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One of my phone lovers “C”  has this kinky cuckold phone sex fantasy. I love When I got to role play as his  hot horny girlfriend, and I let his boss “B”  take advantage of me. “B” loves making my phone sex boyfriend work late so we can enjoy cuckold phone sex together. Ever since I went to the Christmas party at his job,  My boy friends supervisor “T” and I have been having sex in the same bed I share with “B” . At first my boyfriend, “C”, had no idea what was going on until he walked in on us one day fucking on the couch. I made him watch while “T” licked my pussy and fingered my ass. “C” started crying like a little bitch boy once our kinky phone sex session really got going. While I was riding “T” ‘s  face, my pussy juices starting dripping onto the couch, so I made “C”  lick up every creamy drop. The look on his face while another man was eating my pussy was priceless. “T” told me he had to feel my pussy on his dick, so I sat on his fat enormous cock and rode it for an entire hour. I held onto his shoulders and let out sweet sounds of ecstasy while his throbbing man meat got closer to my sensitive g-spot. I wanted  “T” and I to cum at the same time so I rode him harder and faster and whispered that he  could cum deep inside of my hot wet fuck hole while I was reaching my climax. After a couple more minutes, we both came and  “T”’s nut was so big and thick, that it started flowing out of my vagina. I love seductive domination, Enticing you to do things you only dream about. Being the naughty girl I am I made “C” clean me up and lick “T”’s cock clean. “C”s still talks about that  hot creampie phone sex, what a surprise to be dominated and told to lick another mans cum out of my hot wet honey cave. Are you Craving my cuckold phone sex? I love indulging all your hot and nasty desires.

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