Rough Anal Phone Sex


Rough Anal Phone Sex

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts in the doctors office!

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts in my office! Doctor Victoria has plans for you! You came in for a colonoscopy having no idea what I had in store for you.  My Naughty nurse assists me in your examination.

I enter in my white lab coat and white scrubs.  “Please sit down thank you for coming in for your appointment today”.   You understand you must strip naked and lay on your back.  My nurse rubs your shoulders to keep you calm. I put your legs in stirrups. You brace yourself as I lube up a long skinny anal probe.

Rough Anal Phone Sex  surprises you!

You really thought Rough Anal Phone Sex was going to hurt. When my nurse and I strap your arms and legs down you begin to worry! You wonder what is going to happen to you! Your arms and wrists are strapped down to the hospital bed. Your ankles strapped into the stirrups.

Rough Anal Phone Sex feels good!

When I begin to administer Rough Anal Phone Sex  your shocked! Doctor Victoria opens her lab coat to reveal she has already removed her scrubs. She is completely naked with nothing but a big fat strap on cock.

I explain that my strapon dick is 9 inch long and 4 inches around. First we will start with the anal probe. Then we will proceed to my big fat strapon. There is a sophisticated embedded camera on the end. And at times it may vibrate massaging your prostate.

You no longer know what to expect from Rough Anal Phone Sex!

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts as I lube up your tight little ass with the skinny hand held probe. The probe vibrates, surprisingly you feel aroused. My naughty nurse  comes over to pull your gown above your waist exposing your hard dick.

You feel shy about your erection until my nurse begins to massage your cock.  My nurse has very soft hands. You love watching her young hands work up and down your cock. She is young nurse who gives an amazing hand job. 

Your sister supports you during Rough Anal Phone Sex

During Rough Anal Phone Sex your sister comes in to support you. She is happy to help in any way she can. Dressed in a short mini dress she drops to her knees to help you relax. Sucking your hard dick with abandon.

Soon it’s time to pull out the vibrator. I ease my strap on deep inside you. Priming you for a good pegging. This is indeed the best physical exam ever.  Your helpless as your sister sucks your cock. My nurse pulls her dress up and licks her cunt. I instruct my nurse to take the spare dildo from the drawer and fuck her cunt hard as you watch.

Rough Anal Phone Sex gets hotter!

I call an extra doctor in for Rough Anal Phone Sex. Doctor Ginger accompanies me in your exam. Licking and sucking on your balls and rimming your ass. Keeping you occupied as my strapon delves deeper into your tender fuck hole. You can see the camera’s journey on the screen to the side of you.

There are mirrors on the wall. You can see all the action at every angle even on the ceiling.  Letting you see all of us fucking you together. Your in heaven as your horny sister climbs your lap and mounts you. You’ve wanted to fuck her cunt forever!

Your sister loves Rough Anal Phone Sex too.

Your sister bounces up and down on your lap.  Fucking you hard taking you deep .   Meanwhile Dr Ginger sucks your balls and my naughty nurse sucks your sisters clit. As my probe hits its target I turn the vibration function on. My anal strapon probe is massaging your prostate.

I encourage you to cum in your sister. I need you fully relaxed for the series of photographs I must take for your file. You graciously comply and blow a fat hot load of cum in your sister. Your sister squirts all over your dick as my nurse sucks her clit with abandon. You continue to cum hard in your sister with disbelief as I fuck your ass hard & deep.

Submit to my Rough Anal Phone Sex!

My vibrator massaging right against your prostate.  My strapon ever so deep inside you as you moan and scream. You cum a third time as your sister shakes and quivers as my nurse sucks on her clit like a nipple. Now its time to clean up. My nurse licks all your cum out of your sisters cunt. My Fellow physician  Dirty Doctor Ginger sucks your cock clean.

Don’t forget to return for more Rough Anal Phone Sex!

When head off to the showers to soap up. You do leave my office with a smile on your face. You and your sister have never been closer. No need to thank me.  Serving others is what I do. It’s such a pleasure to be of service to you today. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget your next appointment *wink. Call me soon at …1-888-295-4932.

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Nurse phonesex fantasies

Nurse phonesex fantasies

My Nurse phonesex fantasies will shock you!

One Day I decided to volunteer at my local hospital for the weekend in order to help others live out their Nurse phonesex fantasies. There was this one patient who had been there for a while just waiting for an operation.

I just can’t help myself when it comes to a horny patient’s Nurse phonesex fantasies .

Even though I knew he might not be there much longer,  I decided to give him the right amount of medication he needed to get by. I stayed after hours at the hospital and gave him the best slutty phone sex he’s ever had.

I had every plan on being naughty that day!

Without checking to make sure everyone had left on the floor, I locked my lips on his cock and went right to work. He placed his hand on my head and pushed me down further on his throbbing cock making me work harder for his nut. His wife had left for the day. He confided she never attended to his needs. I enjoyed giving him exactly what he needed.

I loved sucking his cock and making him cum hard!

As I forced myself onto him, making him close his eyes I worked my pussy on his cock. Every time I looked up at him he had his eyes wide open like he was in disbelief. I knew that the hospital nor his wife had been taking care of their patients’ phone sex needs. Of course being the slutty girl, I was here to pick up the slack.

My mouth was made for sucking rock hard dick!

I figured that I would be the one to make sure their cocks were always happy. While I continued riding his cock, I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I rode his cock faster and faster during medical role play.

We are so close to getting caught during Naughty Nurse phonesex .

I worked harder bringing his nut to surface before the footsteps reached the door. His new nurse was here to cover for shift change, and my job was done. I feel that giving my best Nurse phonesex fantasies to you is so rewarding. I love making you cum hard when we play.

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Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria


Medical Fantasy phone sex with Doctor Victoria

Giving all of my doctor patient fantasy phone sex lovers good care has always been a priority of mine. I enjoy every moment of being a  sexy doctor and giving my horny patients exactly what they need and when they need it. Yesterday a patient of mine came into the office for his usual check up. I had one of my naughty nurses lead him into one of the back rooms so I could check to see what needed to be done to him today. After waiting for about ten minutes, I entered the room to see him in his birthday suit. He explained to me how his hard cock had been in a little bit of pain lately and wanted to see if I could check it out for him. I massaged the tip of his throbbing dick with my hand and checked his pee hole with my tongue. As he was standing right in front of me, I took my other silky slender hand and massaged his tight tender ass hole with my probing finger. Everything was looking good to me, but I needed to inspect his erect penis a little further in our  medical fetish phone sex. I stripped down to nothing but my high heels and held his cock in my mouth as I repeatedly gagged on it. He wanted someone to continue fucking his ass hole. At first my naughty nurse took her fingers in slutty phone sex and slid them in and out of his tight fuck hole as I massaged his cock with my mouth. But I could see he needed a bit more girth so  I called my nympho nurses to come into the room and join in. We all took turns fucking him with our strap ons and deep throating his cock until we all were full of  his creamy hot cum.

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