Mutual masturbation


Mutual masturbation

Last night one of my horny phone sex boyfriends decided he wanted something special. He wanted something that only I could give him that’s he never tried before. When he called me and explained that he wanted Mutual masturbation phonesex. 

He always had this fantasy about his sister. He knew that incest was taboo but he wanted to live out his fantasies of sitting across the room from her touching himself. It was so hot sliding under the cover s with him and waking him up unexpectedly.

After all here we are all alone. The house is ours. We can sit across the bed from each other and look at each others naked bodies. Instructing each other how to explore the other.  The urge to want to span the distance and lock into a wet sloppy 69 was intense. But for now we were going to watch each other cum.

He wanted to see how it would feel for him and another woman to masturbate together and guide one another. I laid back on the bed and searched my body with my soft gentle hands. He told me he wanted me to search for my g-spot and grab onto my breasts at the same time in guided masturbation phone sex.

While I was exploring my body, he began stroking his cock. His already hard manhood was standing at attention when he began jerking it back and forth. My erect nipples were just waiting for someone to put their mouth on them but it wasn’t that kind of party.

I continued searching for my g-spot, hoping to make my pussy purr soon. He could hear my slight moans which made him even harder. I told him to grab his cock and jerk it harder so that we could both cum together. I told him exactly how I wanted him to touch himself during JOI phone sex .

He jerked harder and harder while I finally jammed my fingers into my love box letting all of my juices release. When we both finally came, it was loud, hot, and wet. Before we parted ways, he told me he couldn’t wait for next time and wanted an even hotter session than before. Call me for your masturbation phone sex fantasy!


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