Holiday phonesex games

Holiday phonesex games


I’ve been thinking of some seductive Holiday phonesex games to play with my phone sex lovers. Who doesn’t love a bit of competition during the holidays? We all know that I enjoy being a seductress and teasing men with my curves and sexy talk. I find myself constantly getting wet in between my legs when a new one of my lovers approaches me with a new Christmas roleplay phonesex scenario.

Have you ever experienced something so hot that it made you dream about it day in and day out? That’s how I feel when it comes to my sexy roleplays. I love making someone’s fantasies come true when they least expect it. The other day one of my lovers asked me if we could meet up for a special treat.

I’m always up for something new and exciting so of course I met up with him. When I got to our special spot, he asked me to seductively strip off my clothes and meet him on the roof. Once I got up there I was so excited to see rose petals and champagne. As soon as he began kissing my neck, I felt a few drops of rain hit my forehead.

I thought about running back inside, but then I thought about how sexy it would be to have sex outside in the rain. My love box got even wetter as he stroked my face before fucking me from behind. I came so hard while the rain drops rolled off my back. Want to hear more? Give me a call! Lets enjoy one of many sexy Holiday phonesex games together! You always win when we play! Ask me about my free picture giveaway when you call!

Ps. I love generous men. Wanna be my secret Santa? Spoil me by going to the link below.  There you can select the amount of gift/tribute you would enjoy sending your mistress. xoxoxoxo

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