Phone Sex Therapist

The doctor is in!

I was offered a position as a Phone Sex Therapist at my friends’ office. She’s been looking for someone who can handle all of her clients who suffer from kinky phone sex issues that she doesn’t have experience in. Monday was my first day and it was a very memorable time. Dressed in my hottest red dress I was excited to make my debut!

Open your mind to me.

I met with an older man by the name of “M” He’s in his early 50’s and has been suffering from dark phone sex fantasies. Ever since he was about 20 years old. “M” has been having dreams of a woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a Phone Sex Therapisttight frame.  My Red kitten stiletto open toe high heels commanded his attention as we spoke that day. Bending over purposely to further stimulate his senses.

No judgement only pleasure.

In his dreams, she would give him blowjob phone sex then sit on his face. Riding his tongue for hours all while his wife was sitting there watching. Waking up in a cold sweat and almost thinking that what he just experienced in his dream was real. He went on to tell me that his erotic phone sex dreams were becoming more sexual. Sometimes “M”  would even have threesome phone sex in them.

Relax & enjoy!

After “M” closed his eyes and pictured the woman he had seen in his dreams. I told him to imagine she was riding his face again. As we spoke his cock got  rock hard. While he was imagining this, I climbed on top of him and felt his tongue enter my pussy. He was in such a trance that he really believed that he was dreaming. Once I came a few times, I had him open his eyes and scheduled a few more appointments with him.

Call me now and let me be your fantasy Phone Sex Therapist
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Phone Sex Encounters

Phone Sex Encounters

You never know where our erotic Phone Sex Encounters will take take us. There’s always that one hungry phone sex fiend that can’t seem to shake off that desire for anything goes phone sex. He craves being touched in the most erotic way while experiencing something that has yet to be given a name. Maybe that someone is you.

No matter the time or place, you always finds your hands right back on your cock while you try to remember our last phone sex encounter together. My soft touch, warm pussy, and sweet voice, gives you the shakes as you try to rush home to get another taste of my sweet pussy nectar.

I never deny you my poison. I just make you beg until your moans turn into cries. Giving into your every need, I figure the only way to keep you on my sweet pussy lock down is to give into your cravings. Instead of jumping up and down on your cock, I mess with the intricate workings of your mind.

You crave my attention, so no matter what I offer, you take it. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking about fucking my ex boss, or giving fetish roleplay phonesex to another lover, you listen. You listen in hopes of being on top of me at the end of the day.

When you can no longer take it,  I make you fuck me in seduction phone sex. Within minutes you’re already moaning my name and getting ready to release your warm thick creamy cum load. With one last stroke, you disburse your love seeds right outside of my hot pink pussy hoping that some accidentally slips into my love box.

Call me and share your hottest Phone Sex Encounters with me. Or even better lets make some of our very own. You have never tasted the forbidden fruits of phone sex quite like mine. My imagination will take you on an erotic journey as my voice lulls you to sweet orgasm.

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