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As a temptress of phone sex, I sometimes cater to very high clientele. Let’s say I’m a sexy cosmetologist and have a private salon in my house. I offer services to politicians, to the mayor, and even sometimes to the men in blue. One day the captain comes into my salon and tells me he needs a fresh cut. I’ve always wanted to seduce the captain and make him crave me, so I dish out some tease and denial phone sex while I cut his hair. He sits in my special chair that has light restraints for the ankles and wrists and a bar to keep his legs apart. I place a bib tightly around the captains’ neck to keep his uniform pristine, and then put an apron that ties around the chair and covers his body completely. He tells me how good I look in my tight black dress with black open toe kitten heels. I usually keep my hair in a French twist and always have my nails and toes nicely painted with red polish. First I start the captain off with a scalp massage. I ease his head back so that it’s sitting right in between my supple breasts. My nipples get hard as I look him into his eyes and take away all of his tension and stress from his hectic job.  I whisper in his ear seductively as I rub and massage his scalp, neck, and shoulders. I then get in front of him massaging his forehead and scalp with my cleavage busting out of my dress in plain view. I cut his hair, making sure to be very careful not to graze his ear with anything but my lips and tongue. Hair begins to fall everywhere. So I use a feather duster and a series of brushes to brush all of the hair away. Starting from his chest down to his crotch, I continue to swirl my feather duster in circles until his huge cock becomes very erect. I further torment him by removing his bib and apron and sitting on his lap, moving my ass around in circles on his dick until he is completely hard. Of course I could never send him back to work with such a massive erection, so I make sure to take extra good care of him. It’s my civil duty to please the hardworking men of the town. I then offer to polish off one last thing for my sweet, rock hard captain. He is eager for the opportunity to see exactly what I’m working with. I slowly peel my dress down past my breasts and place them in his face as I reach down slowly freeing his dick from his pants. I stroke him a few times before getting down on my knees and polishing off his big hard man meat with my sloppy wet mouth. After cleaning up every last drop of cum up with my tongue, I wave good bye until our next light bondage phone sex session. I love pleasing a man in uniform.

Want to cum into my salon? Maybe your a man in blue looking for release? When your looking for some hot and kinky discreet phone sex fun give me a call.

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