Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria


Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria

Giving all of my doctor patient fantasy phone sex lovers good care has always been a priority of mine. I enjoy every moment of being a  sexy doctor and giving my horny patients exactly what they need and when they need it. Yesterday a patient of mine came into the office for his usual check up. I had one of my naughty nurses lead him into one of the back rooms so I could check to see what needed to be done to him today. After waiting for about ten minutes, I entered the room to see him in his birthday suit. He explained to me how his hard cock had been in a little bit of pain lately and wanted to see if I could check it out for him. I massaged the tip of his throbbing dick with my hand and checked his pee hole with my tongue. As he was standing right in front of me, I took my other silky slender hand and massaged his tight tender ass hole with my probing finger. Everything was looking good to me, but I needed to inspect his erect penis a little further in our  medical fetish phone sex. I stripped down to nothing but my high heels and held his cock in my mouth as I repeatedly gagged on it. He wanted someone to continue fucking his ass hole. At first my naughty nurse took her fingers in slutty phone sex and slid them in and out of his tight fuck hole as I massaged his cock with my mouth. But I could see he needed a bit more girth so  I called my nympho nurses to come into the room and join in. We all took turns fucking him with our strap ons and deep throating his cock until we all were full of  his creamy hot cum.

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Medical Role play phonesex

The Doctor is in!

I have one of the hottest callers who calls me for Medical role play phonesex. In this fantasy “D” is my doctor and I am coming to see him for my annual exam. As I walked into Dr. D’s office for my annual pap smear and breast exam, shivers went through my spine. He always laid out a special gown for me to wear to separate me from his other patients.

And then I was naked!

As I removed all of my clothes and put on the gown, my nipples became hard from the slight draft coming in from the door. After I was sitting on the patient table for about five minutes, I heard a knock on the door. “May I come in?” I heard a deep voice ask. “Yes. I’m ready for you” I replied. Dr. D walked smoothly into the room and closed the door behind him. “How have you been since your last visit? Anything you need to tell me?” he asked. “I’ve been fine Dr. D. I just need to eat a little better and get more exercise” I replied in my sweet voice.

“From here, you look like you’ve been doing a great job keeping up with your health. Lay back so we can begin your examination.” he said. He did the breast examination first. He slightly opened up my gown on each side and gently placed his hands on my right breast first. I closed my eyes as his hands moved across my breast. I opened my eyes and glanced at him as soon as he was done examining my left breast. He cracked a smile at me and said “Everything looks good there” as he wrote a few things down in my patient chart.

He walked over to the end of the table and asked me to open my legs and place my feet into the stirrups. As I opened my legs, my pussy instantly became tight anticipating the doctor’s next move. “Just relax. You will only feel a little bit of pressure” he said. He very gently inserted the speculum into my pussy, inserted the small brush into me and swiped my juices. He took out the speculum and said “I want to check one more thing.” He pushed his fingers inside of me and began to play with my clit.

“Dr. D is everything okay down there?” I asked. He said “Everything is fine. Your vagina is extremely wet and I want to see how wet it can get.” He jumped out of his chair and ripped my gown off. He put his fingers back inside of me as he tongued me down. “I need to do one more test” he said panting. He let his pants down and rammed his fat cock inside of my pussy.

He fucked me harder and harder as I began to moan louder. “Shit, right there doctor” I moaned out loudly. He put my leg in the air as my pussy juices began to saturate his dick. “Damn this pussy gets wet. I’m about to nut” the doctor said. I began to squirt as he pulled out and busted a huge nut all over my titties. Have a doctor role play phone sex fantasy? Give me a call!

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