Juicy phone sex

The only time I expect to hear anything come from your mouth is when I tell you to open it to drink my sweet  Juicy phone sex. I don’t really care much about how much you want to have your cock played with after I ride your face into the night. I desire a slave who knows how to worship my body and every curve that comes along with it. After all, a queen deserves to be worshiped as much as possible.

I remember my first slave who I had to teach everything to. It was cute how clueless he was and how much he craved my presence. I could be gone for only a few minutes and he would be sending me text messages begging for me to come see him again. To this day, I am still in contact with him and often receive his help in training my other slaves. He’s always been around and knows my current needs.

Do you need a Phone Sex Mistress who is going to train you and turn you into the best slave you can be? Call me and ask about my submissive phone sex training and see exactly how you can serve me during each one of our sessions. I require you to have an open mind and an obedient attitude. Once we go over a few basics, everything else will fall into place as long as you follow each and every one of my orders.

Have you been looking for a seductive Mistress? Well, she’s arrived

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