Mutual masturbation


Mutual masturbation

Last night one of my horny phone sex boyfriends decided he wanted something special. He wanted something that only I could give him that’s he never tried before. When he called me and explained that he wanted Mutual masturbation phonesex. 

He always had this fantasy about his sister. He knew that incest was taboo but he wanted to live out his fantasies of sitting across the room from her touching himself. It was so hot sliding under the cover s with him and waking him up unexpectedly.

After all here we are all alone. The house is ours. We can sit across the bed from each other and look at each others naked bodies. Instructing each other how to explore the other.  The urge to want to span the distance and lock into a wet sloppy 69 was intense. But for now we were going to watch each other cum.

He wanted to see how it would feel for him and another woman to masturbate together and guide one another. I laid back on the bed and searched my body with my soft gentle hands. He told me he wanted me to search for my g-spot and grab onto my breasts at the same time in guided masturbation phone sex.

While I was exploring my body, he began stroking his cock. His already hard manhood was standing at attention when he began jerking it back and forth. My erect nipples were just waiting for someone to put their mouth on them but it wasn’t that kind of party.

I continued searching for my g-spot, hoping to make my pussy purr soon. He could hear my slight moans which made him even harder. I told him to grab his cock and jerk it harder so that we could both cum together. I told him exactly how I wanted him to touch himself during JOI phone sex .

He jerked harder and harder while I finally jammed my fingers into my love box letting all of my juices release. When we both finally came, it was loud, hot, and wet. Before we parted ways, he told me he couldn’t wait for next time and wanted an even hotter session than before. Call me for your masturbation phone sex fantasy!


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Naughty Neighborhood Pervert

Naughty neighbor  fantasy

My Naughty neighbor is such a sexy horny pervert. He calls  me every night breathing heavy and begging for me to lead him into a hot Guided masturbation Phone sex session. He is so sexually frustrated and loves to stroke his dick for me, whenever his wife goes to sleep he calls me for a naughty jerk off session. He has a pocket pussy and a mini vibrator. The minute she leaves the house he gets naked and calls me. I love listening to the wet slapping sounds his cock makes as he slides it in and out of his cock stroker. I am in complete control of his orgasm. I tell him exactly how to touch, stroke and tickle his dick. His ass of course gets lots of attention to. Making men cum is my specialty. He calls me and we cum together. When the wife is away  we always play.   I love guiding him on how to slide a little slim vibrator in his tight little man pussy During our Kinky phone sex session.

Horny? Lets cum together!

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Guided Masturbation

I long to please you with Guided Masturbation.

Every time I pick up my phone to take a guided masturbation phone sex call, excitement runs all throughout my body. The second I hear your voice on the other end, I instantly become infatuated with pleasing you in any way possible. As you tell me what you want and how you want it. When we play I begin painting a picture in my mind of how I will please you.

 I am here to make all of your phone sex fantasies come true.

 I won’t stop until you cum. As I describe what I am doing to you, I open up my legs and slide two fingers into my hot wet pussy. I love telling you exactly how I’m rubbing the shaft of your cock and teasing the tip of your big mushroom head with my tongue. I love how a mans voice gets deeper as he tells me more about his guided masturbation phone sex fantasy. Do you want me to keep on teasing you with my sweet voice and vivid imagination? Or would you prefer a hot and heavy mutual masturbation session?

Let me show you.

I love to instruct you how to stroke your cock slowly and softly, then faster with urgent need. I want you to picture me with my perky breasts and warm mouth hovering over your cock and swallowing every inch of you balls deep. I thoroughly delight in your moans as you begin to moan louder as you tell me to close my eyes and play with my clit and dive my slender fingers or toy in and out of my delicious honey pot.

I let out some of the sweetest lustful moans as my pussy gets wetter from hearing you grunting over the phone and guiding me to climax. I want to feel every inch of you deep inside of me. I love it when you take your time and tell me how perfect my body is and how sweet my pussy feels on your cock. Can you picture yourself slowly penetrating my pussy and feeding me your cock like it’s the last thing I’ll ever get. Do you long to hear my sweet sexy noises as I slide my toy in and out nice and deep?

Can you imagine me as I moan louder as I feel my juices trickle down my leg and onto the bed sheets. Can you picture me telling you to lean back and make your dick touch every part of my pussy? I  want you to take all of me and to not stop until your ready to explode. I start squeezing my hard nipples as I imagine your pulsating cock consuming every part of my body.

I relish in those sweet whispers as you tell me on the phone that this is the best mutual masturbation phone sex session you’ve ever had. I can tell your holding back your orgasm, taking your time. You want to enjoy this. You want us both to enjoy this as you ensure I am satisfied as well.

You have my full attention in every way imaginable when you call me. I  love to hear your loud passionate moans  after I tell you how wet I am. It makes my pussy glisten with  wetness as you tell me how your going to enjoy eating my pussy and rubbing my thighs as you try to drain me for my sweet nectar. My body begins trembling and I begin moaning out your name.

Do you want this?

Do you desire that one on one connection with a real passionate woman as you moan louder, as we enjoy ourselves in that very moment of ecstasy?  Close your eyes and imagine how we could be together. I am on top riding your throbbing pulsating dick…And you begin hitting my g-spot. You know as soon as you slide your cock back inside of me I am going to cum again.

 Can you envision  the way my legs shake

My body convulses as I take every inch of what you bestow me with. I hear you grunting louder over the phone as you tell me your cumming and I know I have pleased you. Both of our bodies shake as every one of our muscles relax from an intense orgasm. This is what I offer you when you call me for Some of the best guided masturbation phone sex you may ever experience!

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Voyeur phone sex

 Voyeur phone sex is watching me

My phone rang and it was him again. I always know my favorite nasty  voyeur phone sex pervert by the way he breathes into my ear.  I looked out my window and I could see him in the bushes. Dick out, slowly touching himself.  I decided to be very bad. “Are you horny sweetie”? I saw him nod. I beckoned for him to cum closer until he was standing right outside my window, dick out touching himself in front of everyone.


My window is always beckoning to you

My window gives my horny neighbor an amazing view of my bedroom, especially my bed. I decided to  get completely naked and begin to touch myself nice and slow. I could hear his breathing increase during Voyeur phone sex.  “You want this tight hot phone sex pussy pervert” ? (I teased).


Can we watch each other get off?

Of course you do. Without even a second thought I grabbed my dildo out of the night stand drawer. I began to rub one of my nipples as I turned on the vibration. He was stroking himself to a slather. “Please don’t stop”! (He moaned). “Oh you like this nice tight pink wet pussy huh? I bet you could just imagine yourself deep inside me right now!


I know you want my Voyeur phone sex

Your big hard piece of man meat pounding away at my sweet wet fuck hole.  Call me lover! I love cumming for phone sex perverts like you who love jacking off to the sound of me sliding this big dildo in and out of my tight wet cunt. Call me for more Voyeur phone sex! Whether you like to watch or be watched . Two can play a phone sex game!