Domination Phone Sex

 Domination Phone Sex begins.

Domination Phone Sex  has brainwashed you. Influenced you to behave as I desire. You subconsciously begin to rub your sensitive nipples. Trickles of pleasure flow through your body. Your pinch them until it hurts. Thinking of our last session. Savoring how I dominated you to perfection.

Obey your Mistress

Like a kiss from a lover you feel the remnants of pain ever present. Your nipples still sore from the daily clothes pins application. Mistress enjoys controlling you. Making you do things you have always long to do. I have required you to put cloths pins on your nipples for months now.

 Mistress has you where she wants you.

You need to feel pain for me in order to feel whole.  Pinching your nipplesDomination Phone Sex hard as you gasp. Your cock begins to stiffen as the pain rushes through your body. Thoughts inevitably gravitate towards your Mistress.   I make you feel exposed and vulnerable. All you can think about is me.

Explore your desires.

I challenge your comfort zone. Taking great joy in exploiting your weaknesses.  Helping you to explore your kinks and innermost desires.  Bringing excitement to your dull boring life.  You serve me unconditionally. Completely addicted to your Mistress.

Domination Phone Sex fulfills you.

Your life is consumed with worshipping and adoring me. Thoughts ever filled with fantasies of how I will use you.   You need me & some of you even love me. No one compares to me.  Not your girlfriend or your boring wife could ever hold a candle to me.

Domination Phone Sex excites you.

Your life revolves around your Domination Phone Sex  Mistress. The only time you truly feel happy and alive is during our calls.  Sex in real life feels very basic to you. How could you possibly ever go back to the vanilla after me. You crawl on your hands & knees to the phone. Hoping I will pick up and allow you the privledge of my attentions.
Domination Phone Sex brings you pleasure.
Your terrified of losing your Domination Phone Sex  mistress. Other women you have called don’t compare. Even the women you see in real life bore you. I give your life purpose pleasure and excitement.  At work you sneak peeks at my pictures. Reading my blog during break. Parking a few blocks from the house so you can call me.
You need your  Mistress.
Edging yourself between  Domination Phone Sex  calls. Building up the anticipation until the next time we get to play. Excitedly waiting for my indicator light to show my availability.  You could jerk off without me but you have no desire to. Touching yourself without the sound of my voice feels hollow.  You long to feel compliant and obedient  and vulnerable once again.
Submissive for me .
Longing for the purr of my Domination Phone Sex . My voice in your ear. Dominating your every desire. Telling you what to do. Loosing the fight  to maintain even a shred of control over your own  urges. Helpless to my  influence. My dirty submissive fuck puppet.  Your cock seemingly controlled by the sound of my voice.
 Phone Sex can be anything you want.
Porn cannot do for you what my Domination Phone Sex can. The women in your life pale in comparison to me. You race to find a quiet place to call me after work. Your finally free to call me dote on me and spend money on me.  Longing to devote every moment you can afford on the phone with me. The women in your life don’t know you as I do.
Call your Mistress now!
Not a soul on this earth has any idea the filthy Domination Phone Sex secrets you share with me.  With me your completely free. Free to share your perversions, fantasies, desires and dreams.  I never judge you. We both know what you want. Some of you long to be seductively dominated. Others want to be emasculated and abused.
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