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I often get a few calls about men having sexual fantasies about their mother in law. They love the thought of having a hot milf as a mother in law phonesex  partner. Imagine a mature woman with a hot pussy seducing you secretly behind your wife’s back. She loves prancing around in front of you in yoga pants and sheer tube tops. She knows you have a weakness for mother in law phone sex and does not care about her daughter’s feelings.

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You desire everything about her mature pussy and won’t stop until you get a taste. One day you go to your mother in law’s house for dinner with your wife. You all forgot the entrée at home and you live about 30 minutes away. Your mother in law insists that someone goes all the way back to your house to get it. Your wife goes back home, leaving you and your mother in law alone. She sees you sitting over on the couch eyeing her up and down.

You imagine how it would feel to bury your cock deep inside of her pussy and cum all over her nipples. She decides to sit next to you and the two of you chat a bit. Then you notice she begins to shiver. She tells you she’s cold and would love for you to warm her up a bit. You follow her into her bedroom where you both sit on the bed holding one another. You begin kissing her and stroking her cheek. She looks you deep into your eyes as she begins to rub your cock through your pants. You know this isn’t right, but you just can’t help but enjoy this forbidden phone sex fantasy.

She tells you to take your time and explore every inch of her body with your hands. You begin to grab her breasts as you give her a deep passionate kiss. Your cock begins to get harder so she takes off your pants, and her hungry mouth begins deep throating your cock.

She swallows every inch of you and teases the tip of your dick a little. You tell her to lean back on the bed so you can eat her mature pussy. You devour her cunt with your tongue tasting every drop of her sweet juices. You can’t wait for your cock to feel the insides of her pussy so she quickly turns around so you can penetrate her pussy and ass.

You know your wife will be back soon so you fuck her fast making sure your cock is covered in her sweetness. You try to hold out as long as you can and finally explode all over her Big breasts. This mother in law phonesex fantasy isn’t over yet. She gets on top of you riding you fast. Her big luscious tits bouncing in your face as she lets out a big moan letting you know she’s cumming. As she gets off your cock, you all hear a car pull in the driveway. You finished just at the right time.


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