Domination Phone Sex

 Domination Phone Sex begins.

Domination Phone Sex  has brainwashed you. Influenced you to behave as I desire. You subconsciously begin to rub your sensitive nipples. Trickles of pleasure flow through your body. Your pinch them until it hurts. Thinking of our last session. Savoring how I dominated you to perfection.

Obey your Mistress

Like a kiss from a lover you feel the remnants of pain ever present. Your nipples still sore from the daily clothes pins application. Mistress enjoys controlling you. Making you do things you have always long to do. I have required you to put cloths pins on your nipples for months now.

 Mistress has you where she wants you.

You need to feel pain for me in order to feel whole.  Pinching your nipplesDomination Phone Sex hard as you gasp. Your cock begins to stiffen as the pain rushes through your body. Thoughts inevitably gravitate towards your Mistress.   I make you feel exposed and vulnerable. All you can think about is me.

Explore your desires.

I challenge your comfort zone. Taking great joy in exploiting your weaknesses.  Helping you to explore your kinks and innermost desires.  Bringing excitement to your dull boring life.  You serve me unconditionally. Completely addicted to your Mistress.

Domination Phone Sex fulfills you.

Your life is consumed with worshipping and adoring me. Thoughts ever filled with fantasies of how I will use you.   You need me & some of you even love me. No one compares to me.  Not your girlfriend or your boring wife could ever hold a candle to me.

Domination Phone Sex excites you.

Your life revolves around your Domination Phone Sex  Mistress. The only time you truly feel happy and alive is during our calls.  Sex in real life feels very basic to you. How could you possibly ever go back to the vanilla after me. You crawl on your hands & knees to the phone. Hoping I will pick up and allow you the privledge of my attentions.
Domination Phone Sex brings you pleasure.
Your terrified of losing your Domination Phone Sex  mistress. Other women you have called don’t compare. Even the women you see in real life bore you. I give your life purpose pleasure and excitement.  At work you sneak peeks at my pictures. Reading my blog during break. Parking a few blocks from the house so you can call me.
You need your  Mistress.
Edging yourself between  Domination Phone Sex  calls. Building up the anticipation until the next time we get to play. Excitedly waiting for my indicator light to show my availability.  You could jerk off without me but you have no desire to. Touching yourself without the sound of my voice feels hollow.  You long to feel compliant and obedient  and vulnerable once again.
Submissive for me .
Longing for the purr of my Domination Phone Sex . My voice in your ear. Dominating your every desire. Telling you what to do. Loosing the fight  to maintain even a shred of control over your own  urges. Helpless to my  influence. My dirty submissive fuck puppet.  Your cock seemingly controlled by the sound of my voice.
 Phone Sex can be anything you want.
Porn cannot do for you what my Domination Phone Sex can. The women in your life pale in comparison to me. You race to find a quiet place to call me after work. Your finally free to call me dote on me and spend money on me.  Longing to devote every moment you can afford on the phone with me. The women in your life don’t know you as I do.
Call your Mistress now!
Not a soul on this earth has any idea the filthy Domination Phone Sex secrets you share with me.  With me your completely free. Free to share your perversions, fantasies, desires and dreams.  I never judge you. We both know what you want. Some of you long to be seductively dominated. Others want to be emasculated and abused.
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Chasity Belt Roleplay

In Chasity Belt Phone Sex, I am a Temp who has replaced your long time assistant until you fill the job.  Since I like to know all about the person I am working for, I go into your computer when you are at a meeting to review your cookies and to see if you have any hidden files.  Bingo!  There are site after site of femdom material and dozens of chastity stories and key holder stories.  I smile deviously to myself and begin to formulate a plan to become your permanent key holder.

I buy a CB-6000 chastity device that weekend and on Monday morning I come into work with a low cut blouse that shows off a gold chain with a key attached to it that nestles perfectly against my beautiful breasts.  I see that you notice it right away and stare at it each time I come in contact with you.  On Thursday your curiosity gets the better of you and you call me into your office.  I enter and close the door.

“Umm, ahh,” you begin nervously, “Is that the key to your boyfriend’s heart?”

Key holder.  I would own your orgasms which would mean that I would own you.  I’ve often thought what it would be like to have complete control over someone.  To have someone at my beck and call who would do anything I say.”

I turn your chair slightly and place my stiletto-ed heel in your crotch where your cock is rapidly getting rock hard.  “And we both know that you want to give up control.  Deep down you know you need someone to control you and your nasty impulses.  Look at you, you’re disgusting, you’re actually humping my heel.  You have absolutely no control of yourself.  Now I want you to beg me to be your key holder or I go see your boss.”

I keep grinding my heel on your cock and eventually see the look of surrender in your eyes.  The look of pure submission.

“Please Victoria, please I beg you take control of me and please be my keyholder.  Please I’ve wanted this for so long.  Please lock me up and turn me into whatever will please you the most.  I’ll do anything you ask Victoria, Please, please be my keyholder.” 

I move my foot from your crotch and you pathetically keep humping the air like some horny dog.  I let out a smirk and say on my way out, “That’s Mistress Victoria from now on.  Get a room and meet me tomorrow evening at 7:00 at the Hyatt bar.  Make sure you are completely shaved from the neck down.”  I make sure my ass is alluring as I slowly walk to the door and leave.

I totally ignore you the next day and leave work early.  I arrive at the Hyatt bar early and order a Cosmopolitan.  I look absolutely stunning.  My makeup and hair are perfect with just a hint of darker eye shadow and mascara.  I’m wearing a tight black braless short silk cocktail dress with black Sheer to Waist L’eggs pantyhose and 5″ open toed stiletto strappy high heels.  The key to your chastity device is cradled in my breasts.  I cross my legs making sure my dress rides high on my thighs as I await you like a lioness would a prey.

You enter the bar area, take one look at me and your jaw drops.  You sit down next to me at the bar and I run my hand up under your trousers up and down your calf.  I smile coyly at what I feel and say, “Good boy, we wouldn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.”

I ask the bartender to get us a table as you sit there nervously staring at my legs.  We move to a table and I order a bottle of wine.  Over the course of the dinner during the next two hours and another bottle of wine, I manipulate you into revealing to me all of your fetishes and fantasies. 

You spill all of your pent up secrets to me giving me all the information I need to keep you under my total control for as long as I desire.  Of course, I reveal next to nothing about myself other than my desire to hold your key.  By the time the check arrives, you are securely wrapped around my little finger. 

When the check arrives, I tell you to give me the key to the room and to come up in five minutes.  I go to the room and fill up an ice bucket.  I check my hair and makeup.  Perfect as always.  I sit in a chair and begin to gently rub my nipples through my silk cocktail dress.  They quickly harden and I feel the gusset of my pantyhose begin to moisten at the thought of locking up a man’s cock and the power I will have over him.

You knock on the door and I tell you that it’s open and you enter the room.  I motion for you to come stand before me.  “Strip,” I command.

You quickly lose your clothes and your shoes and socks and stand in front of me visibly nervous.  But also excited judging by your semi-hard cock.  I cross my legs and begin bouncing your cock off the toe of my stiletto. 

“Humiliating isn’t it,” I taunt you.  You slowly nod in agreement.  Since you crave humiliation, your cock is soon rock hard.

“Turn around,” I snap.  I reach down into my bag and take out a pair of handcuffs which I deftly and quickly put on you.  I turn you back around and reach into my purse taking out a latex glove and lubricant.  As I put on the glove I ask, “Would you like one last orgasm slave?”

“Oh god yes,” you gush, “Please Mistress Victoria may I have one.”

I put some lube on the glove and start slowly rubbing your shaft the entire length up and down.  “That depends slave,” I respond, “Will you ask my permission to have your final orgasm?”

“Yes Mistress Victoria, yes I will,” you plead.

Mistress V begins to jerk off your cock in earnest.  Long slow strokes, quick fast ones over and over.  When I sense you are getting close, Owning your dick I stop and begin an hour long sadistic tease and denial game. Your Goddess brings you to the edge and stop over and over and over again. 

My poor little slave, you are nearly delirious at the end of the hour.   “Are you ready to cum slave,” I say in a sweet soft voice.
“Oh god please Mistress,” you mumble. As if its an inconvenience I begin jerking you faster and say, “Tell me just before you cum.”  Seconds later you say, Oh god I’m about to cum Mistress.”

Take one last stroke and release your cock.  It bobs hilariously in the air as you are desperate for friction.  Your ejaculate begins to dribble out and you begin to sob, your shoulders heaving. “Aww poor baby,” I say in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “Did I ruin your last orgasm?”  With a wide smile, Your mistress begins to laugh at you as I get up and retrieve the ice bucket and a towel. 

I plunge your cock and balls into the icy water for 30 seconds and then towel off your now flaccid cock.  Reaching into my purse I take out the CB-6000 and manipulate your cock and balls into it.  Your Mistress looks deep into your eyes as I click the lock shut.  You are now all mine.  Goddess Victoria orders you to get on your hands and knees and start kissing my feet all over.

With Indifference I look down at the sight of you in complete submission to me.  
“You have taken but the first step in total surrender to me.  As my slave your attitude will determine whether you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life or if you’ve just begun on an erotic journey of a lifetime.  Starting now, You will treat me, spoil me and worship me like a Goddess.  You now live to serve me.  I’ll be in touch slave.”
And with that I stride to the door never looking behind me but smiling knowing my life just got way easier. Are you ready for me to become your keyholder – all you pathetic subbies out there.  Call me and beg me to put you in chastity for Chasity Belt Phonesex

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Sex Game Phonesex

Lets play Sex Game Phonesex!

My friend Jo-Ann and I love to play naughty Sex Game Phonesex .  If you could fuck us how would you do it? We would love to hear just how you tick and moan! Find out all the naughty things you love to do with your cock. Just Sex Game Phone Sexhow will you use your finger shaft and tongue?


Toys please!

Will there be toys for everyone? Maybe you like Rough phone sex. Do you like it rough, loud, hard and deep? Perhaps we are to be tied up and spanked .  Or maybe your the one who longs to be in bondage. Tied up from your hands and feet? A ball gag stuffed in your mouth? Shall we place you in your gentleman’s chair and have our way with you?

Seduce us!

Show us just how you like it. What kinds of toys would you like to use on us, or have us use on you ? Maybe your a gentle man and prefer Seductive Phone sex. A bit of romance and sensuality to soothe your soul. We can still Sex Game Phonesexplay within the shades of grey if gentle is how you long to play. Long slow deep smoldering hot sensual fun . Whether its the three of us or just one on one.

Love sports?

Water sports more your thing? Long for those golden showers? Want us to drench you in our juices lover? Or are we the ones to be glazed with your delicious flow. While we are on our hands and knees begging for your load? Can we be your Cum sluts? Feed us nice and deep. We just love to share our lovers and we know just how to please.

Impregnation phone sex is red hot and kinky. Fill us with your rich creamy seed. Shall we ride you one at a time? Have us waiting on our knees? Long to fill our tight wet cunts with your hot thick sperm? Until its dripping down our thighs. Filling our bellies with your cum. Impregnating us with your naked dick. Enjoy our bodies as they change and sucking on our milky tits? Giving us hard deep strokes as we worship your dick.

We can also dress you up if your really kinky. We can even spank you if your bad. Do you need Spanking phone sex you naughty boy? Before we make you get on your hands and knees in bed? You know what is cumming. You see us sliding on our strap on dicks. Soon your gonna get it you dirty slut. Open up wide for 8 inches of Long hard strapon dick!

There is no right or wrong way to have Sex Game Phonesex. No limits, no judgment and no taboos. Bring us your fetishes and fantasies lover, the rest is up to you.

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Slutty phonesex & Hot Tax Time Specials

The scent of Slutty phonesex always makes my pussy quiver and my nipples turn hard. When I hear the voice of a phone sex lover of mine begging to just get a sniff of what I have to offer, it makes me hot with anticipation. My words captivate every part of you and make you no longer feel guilty about stepping out on your wife. Our sensual phone sessions get hotter with time and you now find yourself calling me every minute of the day begging for phone sex.

Your fingers don’t move fast enough when it’s time to dial my phone number. The palms of your hands begin sweating as you start daydreaming, thinking of our last phone encounter. We had roleplay phone sex mixed with a bit of sweet seduction. I had you on your hands and knees with a leash put tightly around your neck.

I kept pulling on it forcing you further down onto the floor. At this point you were screaming in lust as I forced my pussy onto your mouth and made you lick away at my sweet center. My Slutty phone sex has turned you into a complete slave to every part of my being.

Before you pick up the phone again you can’t help but make your cock hard by thinking of the sound of my voice. I assume you want me right now in an extremely sexy way. Instead of giving you my all, I tease you a little bit at a time with my phone sex. Of course I always treat my phone lovers very well.

You are so incredibly generous to those you love and care for. You work hard day after day. You deserve something just for yourself. I promise when we play its our little secret. No one will ever know the pleasure we enjoy and the depths of fantasy we explore together. I want to reward you for being so very good all year.

 Please enjoy my 2017 Slutty phonesex & Hot Tax Time Specials below!  A special thank you for all you do during the year for me and those you care for. I am not sure how long I will keep these specials around.  Get them while they’re hot!

30 mins $ 50 & 60 mins @ $100

One per gentlemen cannot be combined or stacked with any other special.


Secret phone sex


Tell me your Secret phone sex confession.

In my experience everyone has a Secret phone sex desireWhen you hear the name Victoria Verone, what do you think of? Do you think of a sensual mistress who demands your attention and rewards you with her lips being wrapped around your cock?

You will become addicted instantly to me.

Or do you dream about my wet pussy being locked around your man stick begging for each drop of your cum? Whatever scenario has brought you to my phone sex abode, make sure that when you enter, you’re here to stay.

Cum explore the mind and sensuality of a true phone sex goddess.

For me, there’s nothing like a curious man who doesn’t know exactly what to do with his cock. He’s experienced almost every woman on this planet but is still unfulfilled when it comes to sex.

You will want to serve me.

This curious man still wants to reach his sexual peak, but lacks when it comes to finding someone who can do this very thing. I like to make all of my men fall to their knees with amazement when they call me.

I will mesmerize & tantalize your senses.

My voice and sensual phone sex imagination puts them in a trance they just can’t seem to escape. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but there are many unexplained things in the world of erotic phone sex.

Lets go on a phone sex adventure!

Before you call me, try to figure out what phone sex fantasy you really want to explore. I am skilled in many things including some of the unknown. What is the unknown when it comes to Fetish phone sex? Take my hand, lets find out together!

I love the forbidden & the taboo.

It includes many unspoken fetishes that some don’t even wish to mention. Sometimes when you mention certain things it brings them to life and makes us all face a reality we’re not ready to deal with. Are you ready to become part of my Secret phone sex society?

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No limits phonesex

No limits phonesex

I love spoiling your cock during No limits phonesex !

There’s always that one creative phone lover who can’t help himself when it comes to No limits phonesex. I’ve often dreamed of helping all of my phone sex boyfriends reach their full potential in bed.

I love learning what makes you tick sexually.

When someone calls me and tells me what type of fetishes they’re into, I begin imagining some naughty acts. There really is no limit to how nasty I can be. I can be your sweet phone lover who calls you before you go to bed.

I an be the mistress or the slave when we play.

Or I can also be your strong Mistress who requires you to obey her orders at all times. There’s really nothing wrong with whatever your poison is. After all, I’m here to give you a naughty phone sex fantasy.

I am happy to help you choose the fantasy role play that is right for you.

If you can’t choose what you like, then we can always go through a series of questions to help you choose exactly what type of session you would enjoy. I’m into a broad list of kinks and only provide my best phone sex.

Enjoy explicit kinky No limits phone sex the way you like it.

My seductive phone sex gets really explicit at times and can make even the coldest at heart warm up elsewhere. There’s also my panty lover phone sex for those who can’t get enough of seeing my tight sweet ass in a pair of lace panties.

Always exciting & never boring, it just gets better and better with me.

With a ton of ways to enjoy your phone sex time with me, you’ll never get bored. Make today the day you explore some of your naughty fantasies. Don’t worry about anything else, but your No limits phone sex urges. Call me today so we can explore them together!

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Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play.

Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play is what I love to deliver. I love catering to my phone lovers needs.  Whenever my lovers call me, I really get into each one of their fantasy phone sex scenarios that they share with me.  You will find I have an imagination like no one you have ever encountered.  I pride myself on giving you Some of the best phone sex you may ever experience.

We all know I have a variety of fetishes and one that I love exploring is ass play.  I often imagine we are together And I am playing with your tiny hole and making it larger with a few of my special toys. Anal phone sex doesn’t have to be dry, or forcing objects into your tight asshole, it can be very adventurous kinky and enjoyable.  I imagine myself surprising and indulging you, my special phone lover for a little anal play.

I have on a sexy leather outfit with six inch heels waiting to give you exactly what you want.  I strip down in front of you, so can enjoy the full pleasure of viewing my succulent body.  I see your hard dick peeking through your boxers and I cannot wait to put my mouth all over your pulsating cock. I begin walking over to my suitcase where all of my special toys are at and find the perfect one for us to use.  I climb on top of your face and  rub my hot wet pussy all over your mouth.

I love it when you go to work on my hot wet Cunt .  As you suck on my juicy pussy I eagerly begin to swallow your throbbing cock whole. I make sure to cover your throbbing dick with my spit and make it wet enough so my spit is dripping from the tip of your cock onto the cold kitchen floor.  I press down more onto your face so I can feel you tongue fuck my pussy.  69 phone sex sounds just about right for our phone fuck session . You will find that I Am quite the greedy cock sucking phone sex slut, and I can’t wait to indulge myself with your nutty cream. Can you imagine your tongue licking me nice and deep,  Your wet mouth and tongue feels  so sweet flicking at my clit.


Then as you wait in eager anticipation  I bend over a little more so that my mouth is completely covering your hard shaft.  I lick your man meat up and down and jerk you off a little with my right hand.  I almost can’t contain myself and find myself leaning up and riding your face to get my nut off a little quicker.  I love it when you force my head down back onto your cock and I begin to gag.  When you work my head up and down on your big fat manhood it makes my pussy drip with excitement.  The way you fuck my face is making my eyes water.  Your cock is inch after inch of delicious sweet fun and I cannot wait to climb on top of  you and use Your erect penis as my very own sex toy. Want to be my personal fuck toy?

But you know how kinky I am, Playfully I lick your nipple and then I grab my nice long dildo that’s on the kitchen floor, and I begin to insert it into your tight little asshole.  I make sure I’m gentle at first but I begin picking up the speed when I hear your moans. I love riding your face while I fuck  your  tiny asshole. Oh? You don’t want me to stop? Maybe I should ram this nice big dildo into your tight little ass hard hmm? Do you want me to slide this dildo in and out into your aching ass, stretching it out to the max? And as I am violating and probing your tightest hole I can feel you licking and nibbling at my clit.

We are both experiencing erotic forbidden waves of ecstasy like never before.  You keep that up and I will be begging for your long hard cock.  I want you to put me on all fours and fuck me! I want your hard cock fucking my face as I open that tight little ass of yours all the way.  I love the way you scream out how much you love the way I fuck your tight ass! The way you grab my hips and suck my clit until I squirt into your mouth. Amazing Anal Phone sex and Ass Play can be anything we want.

I long to smother your face with my juicy pussy moaning as I deep throat your dick balls deep.  Hearing you scream and moan as you devour my delicious honey pot. My legs begin to quiver as you take me to sweet ecstasy   I can feel my eyes rolling back in my head as I hungrily nurse on your cock draining you of every single drop of your heavenly cream.  I want your orgasm, Your orgasm belongs to me.  I want our time together to be the most intense sexual experience you have ever tasted.  I want our bodies to become drunk in each others lust.  I love when you grab one of my toys and fuck my tight wet pussy with abandon.

Those delicious slapping sounds accompanied by the lapping of your tongue as you take me over the edge. You hold me down onto your face to force me to loose control. Take my orgasm! Grab my ass in the throws of passion as my entire body falls apart. Take that dildo and turn the vibration on as you suck on my clit. Your pinky finger massaging my ass as I feed you my sweet cum.

My honey dripping down the corners of your mouth as you thrust your hips into  mine. Your cock hitting the back of my throat as we both have the hardest deepest fucking orgasm you ever thought possible. The sound of our moaning is guttural and loud. Your dick explodes and gags me as I am flooded with your sweet cum.

I fuck your asshole harder and faster, hitting your prostate and draining you. Milking you to the last drop.  I am a hungry cum slut and I want you to fill me nice and deep. And when I think your done sucking and licking that sweet pussy you grab my hips and continue sucking on my sweet clit until your face is covered in my warm delicious juices. You swallow ever drop and I shake in disbelief as my body convulses.


But do you want more?  You push me up a little to tell me to keep riding your face. I ride your face harder and temporarily let go of the dildo I was pounding your ass with up until this moment. I feel so selfish but I cannot help it! I want to cum again in your mouth while I finger myself.  I want to watch as your mouth milks my pussy. I need to see you suck my clit and take my cum. As you  begin massaging my clit you gently lick my pussy.

I watch in disbelief as I cum and squirt and shake as you steal my orgasm. Never have I came like this before. Now as my body is shaking I turn around on your face and I pick the dildo back up and continue massaging your prostate. Two can play at this game! I am going to make you cum until you grab the  sheets and cry out my name.

I need to hear you loose complete control and give yourself to me.  I long to feel your hips buck as you shoot huge strings of cum down my throat. I want that kind of sex where we feel our base desires for pleasure. Where cloths and sheets get ripped off. I want to have the kind of kinky phone sex where furniture is displaced and you have no idea where you are anymore.

When we am ready to switch things up a bit I do a reverse cow girl as you insert your big fat dick in my ass.  I know you love how I bounce up and down on your cock. You love leaning back and enjoying the show . Being the greedy phone mistress I am of course I rub my engorged clit as you fuck my back door harder. My pussy juices begin to pour between my legs.  My clit is squirting and sweet honey is dripping from my hot wet fuck hole.

Your surprised when I grab my toy again and fuck your tight little ass as your balls deep inside mine. I love stretching your ass until its gaping as you pound mine like a piston. When we are both close to exploding yet again I speed up how hard and fast I probe your sweet ass. The sweet rhythm of our love making brings out the best in our anal play phone sex experience. I love how you beg me to fuck your ass harder as you bust a huge nut in my tightest hole.

You feel my toy pounding away, forcing your balls to empty inside me. My vibrator is so deep inside you it disappears  with each and every thrust.  I massage your g-spot, milking every last drop until your balls are aching with pleasure. Your cock is throbbing and to be quite honest you are euphoric.  I slow down and  just massage the tip at your tender prostate as you keep your dripping cock deep inside me as you rub my clit. You rub my clit and tell me what a good little slut I am. You demand another orgasm but do I have another to offer?

You refuse to take no for answer, You are taking my orgasm! My No’s turn into yes’s, And soon I am demanding you rub my clit harder and faster. Your hands are covered with cum as I scream out your name in the throes of passion. The bed, the floor and you are covered in my juices. When I cum that last time for you my pussy tightens up and I squirt everywhere.

I completely loose myself in your arms as I feel myself drained. I beg you, I say I can’t possibly take anymore but you persist until I cry out and you feel that last intense flood of sweet honey.  And as your cock spent of all its cum slowly slides in and out of my tender ass you massage the small of my back. You have ruined me for all other men, and I am now your anal phone sex obsession.

Ready for a hot new adventure? Take my hand, lets experience ecstasy together!

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