Submissive Slave Phonesex

I put out an ad online last week stating that I was looking for a house slave. I’m quite busy so I need someone to do daily household chores for me and go to the store, pick up my dry cleaning, and other things that need to be done. After looking through the thousands of responses, Finally I picked someone who I thought would be great for Submissive Slave Phonesex. Then I called him up and invited him over to my house so I could properly interview him.


When he got to my place he immediately fell to his knees and praised my presence. Of course I looked down at him and told him good boy and allowed him to get up. He thanked me and properly addressed me as mistress. So far he was passing all of my tests which was a good thing. I asked him about his experience in bdsm phone sex and asked if he had been trained before.


He politely informed me that he served a  kinky mistress for ten years, but she moved away and no longer needed his services. Before I could even tell him more about the position he was already mopping my kitchen floor with his pink apron on. Like a good slave he cleaned up my entire house and then fixed me a cosmo and a steak dinner. When he was done for the day, I told him that I prepared a room for him outside in the yard. My old dog house would be useful again one day



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