Home Intruder Fantasy

Home Intruder Fantasy

Home Intruder Fantasy Keeps you on the edge.

During Home Intruder Fantasy I catch you red handed! You thought you were going to steal the money in my safe. You had no idea I was well armed, Well trained and very horny! “Freeze, Hands up!” I order. “Drop the safe and sit down!” Not knowing what to do you of course you comply.

Home Intruder Fantasy will surprise you.

You were told this job would be easy no one prepared you for this. I make you cuff your own hands & force you into my bedroom. Cuffing your cuffs to an iron bed frame.  Forcing your legs apart & tying them to my bed posts after stripping you naked. Home Intruder Fantasy leaves you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Let your mind wander during Home Intruder Fantasy.

I make you drink water & swallow a pill. You do as instructed as I begin to laugh. I have you at gun point so there is really nothing you can do but obey. As your dick stands straight up I slide a special cock ring on you. This cock rig is rigged with an electrical charge & you swallowed a boat load of Viagra. Oh you sweet fool. Your employer failed to tell you whom you would be stealing from this evening!

The tables turn during Home Intruder Fantasy.

If you try to pull  that cock ring off before I do it will shock the shit out of your dick. I have fun pinching and licking  & biting your nipples as I go through your phone.  I Take pictures of myself sucking & riding your dick And send them to your sexy friend.

Telling her ” your mine now!”. Now that I have wrecked your budding relationship lets get down to business. She texts me angrily & I take a video of my pussy clapping on your dick as I ride you. I text her our dirty movie. I can almost feel the delicious rage, envy & butt hurt feels as she watches me fuck you.

Beg to cum during Home Intruder Fantasy.

I tell you if you can fuck me without begging to cum I’ll let you keep the safe and everything inside. You have no idea what the fuck I am going to do next .  During Home Intruder Fantasy I tease and tempt your cock. Edging you in ways no woman has ever done. This adventure role play makes your toes curl as I tease tempt you. Never knowing what I will do next so hang on for a wild ride. Enjoying every moment of spontaneous mind tingling cock stroking pleasure.

Submit to my Home Intruder Fantasy.

I will do things to your body your wife or girlfriend wishes she knew how to do. Join me on this one of a kind adventure.  As I make you  beg to cum deep inside my tight wet pussy or my puckered pretty pink asshole.  Call me for more Home Intruder Fantasy Phone Sex!  1-888-295-4932.  

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No Limits Phone Sex

No Limits Phone Sex

I love it when my phone lovers indulge in No Limits Phone Sex. Are you a kinky  phone lover who loves to wear panties? Trying to sneak wearing panties in everywhere you go.  Wearing panties under your  suits or uniforms ? Maybe you also don a sexy vibrator inside one of your pretty pink holes as well? It makes me hot when someone in a position of authority lives on the edge. Wanna get naughty with me?

Want to be in control or do you take control of me.  Have I been bad? Or maybe your the naughty one? I invite you to read me my rights nice and slow. Administer justice to this tight little ass and pussy of mine. Have erotic edgeplay  in mind? Wanna tie me up& put me in pretty cuffs? Go ahead and interrogate me. Take your time & fuck the truth out of me nice and slow. Or maybe your the one who is all tied up. Do I torment you with a feather or my mouth? Is your dick or  sissy clit straining against that perfectly starched pressed uniform?

Its ok you can call me and confess all the dirty naughty things you would never share with anyone else. Are you a  driver who drives naked or in panties from the waist down ? Why not turn on that vibrator when you pull in & park. No one has to know  your secretly cumming but me.  Looking at everyone around you as you get off. Into surveillance? Are you a Voyeur? Find yourself parked at the adult book store perhaps? Sitting in the car in nothing but a trench coat and panties?

Watch me secretly from candid camera. I drop to my knees and coax his big long hard cock from his pants. Are you watching this? Does it make you hot to know I am sucking the same dick you want to wrap your lips around? Its ok if your an introvert   They don’t know your watching but I do. Then I bend over and spread my pretty little ass cheeks and take him deep inside.  Are you jealous baby?  Wish you could fuck me ? Or do you wish he was fucking you instead? You watch from the car as your vibrator hums away. Then you take me (or possibly us both home).

What happens after we get home is up to you. Shall you watch from a secret room?  Wanna Secretly Jerk off your dick or wet pussy in your panties? Watching as I fuck him ? Then lick out my anal creampie as I get his dick ready for you to suck.

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Foot Fetish Lover

Are you a Foot Fetish Lover?

Slinking toward the bedroom I see you laying down in the bed. You are in nothing but your  black cotton briefs as I walk in. My perfect silky smooth feet making soft pats on the floor as I get up on the bed. Laying down beside you as I let my hands wander your eager body. I will indulge your naught foot fetish desires.  As your eyes flutter open you watch my hands slide down your  strong chest. Feeling me brush against you as your eyes gaze upon me.Foot fetish

Are you ready for my sweet feet?

You see that I am wearing one of your favorites. My white sheer lacy lingerie barely hiding anything from the imagination as you linger on my smooth luscious long legs. I know you love it when I wear my soft sheer silky nude nylon pantyhose as the sheer fabric hugs my perfect tanned skin. Forever my foot fetish lover.

Hungry for more?

One of your hands reaches down to touch my upper sexy thigh. As you slowly make your way down my legs, your hands feel every inch of me. Slipping your fingers over me until your lips touch my thighs. Your hungry lips leaving kisses lightly as you brush them down my inner thighs. Kissing down as you slowly make your way to my soft feet.

Worship my feet!

I watch as you rub and kiss the tops of both of my sexy feet. Smelling them as you press them to your face and you start to worship my perfect feet and toes Licking and sucking my well manicured toes as you kiss my soft soles. Wrapping your hands around my thighs as you pull me towards you until I am sitting on the edge of the bed. Laying down on the bed I start to finger my tight asshole. Thrusting two fingers deep inside as you kiss me.
Indulge your foot fetish with me!
 While your mouth is busy worshiping me I reach one of my feet down and I start to rub them against your hard-on. Slowly rubbing the soft silky soles of my feet on your aching hard cock. Hooking my toes into the waistband of your briefs and pulling them down until your hard erection springs up for me. You’re so hard for me already?
My toes tease you!
My tantalizing toes tease the head of your cock slowly, only to rub down your shaft. Your cock throbbing between my toes as I stroke you up and down between them. I can feel the first bead of precum as I play with you! Rubbing and grinding my foot on your cock. Then taking both of my perfect feet and lightly grinding you between my perfect arches as I slowly rub your balls with my smooth heels.
Seducing you with my pretty feet.
Jerking your dick with my pretty feet as your hungry mouth laps at my pussy. You start to thrust between them as your hands wrap around my feet. You love feeling my nylons on your cock as you fuck my feet, don’t you? Your cock slides in and out feeling the nylon around you. Indulging in your foot fetish fantasies cum to real life and realized.
Now worship my pretty feet with your cock.
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Mother Goddess craves Pussy Worship phone sex

Pussy Worship phone sex

I often look for those who enjoy dining on my sweet pussy and drinking from the fountain of their mother goddess. I have this one phone lover who loves to combine mother son phone sex with pussy worship. He fancies me his mother goddess of sensuality and pleasure. My naughty pussy slave enjoys feasting on the finer things in life. I offer him pussy worship during all of our sessions and give him the chance to experience seduction phone sex at its finest. He never refuses my cum and loves devouring my juices right before I finger his anus. Last time we met, I made him wear his satin boxers before he stripped naked in front of me. He sat on the floor with his mouth opened wide ready to please my pleasure cave. I made him beg for this  hot sweet pussy treat to grace his tongue. He moaned as I slid my wet cunt  across his tongue. He worshipped every part of my hot wet honey pot as he sucked on my clit trying to drain my  heavenly sweet fountain. I knew he worshipped every inch of my body and in particular my delicious vagina . Edge play phone sex is exactly what he needed in order to eat all of my sweet ambrosia nectar. After massaging my clit with his tongue, I grabbed my dildo and fucked him in his sweet ass for an hour. I slowly massaged his asshole with lube and made him open up wider as my dildo penetrated him deeper. His dick was dripping precum and I knew he wanted a release. I smothered his face with my precious pearl one last time in pussy worship phone sex before he feasted once more. Call me when you crave my sweet honey pot. My legs are always open for pussy worship.

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Tease and denial phone sex fantasy

Tease and denial phone sex fantasy

In this Tease and Denial phone sex fantasy I take total control of one of my phone sex boyfriends. For those of you looking for a mix of Tease and denial, GFE and Seductive domination this will be a real treat! This guy “J ” that I’ve been dating for a while, works at the same bank that my daddy owns. I have complete control over his mind and body. He doesn’t wake up without first being able to hear my voice. When he first met me, I think he didn’t realize how much control I would ultimately have over him. I enjoy teasing him on a daily basis. Sometimes I visit my daddy at his office and seduce “J” with tease and denial phone sex. I’ll walk by J’s desk with a small dress on that falls right below my ass and whisper how badly I want him deep inside of me rearranging my pussy walls. “J” has yet to fuck me but I know my pussy is on his mind daily. I have been tempting him with seductive domination phone sex for so long that now I have him begging to bust. How many times has he shot a big load of cum thinking about my tight cunt sliding up and down his dick?  I desire to always have complete control over his cock. One day I went to his office and locked the doors and lowered the blinds on the windows. I rubbed on his crotch on the outside of his pants and stroked him until he was rock hard. I look him into his eyes as he begs to release his lava juice. I rip off my panties and begin using his cock as my sex toy for orgasm control. His eyes began rolling to the back of his head as I stroked his cock harder. When I finally allowed him to bust, his love juiced flowed onto the floor For my Tease and Denial phone sex fun!

Want me to take control? Looking to be teased? I love taking you to the edge and beyond *Wink.

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Edge play phone sex

Edge play phone sex can be just as erotic as the real thing.

Erotic phone sex can be anything you want it to be. I love teasing my Edge play phone sex lovers and showing them that I enjoy making them cum. Maybe you like something a little bit more on the wild side? Edge play phone sex may be just what you need. Knife play, bare backing, and ass play are a few things we can do to fill that naughty void of yours.

Your imagination can run wild me.

Dig deep into that dark mind of yours and pull out those Edge play phone sex fantasies you have been dying to call about. I might just leave my bedroom window open and walk around naked knowing you’re watching through your window in tease and denial phone sex. Maybe after taking a quick shower and I’m feeling a little naughty, I’ll pull up my chair and begin to lotion myself while you watch me through your bedroom window. I need your Edge play phone sex.

Lean back and enjoy!

You begin to stroke your cock imaging how it will feel to be deep inside of my pussy, fucking me in different positions. I begin to play with my pussy by sticking two fingers inside of me then licking my juices off. I want us to cum at the same time so I moan louder letting you know that I am imaging that every inch of your cock is inside of me. You can’t hold it in anymore and you finally explode.

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