
Homewrecker Phone Sex shows you what you really want!
You will learn to take from her & give to me. But what does she really do for you but cook & clean? After all you provide her a home and security. What does she really give you? Does she appreciate all your hard labor? Worshipping you like the man you are? Of course not, She treats you like a simpleton.
Calls with me are much more exciting than time with her in real life. I know how men prefer to be treated.  Of course I ‘ll lead you on to get what I want. You know this, loving the thrill of the chase. Telling me  how much it excites you. How that you’d rather spend time with me than her.
Seducing you during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Of course, I’ll encourage you to spend more time & money on me. “Why waste your time with her when I’m so much better” I’ll innocently coo. “Why don’t we make this a regular thing?” I’ll add.  Soon you are begging me to enslave you. Until I completely control your life. All of your time & money is mine.
Starting slowly as I seduce you. Like the serpent in the garden I will tempt you. Wanting to please me you will comply. Sweet & innocently making suggestions you will cater to.  Desperately striving to fulfill my every whim. Craving my attentions and approval.
My Homewrecker Phone Sex will take over your life!
Some men become confused. Becoming delusional in thinking I am going to meet them. No no, I am not here to to become your real life wife or Girlfriend.  I am so much more than a wife or girlfriend will ever be. My ethereal charm is much to rare for that.   Why would I want to lower myself to such a simple role?
 No longer will you crave the attention of other women. Choosing of your own accord not to interact with females unless required for work. Replacing your wife’s photo with my own. Because why would you want to look at her all day when you can see me a true Goddess in female form? After all your not going to work for her are you? Of course not.
Homewrecker Phone Sex frees you!
The relationship you have with your wife is one of convenience.  More like platonic room mates. No longer romantically entangled.  Rotating around each other for survival in separate orbits.  Anything she does for you is part of a domestic arrangement. She is the help in exchange for domestic bliss. I on the other hand are the love of your life.  But this is not a romance but a welcome needed distraction.
I provide a  distraction from your boring cookie cutter life. The life your so desperately sick of.  Worshipping me will pull you out of this stale mental trap you are stuck in. The endless rat race that has you so tired.  90% of your entire life is in your mind. Other forces are at work to keep you stuck in a stale prison.
I of course am here to free you from your cage.  Providing for you a new one to play in. But this golden gilded cage is one you willingly walk into. Because everything you desire is within it.    Seducing you by confessing how wet it makes me that your so very loyal generous and obedient.
On your knees for Homewrecker Phone Sex!
How happy I am you sat at your desk.  Having lunch alone gooning over my pictures. Being loyally obedient as a true slave would.  You can’t agree fast enough. Sending me pictures of proof. I’ll no longer ask you but order you to start calling me weekly.  Expecting  monthly Sephora orders of course.
At this point you’ll be so brainwashed; you’ll have no choice but to obey.
Your voice  betraying how you’ve fallen  in love with me. Encouraging me to begin the process of separating you from your wife.  First, I‘ll  brainwash you with mantra’s. Verbally re-affirming repeatedly how much you love & desire me.
I will be the apple of your eye during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Programing you to put me on a pedestal as you forget your wife.  Soon you will stop  doing anything for your wife. No more dates or meals out. All gifts of devotion stopped. Even the obligatory holiday & birthday gifts will cease. Your anniversary will come and go as just another day.
Of course my birthday & anniversary will fill all your waking moments. Stressing over how much you should send to me in tribute. Agonizing over how much of an e-gift card to Sephora or Ulta is acceptable. Spending all your hard-earned money on me – you’re Goddess Victoria.
Of course you want to please me during  Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Money for family vacations & weekend getaways spent on me instead. Why reward bad behavior? How long have you suffered through a wife or girlfriend who bores you? She never does anything you want. Her voice is grating, and she is not aging like a fine wine.  The only thing she brings to your life is expectations & rules. Rules you no longer want to follow.
My Homewrecker Phone Sex fulfills you!
I liberate men from bad boring stale marriages. You have wasted half your life catering . People pleasing for the sake of status quo…stop it! You have a hierarchy of needs that deserves to be filled. The woman you are married to is not the same woman you married. Stop bending over backwards for someone who puts you last.
If your wife truly completed you would you be calling me for Homewrecker Phone Sex? If she really fulfilled all your needs you wouldn’t be calling for phone sex. Porn would not be in your phone. Your wife would be the only woman you would want to see naked. That would require you to be married to me *Snickers! However mistress is far too  perfect for just one man to enjoy.
Homewrecker Phone Sex is so much better than your wife!
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself gladly obeying me.  Volunteering to give your wife away to please me.   Pleasing me is the center focus of your core existence.   Already you have  quit having sex with her . No longer showing her any kind of affection at all.
Choosing to move into your guest bedroom. Everything in your life reserved for me.  A seductive perfect but ruthless, conniving, soul draining homewrecker. Convincing you how much happier you’ll be once she’s gone!  Truly you will be, I’m freeing you of a stale miserable existence.
Serving me is everything!
The only reason why you work so hard is because your supporting a parasite. A parasite other wise known as your wife. Whom barely scratches the service on fulfilling your needs. How much simpler your wife would be if she went away. Think of how much freer you would be if you divorced your wife. She maintains you like a pet. Think on that for a moment…. Food, Bed, house, play time, exercise. See the similarity?
Serving me as your full-time 24/7 long distance Phone Sex Mistress is far better than being married to her.  Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy  daily phone calls  versus daily bickering? Weekly cock milking instead of nagging? Of course I will expect  tributes that you will graciously provide.  You will never  meet me in person. I am far to amazing to be tied  to one man.  I am a magical ethereal beauty that is rare. One man cannot hope to posses me unto just himself.
You want to be owned during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Your Phone mistress is a celestial force of sexuality. Serving me is your true destiny. Other women wish they were me.   You will gladly summit wealth attention and help upon me. Just to taste the treasure of my time. Hear my voice smooth as silk & sweet like honey. Masturbating to my perfect photos & voice.
You want and need to be my property.  Obeying my instructions to pay tribute to me daily. Depending on me to instruct you how to live your life. Growing dependent upon my wisdom & instruction. I will control every aspect of your life. You will beg for me to tell you what to do. No longer needing to make decisions. That is what I am for!
It’s time to enjoy your new life!
 Your marriage has been dead for some time. Find your self clinging to the remnants like a battered rug? Feeling your self esteem frayed at the edges. How long are you going to entertain that scenario?  Remember how happy you were before marriage? You could do whatever you wanted. More time for yourself. You never needed a commitment to be complete.
Jerking off to me is far better than enduring sex with your boring old wife.  My voice balm to your soul. Helping me is far more exciting. Knowing your helping me attain more wealth, success and happiness. After all I am an Alpha female a true Goddess.  She is…just basic yet some how tricked you into this arrangement your in.
Take your power back during Homewrecker Phone Sex.
During Homewrecker Phone Sex I’ll give you tasks to complete. Expecting a complete report on their completion.  Each task more humiliating and emasculating than the last. Or perhaps the tasks I give you are erotic and exciting instead.
I know what you want and understand your needs so very well. For those whom desire humiliation you will be pleased. Ordering you to document your tasks by photo and  video. Looking forward to receiving the visual proof you obeyed.
shall I have you call me from an adult sex store? Instructing you to give your phone to the youngest cutest salesclerk? Of course I will, giving her  a laundry list of things I want you to buy yourself. Isn’t it time to buy your self things? See what mistress provides you?
Give your devotion to me during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Things such things as butt plugs, dildos, panties, stockings, pantyhose, cock rings, cock cages etc. for you to purchase.  Or I’ll have you call me from an adult sex shop. An adult book store with glory holes. Ordering you to film yourself giving blowjobs to random cocks.
Demanding you send  me the evidence.  Leading you on a hunt for other such  exciting perverted tasks.  Once I feel you have nothing left in your life but me I will pounce.  Asking you to prove your devotion. Seductively asking you to prove your unconditional love.
Suggesting you prove your undying devotion to me.  I know you will say, “anything you want Mistress,” and you do.  So, I’ll say I want you to finally divorce your wife. End it once and for all.
Enjoy the journey!
Once you have finally ended  marriage. Ending your slavery to empty promises of domestic bliss. Severing your ties to an empty institution that only seeks to to appease society.  That ensnares you into a draconian ritual that only pleases your boring wife.
I will demand you begin to enjoy embarking on a new path. A path of wanton debauchery & hedonism. But only at MY BEHEST! Asking you to  shave your body from your waist down. Requesting you  send me proof by pictures.  Then I’ll tell you to lock your cock in a cock cage.
Only opening your cage upon my instruction.  Some of my slaves have mailed me their keys. Calling me to celebrate their divorce being finalized & bestowing me as the owner of their man hood.
Prove your Homewrecker Phone Sex loyalty!
I keep your divorce decrees like trophies.  Proof of my superiority over other women .  Soon requesting an email of your complete financial records. So I may have a copy of your remaining net worth in my hands. Once I receive the keys, I’ll know you’ll follow through.  Own the cock and the mind follows.
Soon I’ll receive your divorce decree and financial records.  You will willingly make regular tribute payments to me out of devotion. Of course I will reward you with lots of attention. All the attention your wife promised you but you never received.
Your my Homewrecker Phone Sex Trophy!
Don’t worry I’ll make sure you always have  just enough money to survive.  Water and noodles or beans and rice might become your daily diet, but you’ll live.  Finding yourself the owner of 3 properties down to a small efficiency. Renting those properties out  was a far sounder investment.
Aren’t you glad you obeyed me? See, Mistress helped you gain regular income! Versus just property debt. Wouldn’t you rather those properties be earning something. Versus just sitting there accumulating taxes & debt?  At least now you have more money to spend on me now!
Mistress is always on your side!
Your wife would have never been smart enough to suggest that. Because that would have allowed you to work less hours. She never wanted you at home. Making you slave 60-80 hours a week was her plan all along. Marriage in my opinion is a scam!
Keeping you supporting her life style & being out of the house. Pushing you into an early grave so she can collect the fruits of your labor. She gets to live this lush life of low stress and joy. Meanwhile your day is monotonous, stressful and boring! How is that fair?
Wouldn’t you rather worship a smart mistress who has your best interests at heart? Who wants you to work smarter not harder. Who desires you to have a healthy well rested body?  Wouldn’t I seek to help you make your money work for you?
Versus you working harder for money just to accumulate possessions you don’t use? Possessions that cause debt & become a form of slavery themselves. See I’m freeing you from all of that.  If your going to be a slave wouldn’t you prefer a slavery that fulfills you?
Worshiping Mistress is everything you want!
Just think slave, all of your walls will be covered with different size posters of me. You’ll make daily devotional calls to me. Begging me to tell you about all the men & women I bed.  Stroking your cock when I allow you too. After proving to me how dedicated you are to my happiness.
Of course our Homewrecker Phone Sex calls are far more satisfying then sex with your wife ever was.  Soon worshiping me will be far more exciting than orgasming from your dick. I will no longer allow you to orgasm in that way. Causing your cock to naturally shrink.  Encouraging you to fuck your own ass instead.
Homewrecker Phone Sex is far more satisfying than real sex!
Soon you will find you get far more pleasure from massaging your prostate. Your dick was a tool women used against you for control.  I have graciously freed you from your cock prison. Once a year I will instruct you  to buy another size smaller of your cock cage.  Until your insignificant dick can fit into the one-inch size.
Homewrecker Phone Sex liberates you!
You’ll sacrifice everything for Homewrecker Phone Sex.  I will set you free of everything that holds you down. Making you free to be able to worship me daily. Are you willing and ready of your own free will ? Ready to follow Mistress Victoria down this path of degradation, humiliation and marital ruin?

You can receive the salvation of freedom!  Being on your knees is humbling. Only through humility can we truly learn gratitude. It’s time to prove your love and devotion to me.   I will make you a better freer man! Call me now for

Homewrecker Phone Sex ! 1-888-295-4932.  

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Please use my personal email victoria_verone@yahoo.com.  I accept e-gift cards at this email address.

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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

What is a Cuckold Husband Phone Sex slave?

Sometimes a man may call me with a desire to become a Cuckold Husband Phone Sex slave. Other times its the Wife who calls me to help facilitate this. I can act as the sole mistress ruining the marriage. Or the Liaison to set the new terms for the  cuckold marriage as it has evolved.
Lets face it Your wife may become bored or even turned off by your cock . She may step out on you to fuck bigger dicks. Of course as a loving husband you want her to have the best. The best orgasms & the biggest cocks she can possibly enjoy. It may very well turn you on knowing you can no longer please your wife & other man can & do.

What kinds of Cuckold Phone Sex arrangements are there?

Sometimes your cuckold wife may include you in these experiences. Other times she may decide you are not worthy of being present during her affairs. She might be transparent about whom she is fucking & when. Or she might leave you to wonder whom she is fucking .
which might turn you on even more. Presenting her well fucked creampie to you afterwards to lick & enjoy. As she tells you how much  better he fucked her than you ever did. Other times it may be the man who comes looking for a cuckold Mistress on his own.  He longs to be owned by a beautiful cuckold mistress who will never fuck him.
However the idea of a perfect Cuckold mistress getting fucked turns him on. The stipulation in this case is of course he can never fuck his wife or girlfriend again.  As he would rather be forever teased & denied by the Cuckold mistress. Other times the  cuckold marriage is quite good. However the husband is both cock curious & Bisexual.
Having entered into a marriage where he was never completely attracted to his wife. Preferring her for emotional companionship primarily. However the idea of her getting fucked by lots of big black (or Big white) Dick is a huge turn on for him. In this scenario vanilla sex will never do.
In this case Cuckold husband has no desire to fuck his wife. He instead gets off on watching his wife get fucked instead. Of course this does arouse him. He may also want to help her suck & fuck a dick if he is bisexual. Perhaps he never really liked pussy as much as he  thought he did.  But seeing his wife’s creampie pussy getting  fucked arouses the hell out of him.
Other times its because Cuckold Husband Phone Sex is  a beta with a small dick. This means Cuckold wife finds bigger younger cocks to satisfy her needs. Cuckold Husband is helpless to complain.  Whenever Cuckold wife is fucking her lovers Dear husband calls me to talk about what she might be doing .
Additionally Some Cuckold husbands are extremely masculine.  Their wives just require younger cock.  Women hit their prime in their later years. The cuckold husband understands this & permits his wife’s affairs. What other choice does he as the cuckold really have?
She takes lovers as she see’s fit as a superior female. Letting the husband derive pleasure from licking her creampie or worshiping her feet . This satisfies his cum eating & his foot fetish.  Occasionally she might sleep with cuckold husband with or without a cock extension.
Sleeping with her husband between lovers. Of course Cuckold husband is extremely grateful for this & thanks his beautiful wife for the privledge. However this privledge is short lived. As soon as his wife finds a new lover cuckold husband is on the back burner again.
Humiliation may also make an appearance. Because not only is every aspect of their relationship humiliating. But Humiliation gives both Cuckold husband & wife pleasure in different ways. She might enjoy watching him cry whine & beg.  Cuckold husband gets off on the emotional roller coaster the humiliation sends him on.
But cuckold husband’s wife may go out of her way to humiliate him in other ways. Ways such as telling other family members, friends even neighbors about their arrangement. Possibly talking about her lovers right in front of her husband to their family & friends.
As she makes cuckold husband wait on her hand & foot like a servant boy. Making cuckold husband do meager tasks. Of course he is so grateful for the privledge to do this. Cuckold husband love serving his wife and seeing her happy.

How does your Cuckold Phone Sex Mistress fit in?

As your Cuckold Phone Dominatrix Mistress I have the right to tell  you as the cuckold What to do.  Cuckold Husband Phone Sex Means honoring the  boundaries of your Cuckold Marriage arrangement. As well as your Cuckold Phone Sex contract with me. Such as you may no longer have intercourse with  your wife But lets face it why would you want to.
After all you called me instead of fucking her in the first place. Perhaps your situation is more complicated than that. Maybe your wife has already cuckolded you. Your already a cuckold husband. Dear wife has instructed you to call me for more discipline & cock milking. This wife doesn’t need to service your little inferior dick anymore. Nor does she desire to.
Rules for Cuckold Husband Phone Sex.
Maybe the rules of your cuckold marriage are you can fuck as long as its  not another woman.   This might mean Cuckold Phone Sex with me & fucking Shemale’s or T-Girls are your only choices for intercourse. Other than that you are limited to helping to pleasing  your wives cuckold  bulls if she allows it.
This could include Fluffing their dicks before they fuck your wife. Cleaning up their dirty cocks after they fuck her. Or Cum eating from the Cuckold Bulls or your own.  Dear wife may also command you to eat her creampie pussy when she gets home.
Some Cuckold marriages do involve  intercourse. The stipulation however is the Cuckold husband must lick the wife’s creampie pussy out first. Then & only then may the cuckold husband fuck his wife. Then inseminating his seed into wife’s glorious perfect cunt.
Your cuckold wife may demand you sign a contract proving your obedience to her & your cuckold Marriage. Dear Wife may also demand you enter into a cuckold Phone Sex Contract with your Cuckold Phone Sex  Mistress also. This  contract will have terms & be active for the length of this contract.
If your Cuckold wife  no longer wants your cock & she is free to fuck other men. Mistress Victoria wants the cuckold slave’s cock to hang limply between your legs and be utterly useless for intercourse.   This may require cuckold Slave wear  a Chasity Belt.
Allowing you as the cuckold the privledge (maybe or never) of cock milking at our discretion. Possibly to humiliate you or re-instill discipline while doing it. Only upon the voice of Mistress Victoria (Or dear Cuckold Wife) will your cock get hard (ever again).
Cuckold Husband Phone Sex 1 on 1  sessions.
Some Cuckold Slaves may come to me without the Wife’s knowledge. In this case I will be the sole keeper & owner of Cuckold Slaves cock and balls. Other Cuckold Slaves call with their wife. In this case the Wife herself makes the call to me. I am merely the Liaison whom instills discipline & allows him to milk his dick to my voice.

What happens during our Cuckold Husband Phone Sex Calls?

During our calls If Cuckold husband completes certain tasks I might allow him the privledge or jerking off to my voice.  Other times we just talk about how he worships me  whom is superior to his lovely dear wife.  Or husband’s wife is equally as perfect as I am.  He just gets off talking about the dynamic of their marriage .
Of course I have the option of  ruining orgasm. Or I might simply edge play the cuckolded husband and leave him with blue balls. Which his Cuckold Wife & I will find extremely entertaining As your Cuckold Mistress I have the right to deny phone sex orgasm to you. Being the  cuckold  slave over the phone you will thank me for this.
  My cuckold slave ‘s  have lost the right to orgasm of their own free will. Or there may be stipulations on when where & how you might get to jerk off. Maybe you are limited to men/shemales. Perhaps you may jerk off to a woman but only during phone sex. Or maybe you can’t jerk off at all. Only cumming while you give yourself a Prostrate massage while your dicks in a cage.
What to understand as a Cuckold Husband Phone Sex Slave.
The Mistress (as well as your wife) has the right  to fuck whom ever she wishes. Mistress ( or your wife)  may allow other men to ejaculate inside her vagina, mouth or anywhere else she sees fit. You as Cuckold husband and/or cuckold slave are helpless to stop this.
However you as the cuckold will be denied the privledge to cum in your Mistress (as well as your wife. ) You will never fuck your mistress. Your relationship with mistress is one over the phone. As for your wife you  might never fuck her again either.  That is of course unless she decides other wise.
As a cuckold you give all the power of male dominance & male orgasm to women. However both of us Can fuck anyone we want. We can also get off together on the phone  with each other. Orgasming & enjoying lesbian phone sex while you helplessly listen like a useless cuck. Not allowed to jerk off unless we give you permission. Learning your place as a Beta male.
Perks of being a Cuckold Husband Phone Sex slave.
The cuckold  phone sex slave must beg  Cuckold Mistress ( or cuckold wife
) permission to suck dick. Cuckold Slave must also beg Cuckold Mistress Victoria (or cuckold wife) the ability to get fucked in his ass.  This can be done with a strapon or a real cock. Cock can be male or Shemale . The Mistress ( or cuckold wife)  must approve of this prior to doing so.
Or perhaps the Cuckold is never permitted to fuck anyone. However cock milking as a reward is given. This can be done by the cuckold with his hand, A cock stroker or a pocket pussy. cuckold may even have a sex doll for this purpose. Sometimes a Cuckold Mistress will milk the dick & balls of one of her slaves. That way they aren’t distracted by their tiny sissy dick.
Whenever possible, the cuckold   will place the Mistress (possibly along with wife) on speaker phone so she(they)  can enjoy the sounds of cock sucking. Or any form of orgasm/pleasure Cuckold mistress and/or Cuckold wife permits..
This entertains The cuckold mistress (cuckold wife). As well as Gives you the cuckold husband a reward for serving & playing your part so well.  Laughing at you might ruin your orgasm. But isn’t that part of the fun?
Call Me 1-888-295-4932

Pretty Girl Pee Pee Phone Sex


In Pretty Girl Pee Pee Phone Sex I ask my girlfriends Jo-Ann and Kaylee over to my house.  To have some cocktails and relax by the pool.  I tell them I want their help. Taking my submissive   sissy houseslave’s toilet training to the next level.  They both jump at the chance, to inflict further humiliation on my beta bitch houseslave.  So far my subbie had only consumed my Golden Nectar. Savoring me 2- 3 times a day I might add.   I felt it was time for his taste buds to experience new Golden Showers.

When JoAnn and Kaylee knock on the door, my submissive slut answers it.  Wearing only a locked chastity device, a pair of bright pink panties with “Slut” stitched on them – really there is no need for my friends to be offended by the sight of his worthless cock and a locked collar with “Property of Goddess Victoria” embroidered on it.  Of course he is shaved from the neck down – something I insist in all my houseslaves.

I come out of the kitchen to greet them.  They are both wearing adorable short sun dresses over their thong bikinis and 4″ stiletto sandals.  I have on my lycra red thong bikini and 4″ red stiletto sandals.  The bright red color of my sandals and my thong bikini matching the color of my pedicured toes.  The key to my submissive and defeated bitch boi’s chastity device hangs from a gold chain around my neck – the symbol of my ownership of him.

I command my inferior submissive slut to greet Mistress Kaylee and Mistress Jo-Ann properly.  He immediately drops to his hands and knees and begins kissing their feet.  They both look down at him and smile their approval of the proper way for an inferior male to greet a Superior female.   I tell my pathetic excuse-of-a-man house boy that he is to obey Mistress Kaylee and Mistress Jo-Ann the same as he would obey me.  We all hug and kiss each other and then Kaylee starts giggling uncontrollably. 

When I ask her what that was about she says she got so excited knowing she was coming here to toilet train my submissive sissy slut that she drank a liter of water and now she has to pee really bad! “No worries,” I reply, “That’s what piss boy is here for.  I order my subbie houseboy to lie down and I go to my “toy cabinet” and return with a funnel with a clear hose attached to it. 

I tell Kaylee to straddle my slut’s head and I hand her the funnel.  I order my submissive whore to place the hose in his mouth.  Kaylee stands over him, places the funnel underneath per cute teen pussy with one hand while the other hand moves her thong to the side and within a minute a small trickle of her Golden Wine begins to flow out of her fabulous pussy.  She increases the stream and stops and starts to make sure my inferior bitch swallows every drop.  “This is such a fucking power trip,” Kaylee exclaims.

When Kaylee finishes with her Pretty Girl Pee Pee, l order my worthless disgusting houseboy to carefully and adoringly clean Mistress Kaylee’s piss hole.  As he does as ordered, Jo-Ann takes the funnel from Kaylee and giggles “This is so fucking hot.  I’ve got to piss too.”  So I order my pathetic bitch to lie back down and Jo-Ann straddles his face, places the funnel under her adorable tight cunt and moves her thong out of the way.  Soon the clear hose turns a slightly yellow color as Jo-Ann’s liquid nectar flows into my pathetic piss boi’s mouth.  When Jo-Ann finishes I order my piss boi to clean Mistress Jo-Ann’s now sopping wet pussy. 

I order my inferior slut houseboy to bring us three glasses of Pinot Grigio and I lead them out to the pool.  We each lie down in a comfortable chaise lounge and we discard our bikini tops to expose our tanned toned flawless bodies.  When sissy boy returns with our wine, Kaylee begins wiggling her pretty manicured toes saying, “Piss boy, come worship my feet.”  My pathetic subbie looks at me and I nod my consent.

He sits at the foot of Kaylee’s chaise lounge and slowly and carefully takes off her stiletto sandal.  He takes her delicate foot in his hands and begins to kiss and lick her feet all over.  It’s just a delicious sight of submission.  Soon he is sucking and licking and lapping at each individual toe.  As my inferior Beta bitch boi worships Kaylee’s toes, we completely ignore him and share some serious girl-talk conversation.

Reaching the bottom of my wine glass, I order my worthless houseboy to go and bring the bottle to the patio.  He returns and refreshes everyone’s glass.  I order him to get the special pool chair.  It has a hole in the middle of it so my inferior pathetic piss bitch slave can crawl underneath it and consume Superior Female Golden Nectar.  He places it in the middle of us and I get up and order piss boy to get into his “toilet position”.  He crawls under the chair and I stand up, take off my thong and sit down with my Perfect Fuck Hole inches from his mouth. 

I tell him to “Lock up my lips” and his mouth forms a tight seal around my Perfect Pussy Lips.  I let my precious Golden Wine flow into his eagerly awaiting mouth.  Marking him from the inside out. He obediently consumes every single drop.  After cleaning my Perfect Pussy he awaits my command and since I don’t get up, he knows it’s his signal to start worshipping my Perfect Vagina.

As he licks and sucks and worships my Perfect Pussy, Jo-Ann and Kaylee sit on either side of me and begin to fondle my perfect breasts and rub my nipples through their fingers.  Jo-Ann leans in and we start making out as my pathetic submissive begins to suck and nibble my Perfect Clit.  After a while I feel the familiar onset of an orgasm.  As my well trained houseboy sucks my clitoris to perfection, I break off the kiss with Jo-Ann and scream out in ecstasy. 

When I catch my breath, I ask who’s next and Jo-Ann grins slips out of her thong, helps me off the chair and sits back down.  “You know the command,” I say and Jo-Ann says, “Lock up my lips.”  Once my pathetic piss boy has formed a seal around her gorgeous pussy, Jo-Ann begins to release her Golden Wine into his mouth.  And again, he pathetically consumes every drop. 

The little whore just loves being used as a human toilet.  After her pussy is cleaned, Jo-Ann asks me if she can stay and get eaten out. “Of course,” I say, and my pussy whipped whore gets to work on Jo-Ann’s pussy.  The scene basically repeats itself with Kaylee and I on either side of Jo-Ann fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples.  Kaylee leans in and starts making out with Jo-Ann.  Soon Jo-Ann breaks off the kiss with Kaylee and starts panting as my inferior submissive slut finds her clit and starts sucking on it. 

She lets out a scream as she enjoys a wonderful orgasm. “My turn,” Kaylee squeals as she ditches her thong and helps Jo-Ann up and sits down on the chair.  “Lock up my lips,” Kaylee says giggling.  My emasculated piss boy’s mouth forms a seal around Kaylee’s sweet honey pot and she sighs as she begins to release her sweet Golden Nectar into his mouth.  The nasty little bitch-slut swallows every single drop.  After my pathetic piss boy cleans Kaylee’s delicious pussy, I say, “Go ahead slut bring Mistress Kaylee to orgasm.

Jo-Ann and I get on either side of Kaylee and fondle her young perky breasts and pinch her nipples as my dirty little pussy addicted whore sucks and licks her sweet young puss puss.  I lean in and begin making out with Kaylee as she sighs her approval of my houseboy’s effort.  In time, Kaylee breaks off my kiss as my pathetic slut sucks and nibbles her clit to a crashing orgasm. 

“Wow,” exclaims Kaylee, “You have one well trained pussy boy there.”
As we begin putting our thongs back on, my inferior broken beta bitch asks if he can go to the bathroom.  We all look at him and burst out laughing.  For his final humiliation of the afternoon, I order him to get up and go stand on the grass at the side of the pool.  He obeys immediately and I say, “You may piss where you are.  NOW!!”

His face is beet red and he looks ready to cry as his pink panties turn wet as he begins to pee.  Of course we are all laughing hysterically at him pointing at all the piss running down his legs.  When he finishes he stands there broken – in shame and humiliation – as we gather our sundresses and go into the house laughing our asses off. Are you ready to be turned into my pathetic submissive piss boy? 

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Seduction Role Play

Student Teacher Phone Sex

In Seduction Role Play Phone Sex, you are a professor of creative writing & I am one of your students. I’ve turned in a paper about a student who seduces one of her married male professors, & turns him into her oral sex slave. Turning him into her own personal Pussy Boy. Dropping enough hints in the paper that it’s clear I’m writing about You & I.

You ask me to stay after class  & I smile knowingly & tell you that I can’t.  I have another class so I scribble down my address . Leaving a note for you to come by my place this afternoon. 

That afternoon I answer the door in a red mini-dress so short it barely covers my ass . Black silky sheer thigh high stockings & 5″ Black patent open toe stilettos. As I sit down on the couch I motion for you to sit next to me.


“Now, is this about my silly paper,” I ask with an adorable pout.

“Yes,” you reply.

“Look Victoria, I found the topic completely inappropriate and it made me very uncomfortable reading it.” You tell me.

“Why,” I ask coyly, “Did it hit too close to home?”

“What do you mean?” you ask suddenly nervous.


I cross my  perfect long sexy smooth tanned legs which makes my skirt go even higher. Now exposing the tops of my thigh highs & say, “I mean I’ve seen the way you look at me in class. “You like totally ogle me”.  “Always checking me out head to toe”.  “Always trying to look up my short skirt”.  “I’ve even let you look some times”.

“Just Look at you now” !  “You can’t take your eyes off my legs”.  A married man? You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I think you came here today using that paper as an excuse to see me alone. You could have given me an F & been done with it but no, you wanted to see if I would seduce you.”

I lean into you, put my hand on your bulging crotch feeling your quickly hardening cock  &  say, “It sure feels like you want to be seduced.”


I kiss you on the cheek & whisper into your ear, “Tell me you want to be a slave to my pussy. Come on baby, let me turn you into my Pussy Boy. It will please me very much. I can make you do things your wife would never understand. Of course you know how weak you are & how deep down you just want to obey me.”

“Please don’t, I better go,” you say unconvincingly.

“Why,” I ask as I get up off the couch & turn around in front of you, “Don’t you like my body?”

“Oh god yes,” you gush, “You are incredibly hot.”

I stand in front of you and give you another of my seductive pouts & reply, “Then tell me I have a perfect body.”

“Oh god Victoria you have the most perfect body ever,” you reply obediently.

I sit back down on the couch placing my legs over yours & I turn my face to you.  Giving you a deep French kiss while running my tongue deep into your mouth & taking control of you. Then kissing one lip at a time. “You want to submit to my pussy, don’t you? Your dying for me to pussy whip you, aren’t you? You know I can satisfy you better than your wife, don’t you?” I ask.

“Yes,” you respond softly & meekly. I smirk, knowing I have you at the breaking point & I go for the jugular.

I slide off your lap & say with an edge to my voice you haven’t heard before. “Then get on your hands and knees & beg bitch.”

You practically jump off the couch & get on your hands & knees. “Please, please make me your Pussy Boy. Please. I beg you. You’re so beautiful, please I want your pussy so badly. I do think about you all the time in class. You are just so perfect in every way, Please, I’ll do anything you say,” you whine submissively. Just like I thought you would.

“Please Mistress Victoria,” I snap.

“Please Mistress Victoria, (you say as you correct yourself)  please, please make me your pussy boy. Please let me worship your cunt. I need it so”, (you grovel).

I smile wickedly & reply, “Just the way I like my men, on their knees & begging. Now follow me on your hands & knees. ” I say as I lead you into my bedroom.

“Strip,” I command. Once you’ve taken your clothes off, I hand you a chastity device & say, “Put this on.  I don’t want you having an orgasm without my permission. ” You quickly put the device on & gaze up at me with adoring eyes.  I have you just where I want you.

“Take my dress off slave.”

You carefully take my dress off  & gasp at my perfect flawless body. Getting on the bed I put some pillows under my head. “Now start at my feet & worship your Mistress,” I command. I stretch out my perfectly manicured toes. Painted candy apple red. My sexy soles and heels beckoning to your lips and tongue.

You begin to tenderly  slowly kissing my feet all over. Then you proceed to softly suck my toes. Making sure each toe is worshipped. Ever so slowly you work your way over my calves lovingly kissing & licking them. Making your way up to my thighs. Before  slowly making your way to my pussy lips.

You begin to worship and make gentle love to my Perfect cunt. Gently you kiss & lick my honey pot softly.  With pleasure you begin to run your tongue over my Perfect pink lips. Taking  your time you go slow as you slide your tongue into my Perfect fuck hole. Relishing ever lick as you eat me out. Sticking your tongue in as far as it will go. Your face is soon wet with my sex juices.

I let out a sigh of approval, patting you on the head and whisper, “Such a good Pussy Boy, Worship your Goddess. Promise your Goddess you will never fuck your wife again. ” You take your mouth off my pussy, look up at me & say, “I promise Goddess Victoria, I will never fuck my wife again.”

I smile & close my eyes as you continue to lick & suck my Perfect cunt. It feels wonderful. Finally reaching my clitoris you begin to lick & nibble it. Then you begin to concentrate on it hard sucking it & lapping like a man possessed. Eventually I put my hands on your head & pull your head into my Perfect hole. As I scream out grinding my cunt in your face & enjoy an intense shattering climax.

I push your head away & turn over onto my stomach. “Now Pussy Boy worship my ass.” You begin kissing & licking my ass all over very slowly & sensuously. You gently pull my ass cheeks apart & kiss my asshole as your tongue flicks it nice & slow.

Then you begin to stick your tongue into my ass very gently as you fuck my taint with your tongue. While you tongue fuck my crack I play with my clit until I have another mind blowing orgasm. I smile relishing your devoted Ass Worship!

“That was nice,” I say as I slip into a very short black satin robe & get back into my stilettos. “Are you ready to show me how badly you want to be my devoted Pussy Boy?

“Yes Mistress Victoria. Anything.”

“Back on your hands and knees then,” I command.

Toilet Slave & Total Devotion!

I stand in front of you & lock my eyes onto yours, “Devoted Pussy Boys willingly consume anything that comes out of my Perfect cunt. ” I walk over to a cabinet and take out a funnel with a hose attached to it.

I turn, hold the funnel out In front of me and look at you & say,  “Absolutely Anything !  Are you ready to prove your devotion to me Pussy Boy by drinking every single drop of my Golden Nectar?”

“Yes Mistress Victoria,” you say completely defeated. Looking at me with adoration.

I order you to lie down &  I stand over you. Seeing you staring at my Perfect cave of pleasure. Snapping my fingers I order you to put the hose in your mouth. Placing  the funnel directly under my Perfect Cunt I instruct you to suck. Drink my piss like its fine wine I instruct!

As I relax  a trickle of my perfect piss begins to hit the funnel.  My Golden Showers go down the clear hose. My experience as a mistress allows me to very slowly release my delicious Golden Nectar.

This method allows you to consume every single drop of my Pretty Girl Pee Pee. When I’m finished, I order you to clean my Perfect Pussy.

I own your orgasm!

“Now” I say as I hand you a glass, “Release your cock. Going forward this is the only way you will ever have an orgasm – in my presence and with my permission. You are never allowed to touch yourself unless I allow it!

However, you’ll only have one minute to cum or I take the glass away. This is about release, not pleasure. You are to look me in the eyes and say “I love Goddess Mistress Victoria & I am less than nothing without her”. You will do this  as you stroke your dick.”

You get on your hands & knees, take off the chastity device & begin to masturbate. Obediently obeying my every command. Your eyes lock on to mine as you say over & over, “I love Goddess Mistress Victoria & I am less then nothing without her.” Making sure you do your due diligence to not make a single mistake.

“Come on,” I say, “Hurry up, I don’t have all day.”

You let out a moan as you shoot your thick creamy load into the glass. Your creamy white cum filling the sparking lead crystal chalice. I order you to squeeze your cock to get every last drop out of it. Milking your penis deliberately until not a drop remains.

Taste yourself!

Standing over you I order you to open your mouth. I lean down & pour your semen into your mouth telling you not to swallow your cum just yet. “I want you to savor the taste, to get used to it. You belong to me now Pussy Boy. I own you. Now swallow.”

When you swallow your own cum, I snap, “Get dressed.”

You quickly get dressed & come into the other room.  I am perched in a chair with my legs crossed. “Understand that you are now at my complete beck & call. I don’t care how many times you lie to your wife.

When I call you, you will come to me. Now get the fuck out of here. You disgust me.” Then I dismiss you with a wave of my perfectly manicured hand.

Ready to become my devoted Pussy boy? Long to be my submissive bitch?

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Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex beckons you.

Your tongue and cock ache to taste and feel the divine pleasure only I can offer you. My legs spread wide teasing you with the sweet buffet that awaits, if you are so lucky to take but a taste.  Swollen pink juicy lips with just a bead of sweet sweat rolling down call your name. Are you ready for my Pussy Worship Phone sex?

You are enthralled by your Cuckold Mistress

Delicious engorged clit pink and wet commands your attention. You would do anything to lull my beautiful pussy to sweet ecstasy. You have dreamed of my delicious sweet cum. Admit it you do anything for me to squirt all over your face and hear “ME” screaming ” YOUR” name.

Are you worthy to serve me?

If you are even lucky enough to find yourself that close to me it would be like winning the lottery to give me Pussy Licking Phone sex. I have many Phone sex slaves who adore and worship me. Who would do just about anything to make that dream a reality. Keeping you on the edge with Tease and Denial Phone sex for hours.  It’s true I am your dream phone sex girl come to life. Who says dreams can’t manifest into reality?

My sweetness intoxicates you.

Come closer and taste my silky sweet lips.  Taboo Phone sex Kiss lingers upon your bottom lip then your top. My tongue weaves its way into your mouth. Delicate hands slide down your arms and back as yours long to posses me. Get on your knees yet again !

Come hither for more!

Eager to bury your face into my heavenly honey pot. Of course you do not deserve the privilege of fucking me. I only fuck the superior dicks of Alpha men. Feel so very blessed to be able to offer me the pleasure of your mouth. Your cock trapped into the Chasity belt you willingly wear for me.

I own you in every way!

Your dick belongs to me. I wear the key to your Chasity belt around my neck like a prize. Of course although your married to someone else you are forbidden to fuck your pretty wife. But why would you want to? She could never compare to me. I am perfect in every single way.

I am one of a kind!

Search the entire world over , you will never find another woman as erotic & exotic as me. Yearning for the privilege to sit obediently by my bed and watch me get fucked by another. Sit as close as you can so can watch That big throbbing Alpha dick go deep down inside me  in ways your cock never could .

You crave me.

If your really good I might take your dick out and stroke it. The fact I am even willing to touch your penis means everything to you. Delight in hearing about all the men I have been fucking as I milk you. Delighting in being my Cuckold Phone sex slave slut.

Privileges must be earned!

You long to leave your wife for me and dedicate yourself to fulfilling only my desires. Divine privileges must be earned.  An Elegant superior Cuckold Mistress such as myself can have anyone at my feet and between my legs. Can you prove to be worthy of the privilege to serve me?

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Little Dick Phonesex

Little Dick Phonesex

Are you a Little Dick Phonesex Pantyboy Crossdressing sissy?

All my Little Dick Phonesex Pantyboy Crossdressing Sissy sluts know their place! Little dicks get Humiliation and put in pretty pink panties!  Whether you just like girls or are a bit cock curious two can play at pretty pantyboy Cross Dressing Phone sex !

Whether its soft seductive humiliation or some hard core Little Dick Phonesex I just love dressing you up and making you my bitch! Your little dick is going to feel so good in a pair of silky pink pretty panties don’t you think?

Some of my Little Dick Phonesex sluts fantasize about being a  househusband who must endure sexy but humiliating punishments. Do I make you dress in my silky panties, cami and pantyhose? Everyone knows how badly my pathetic little sissy sluts want to be forced into feminization! The Humiliation of being forced to walk around like a submissive crossdressing slut for my pleasure makes your tiny dick so hard duringSmall Penis Humiliation Phonesex .

Of course I don’t stop there! Your are forced on your hands and knees to worship my pretty pussy and sniff my sweaty dirty panties. A reminder of the day I had dressed up sexy at the office. All those men looking at my nice firm ass in my short dress suit gets your little dick so hard. If your lucky We might talk about all the men who flirted with me.

I know this makes you very jealous. I get to be the office Boss while you get to stay home until my return. Eager for me to walk through the door so you can wait on me hand and foot ! I own your little dick. Your teeny weenie miniature penis belongs to me.  If you are truly lucky I might lock your cock up in a chasity belt device. Only allowing you to pull  out your mini sissy dick man meat at my wim. Where once a month I will milk your penis at a time of my choosing.


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