Strap-on fuck little dick phone sex

Strap-on fuck little dick phone sex

Some of you love dressing up like a femmy sissy girl  for me.  You beg me to make fun of your tiny little shrimp dick cock. Oh my, you do have a tiny little dick don’t you? What a pathetic little panty wearing sissy you are. I can’t wait to dominate you and get you ready for a good hard strap-on fuck!

Reprogramming you is what I love best.

I know how much you get off on me laughing at your little button man clit! Want me to  make fun of your tiny shrimp dick?  Fantasize about a hot girl like me laughing at you with my girlfriends? Ridiculing your miniscule sissy stick while you fuck your own ass like a cross dressing faggot? I bet your jacking that tiny pathetic dick right now aren’t you? Begging for me to give you Anal  ass worship with my vibrating strapon cock? Just how much of this 10 incher can you take  inside  you?

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Of course a pathetic woefully inadequate sissy faggot like you needs some Masturbation Instruction too! You need to learn how to stroke your tiny man clit in your panties while I fill your ass to the brim don’t you? Your stiffy man clitty getting all hard and throbbing during our  Small Penis Humiliation  roleplay. 

Prepare to be my butt slut

Some of you want me to help stretch you for Big Ass exploration. I have to stretch out your tight little fuck hole so you can take the bigger cocks like a good cuck!  Bend over like the sissy strap-on fuck toy you are .

No holds barred little dick phone sex

 I will lead you through Joi, during our Femdom experience together. I can’t wait to totally  Mind Fuck you!. Get ready for a twisted  Fetish phone sex experience.  Your Little dick sissy femdom  Masturbation experience will never be the same. Call me soon. I can’t wait to laugh at your little tiny penis


Holiday JOI Phonesex

I find it extremely erotic to watch someone stroke themselves while I give them instructions from across the room. Holiday JOI Phonesex is one of those things that can make a hard cock explode in just a few minutes. Imagine my sensual voice telling you exactly how to hold your cock and how fast you should stroke it. I’ll listen to your voice as it becomes higher notifying me that you’re almost ready to cum. What a sexy way to spend your Christmas Holiday *Wink.

I suddenly slow down and tell you to stop what you’re doing so you don’t cum just yet. I want to savor the moment and allow us to both enjoy what’s happening at this point in time. I squeeze my hard perky nipples and suck on them while you await more masturbation instruction phonesex. You want to cum so bad that you can almost taste it. You’ve been holding out on exploding for the past few weeks since you were out of town on business. You weren’t able to call me while you were away, but now that you’re back you want me all to yourself.

You lean back when you finally hear me tell you to jerk your cock harder. I want you to explode big long strings of thick juicy cum. No more waiting to see that hot lava show. I want to see you finally nut all over my big perky tits! My hot phone sex voice makes you bust giving you instant relief . You haven’t felt that good in weeks and now you want more. You deserve to do something nice for yourself! You need more nut busting  Holiday JOI phonesex  fun with Victoria. Treat yourself this Christmas season and spoil yourself.

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JOI phone sex


JOI phone sex with victoria
JOI phone sex with victoria

Every now and then I get a Kinky phone sex call that may throw me a loop. Last night a horny phone lover called me wanting something that wasn’t quite out of the ordinary, but it was still something that I needed. Once he called me and I started  giving him what he wanted, he couldn’t get enough. I knew he was a Phone sex freak which is fine with me. He was exactly where I wanted him. After a quick chat, he wanted to get right down to business with JOI phone sex. He’s never really been in control of his  man meat. Someone has always told him what he should be doing with his stiff penis. I made him tease his throbbing dick a little bit first. I had him touch his mushroom head, then quickly remove his hand. I could tell that the sensual teasing was really getting to him, but I knew at the end of the night, there would be a huge explosion. With my sexy jerk off instructions, he gently touched his aching fuck stick again with one hand and massaged his big heavy balls with another. Lightly stroking his hard pulsating shaft, he began to leak hot sticky wet precum and wanted more. I had him rub up and down on his man meat harder while I fondled my perky titties. He couldn’t take it anymore; I knew he had to cum. With one last touch he shot his seeds all over  my voluptuous breasts, still begging for more instructions. I’ve been keeping him on edge and making him wait for his further instructions in our next intimate  JOI phone sex session. Do you desire a sensual JOI phone sex Mistress to lead you down the path of ecstasy as well? Do you long for me to give you jerk off instructions until you cum? I love guided masturbation and so will you when we play!

CALL ME: VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932