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As you all know, I like to get extra dirty and naughty with my Naughty neighbor phone sex. Red hot tease and denial phone sex is very hot. There’s something about tease and denial phone sex that gets me going and makes my tight pussy drip. I have always dreamed about teasing a handsome nicely built man for weeks at a time. I would have you begging for my touch. I know your cock is just aching  for my lips to wrap around you. While I’m getting ready for bed, I would tease you through my bedroom window by leaving it open so you can peek in. All types of naughty thoughts run through my mind as I get ready to undress myself before you, Stripping off every article of clothing from my body slowly. I see you peeking slightly through my window trying to make sure I don’t see you. Your man meat is already getting hard and you can’t wait to stroke your hard shaft while watching at me undress.

 I take off my last piece of clothing and let it drop to the floor as your jaw does the same. You look at me seductively while I lick my lips and twist my nipples. My right hand glides down my leg and heads towards my pussy. I tease my clit with my finger licking the tip of it before I force it deep inside of me. I begin moaning loudly letting out sweet sounds of ecstasy. As you look at me pleasing myself, your eyes roll to the back of your head. You imagine your hands being in my pussy exploring every part of me. I give in and allow my sweet delicious juices to drip down my legs.

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As you watch,You feel yourself getting even more excited after seeing my tight toned body move around fast as I cum, that you begin to jerk your throbbing cock even harder. I imagine every inch of your cock deep inside of me destroying my tight pussy walls. You work your hands faster around your big fat dick hoping that you nut soon before I leave from the window. As soon as you feel yourself about to cum, I quickly close my drapes and go lay down.  You gaze at my closed drapes  imagining what I must be doing. Your mind wonders to fantasies of erotic forbidden pictures in your mind.  You lay down with your hard dick in your hand,closing your eyes  envisioning my hot wet cunt gripping your  engorged penis. Just as many nights before, You begin to  jerk off hard and fast, blowing your big fat load as you call out my name. When your dick cums hard you imagine filling my tight wet pussy to the brim with your fuck juice. Every night I tease you, you can feel the deep need to hold me down and fuck me hard possessing your fantasies.

Then tonight,As you come in from a hard day of work, you hope tonight will be your lucky night. You take a  nice hot shower, get an ice cold refreshing beer, and begin to watch a little TV right before the clock strikes eleven. You know at 11 o’clock the fun with me begins. I open up my window again this time I’m already fully nude. You hope that I will finally give you that release you have been waiting for. I begin rubbing my perky breasts and sucking on my own nipples while you watch in amazement.

You get some lotion and start putting in work  on that bulge between your thighs. You’ve never experienced a woman as seductive as me. My slender legs, perky breasts, and beautiful curves, have me on your mind all the time. You want my luscious body on yours, but you’re satisfied for the moment with having me from a distance. I stick my finger deep inside of me and begin finger fucking myself.

I imagine having your huge cock inside of me fucking me for hours at a time. I want to be used by you for your ultimate sexual pleasure. I want you to continue to nut every time you see me. Not only when we’re playing this sexual hide and seek game, but when you see me passing through the courtyard.

You imagine my lips kissing yours deeply as we both play with my clit. I quickly figure out how naughty you can get when I see you flickering your tongue out at me between two of your fingers poised in a “V”, acting as if you’re eating my sweet spot. I feel my honey pot tingle as I imagine your tongue licking and sucking my tender places.

In response to your playful teasing I place a chair in front of my window and put my leg up on the window pane and let the cool breeze flow into my pussy. My juicy cunt gets wetter as I finger my tight wet fuck hole faster. Your cock grows larger in your hands as you stand in front of your window and massage your manhood. I am in love with the way your hands move up and down on your dick, pleasing every  hard trembling throbbing inch for me.  As you work your cock harder and I faster, I spit in my hands and go deeper into my tight eager pussy. You lock eyes with me as my hips thrash up and down and  I finally make myself cum. To further your torment I take one finger I beckon for you to come in, When you consider my offer I quickly close the drapes and disappear into my room. You are once again left disappointed and hard.

At about 2am you hear a knock on your door and are surprised to see me standing outside with nothing on. You quickly open the door and grab me up and throw me against the wall. You force your fingers into my pussy as you tongue me down with wanton abandon. You devour my vagina as if you have been stranded in the dessert and my hot wet pussy is your only oasis. Your hand is covered in my sweet juices so you begin to lick your fingers one by one.

I get down on my knees and deep throat your cock faster and faster. You moan as I take you balls deep. I want to make sure your cock is sloppy and covered in my spit. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as I swallow your man hood whole. My mouth is so wet and warm that you almost cum.  I quickly push you out of my mouth so I can finally feel your hard dick in my pussy. We have sex right on the living room rug. You spread my legs wide in order to dive in deep and hard. My pussy has been throbbing since I entered your apartment and it won’t stop until you’ve came deep inside of me.

As soon as you enter me I let out a big moan. I feel every inch of your pulsating cock inside of my warm wet juicy desire. I begin to thrash and moan as I feel you  getting closer to my g-spot. You’ve never been inside of a pussy so sweet so you enjoy every minute of it. I hold you tightly as you go faster and deeper inside me. Before you can fill me with your seed I decide I want more. I want to feel your fuck stick deep in my ass, so I turn over so we can do a little anal. I feel your big mushroom head stretch my tight tender hole. My tight asshole holds onto your cock and grips you like a tight glove. You moan as my ass begins to milk your dick and begins to drain it of its sweet cream. You begin to feel yourself getting ready to bust. You cum all inside of my tiny asshole. You get a camera and take a picture of your work. I lay content as you kiss the small of my back and ponder another round of forbidden fun.

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