Seduction Phone Sex

My professor was  perfect for  Seduction Phone Sex .

In Seduction Phone Sex, I target one of my professors. Taking classes in web design at the community college. My professor is smoldering hot. Seducing &Seduction Phone Sex teasing him to become my willing sugar daddy. As I leave class I drop a note on your desk.
You wait until everyone leaves to open it.  “I’m way hotter than your wife! You don’t look at her the way you look at me. ” She could never be as hot as me. “
“Don’t you wish your wife looked like me?” “I bet you close your eyes and think of me when you fuck her now!” I smile as I turn to leave his class. He’ll be thinking about me all night!

All dressed up for Seduction Phone Sex!

Seduction Phone Sex starts out the next day in class.  I wear a  ridiculously tight  pair of short shorts. My Daisy dukes show the bottom half of my ass. Every time I bend over you see how perfectly toned & waxed I Am. Skin is so perfectly smooth. Long legs so sexy and elegant . Perfectly manicured toes in wedge sandals. Your mouth & hands long to rub my sexy feet all over your cock. You never told your wife about your foot fetish, or that you lust for anal.  Mrs. Nice is a good girl & she would never do the things to you I would.

Up close to tease you during Seduction Phone Sex!

Sitting in the front row gives me the perfect opportunity I need.  Teasing you as I cross and uncross my legs. Showing you my camel toe & my pussy lips.  My daisy dukes have a skinny little crotch. Subtly I move them to side & flash you my perfectly waxed cunt. You begin to sweat as you try not to look in my direction.

Tension builds during Seduction Phone Sex.

My candy apple painted toes wiggle & I smile.  I catch you looking at my legs and feet several times during the class.  You lick your lips whenever I spread my legs for you. Did I mention I forgot to wear panties this morning ? Each time I catch you looking you turn a bit red.  I run my tongue over my lips and smile seductively at you.

You need my Seduction Phone Sex!

At the end of the class, I again drop  yet another note on your desk.  Quickly you place it into your pocket.  After class is empty all but for me you nervously open it and read what I wrote.  “I didn’t have any panties on  & I waxed.”  “Did you notice?”  “My boyfriend is going to lick this hot wet cunt after class!” ” Are you jealous?” ” I bet you’d love to eat This perfect cunt.”  “Wouldn’t you?”  “Wear a blue Tie & a pair of jeans instead of slacks tomorrow. ”  “That’s if you want more of my naughty attention.”

Don’t deny yourself Seduction Phone Sex

The next class I wear a super short mini dress made of red latex with a zipper down the front.  Accompanied by candy apple red kitten open toed  heels.  I sit in the front flash you a sexy smile.  Dressed in exactly as I instructed it was obvious you wanted more. I flash you a wicked sexy smile & bat a little wink your way. Your face flushes slightly as you sit & your palms begin to shake.

I catch you looking!

I catch you looking down below my desk. Seductively I open my legs. I begin sucking the end of my pen. Obviously I have no panties on. Your erection is unmistakable.  Slowly I re-cross my legs.  Then uncross them again. This continues off & on throughout class. Discretely I leave a little gift bag on your desk. With shaking hands after class you open up the bag.
A little note says ” Here’s a pair of my dirty panties professor I hope I make the grade.”  My black lace sheer panties  smell just like my hot wet pussy. On the back of the note I also wrote ” Be a good boy & jerk off in them would you?”  “If you wear  a Green tie & black slacks tomorrow I will help you with all that pent up tension”
Like a good slave you obey!
Upon entering class I notice your wearing a green tie & black slacks like a good boy.  Your hooked on me like a drug now. You will do anything to get your next fix.  The scent & sight of my hot wet cunt mesmerized you into obedience.  This time I strut into class sweaty wearing skin tight yoga pants & a sports bra. My camel toe is very visible. I wink at you & slide on a windbreaker over my sports bra. Before I zip it up you notice my hard nipples poking through the fabric. Your cocks so unbelievably hard now.

Can’t get enough of my Seduction Phone Sex!

Your eyes spy my camel toe crotch. When I bend over my yoga pants go right up my panty free ass crack. The fabric hugs my ass perfectly leaving nothing to the imagination.  I let out a little snicker as I catch you checking out my camel toe again throughout class. Guiltily you avert your eyes but you’ve already been caught. After class empties another gift bag with a note makes its way to your desk.
A pair of my  nude colored sheer-to-waist pantyhose.  The note reads “What a good boy!” ”  I want you to wear these pantyhose to my class from now on under your pants.”  “You may no longer fuck your boring dull wife.”  ” Instead  I want you to obsess over me.” “My feet, legs,  ass, tits, hot wet pussy,  every inch of me.”  “Your obedience will be rewarded at the end of semester.”

Your addicted to me now!

For the rest of semester you are completely ignored. No notes, gifts, smiles or flirting.  Yet you can’t help but continue to obsess over me. Whenever I catch you looking I snicker at you. Laughing at your pathetic lusting after my perfect body. The lack of sex with your wife & being tormented by me begins to wear you down.  Your puppy eyes make you look so desperate for attention.  The power I have over you makes my panties wet.  I would never reveal that to you.  In stead all you get from me is disgusted smirks, sneers & snickers.

Desperation sets in for Seduction Phone Sex!

The last week of class having had enough you finally speak.   “Ms. Verone’ I need to see you after class.” This is it I inwardly giggle.  After the last student leaves I slowly approach your desk. Innocent look on my face. My innocent gaze of course clashes with my tiny little black micro mini skirt & sheer white blouse.  the clicking of my black stiletto’s upon the tile of your classroom is deafening.   You begin to shift in your chair, Sweating face flushed.
” Yes professor ” I inquire.  “Ms. uh Ms. uh Verone,” you continue to stammer. With a serious but innocent look on my face I reply ” Yes professor?” You try to speak but you continue to stutter. Poor professor can’t speak a word, especially not a sentence. Your so flustered ! You want me so bad & your so turned on you can’t speak.  You try to speak but end up reaching for your water instead.  Your mouth is dry, Hands shaky drenched in sweat.  I snicker and make for the door. Then you say “Wait!”

Taking the reigns!

Ignoring you I make for the door to shut & lock it. I pull the blind over the window on the door down.  Turning back around I snicker I point to the ground and order you to drop your pants. ” Show me, Drop your pants!” The pleading in your pathetic puppy dog gaze is priceless. All that unrequited lust & frustration in your eyes. Your sweaty palms & shaky hands. Your flushed face & your parched throat.  Obediently you drop your pants as you stand trembling  before me. There before me stands my professor wearing my lacy black panties & my sheer pantyhose.

Humble yourself before your Seduction Phone Sex Mistress!

Humiliation crosses your face as you turn a brilliant shade of beet red.  Despite your depravity & humiliation your cock is as hard as marble.  Your dick standing at attention pushing through the fabric.  Obviously you want more because you will risk everything to get my attention.  “Pl, Pl Please Vic-Vic-Victoria,” you begin to mumble & stutter.
Moving closer my stiletto’s clicking with authority across the class floor in a  strict voice  I say …. “Shut up you pervert and pull up your pants!”   Are you ready to obediently submit to ME?” “Yyyes Victoria,” you reply in a stuttered trembling whisper. “That’s Goddess Victoria from now on cuck. ” A wicked smile spread across my face. I revel & bask in the power I have over you.  Power! I like this ! I think to myself.
Tell me cuck what you are ready to do?,” I  ask. “Submit & serve your Goddess”.  you reply.  ” Not good enough.” I say, as I turn to leave.  ” Wwwwwait please.” you stammer & stutter.  ” I’ll do anything you ask Goddess” .  ” Ppppleaaase  I need you Goddess.” “Strip,” I command, “Now and I mean everything including your cherished pantyhose.  Then on your knees with your hands behind your back.”

Begging to serve!

As you scramble to comply with my command, I reach into my purse and take out an envelope “Your Goddess Victoria has put together all the information you need to pay my rent, car payment, utilities bill and cell phone bill.  You will never fuck your wife again.  You will not masturbate again.  The only release you will have is in my presence in this room.  I own your cock and balls.  ” Your dick belongs to me. ”  Understand  slave?” “Yeeessss Godddddess Vvvictoria,” you meekly stutter in reply .

Oh Sweet Torture!

I stand directly in front of you with your desk behind me and pull up my bottom up to my waist. Not wearing panties I pull out my vibrator. Sitting on your desk in front of you. Your cowered in front of it  . ” Turn around and look up at me with your hands behind your head!”  I order.  Your cock is as erect as a firing piston. Ready to go off at a moments notice.
Your fully engorged dick a nice shade of purple.  My vibrator turned on springs to life. I tease my clit and pussy lips. Licking  your lips as you watch. Spreading my pussy lips open giving you a show.  Teasing you as you watch. Your dick dripping precum as I tease you.  My cunt inches from your face dripping wet & delicious.  The scent of my cunt fills your nose.

Your Obsessed now!

 You stare obsessively as I fuck my cunt with the vibrator. Fucking my pussy with one hand on the vibrator. Rubbing my left nipple with the other. Massaging my breast and pinching my nipple as I rub my clit. Then I tilt my hips and begin to thrust my vibrator nice and deep inside my pussy. You lick your lips & bite your lower one.  I start rubbing my clit harder and harder.  Thrusting my vibrator into my wet juicy pussy until I squirt & orgasm.
Standing over you I command you to sit on the floor head up, eyes up mouth open.  As you jerk your pathetic excuse for a cock I piss in your mouth  ” Drink all my nectar and lick clean my cunt.” I command . Milking your cock like a mad man you moan and swallow. Jerking off and licking the drops of pee from my pussy you cum all over yourself to completion. Moaning ” I love you Goddess.” As you drain your balls dry of every drop of your jerk off juice.

You will never be the same again!

When I am finished   & you are dressed you get your instructions. ” Every week you will pay a tribute to me.  Mistress wants 10% of your income in the form of a tribute tip on top of paying my bills.  Sobbing  from your shame and  humiliation you agree to comply.  After receiving a lecture on how to clean up your mess, you resume getting ready to go home at my command.
  Content now that I have completely wrecked your marriage I lean over as if I might kiss you. You lean in for what you think will be a kiss. Instead I take your wallet & laugh. Taking $100 for myself as your face turns a bright shade of red. I hand you your wallet back & give the semi aroused cock in your pants a good rub. After the reality of your Findom sets in you comply. Writing me a check on the spot.
“Have no illusions slave if you do all I ask I will allow you the privledge of watching me cum. ” ” Then milking your dick as I piss in your mouth & licking my cunt. ”  “However , you will never fuck me.”  Now you may kiss your superior Goddess & wave good bye”. Obediently you kiss my cheek & meekly utter, “Thank you Goddess.”
Know your place during Seduction Phone Sex!
“That is how you shall Meet greet & depart from your Goddess  from now on,”   I pick up my purse and move to the door.  “Oh yes one more thing my darling professor.”  “Reaching into my designer purse I  pull out a pair of my soiled silky lace panties.  “You will smell & savor these every day until the scent is gone.”
However no jerking off by yourself.”  ” Do not even think of milking your cock & emptying your balls outside of my presence.” ” Don’t think to fool me, I shall know…Then you will loose your Goddess forever.”  My threat hangs in the air, Fear washes over your face. ” Nnnnoooo Goddess I will obey you!.” You stammer in a pathetic reply.
Serve your Seduction Phone Sex Goddess!
Completely amused I laugh as I exit your office.  Long to amuse me? Want to be owned & serve your perfect mistress? Being owned by your Gorgeous Sexy Goddess is an honor bestowed on but a few. Show your obedience when you call me for our sessions. Don’t forget to give me a tribute as well. Generous slaves always get more attention.
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Naughty Mommy Phonesex

Looking for Naughty Mommy Phonesex  ?

Good old fashioned family fun is perfect for Naughty Mommy Phonesex! Does mommy catch you jerking off again? Or maybe mommy catches you watching her in the shower?

Naughty Mommy Phonesex gets dirty!

Maybe you have been spying on mommy service her many lovers? Have you been licking mommy’s dirty panties again? Jerking off to the nudes you took off mommy’s phone? Those nudes were meant for my boyfriends not for you!

Naughty Mommy Phonesex
Naughty Mommy Phonesex

Should I tell your daddy? You know what he will do.  How would daddy feel about your family fun phonesex? Maybe Mommy blackmail’s you?  You become my personal pussy licker to keep your dark secret.

Sneaky Naughty Mommy Phonesex

I know you stand over me at night and touch yourself.  Mommy pretended to be asleep. Mommy knew you pulled open my nighty and rubbed my nipples as you jerked off. My dirty boy came so hard rubbing all over mommies nipples.  What a dirty pervert you are.

Maybe the tables turn and daddy doesn’t know mommy’s a slut!  Naughty Mommy Phonesex  Might be how you blackmail mommy into getting what you want! Is it time for some family fun?

Make mommy get on her knees and suck your big boy cock. Mommy doesn’t need to breathe she just needs to suck dick. Then you force mommy on the bed and tie her up.

Once mommy is all tied up you can fuck all mommies holes during incest rape play.  You tell mommy to get ready to take your big dick in her tight little ass.

You tell mommy its ok if it hurts. That’s what mommy gets for cheating on daddy and dressing like a whore. Cry mommy cry ! You make mommy take your big boy dick hard and deep.

Perhaps your a bit more innocent and shy. Mommy wants to cheer you up because you had a hard day at school. During Incest Ageplay  Mother son phone sex can get very kinky.

All the girls at college tease you. Everyone knows your a virgin. Let mommy draw you a nice warm bath and soap up your cock and balls. Oh my look how hard you are for mommy. Want mommy to get into the tub with you. Its ok you can soap up mommies big tits.

Lets dry off and snuggle in bed. Mommy can show you exactly what to do with your big dick during  Naughty Mommy Phonesex!

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Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

 Little Dick Humiliation?

Need a bit of Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex? I know some of you have tiny little cocks and love to be laughed at. You like to slip on sexy lacy panties (Some of you bought some of my panties and are wearing them right now). You love hearing about how pathetic your tiny sorry excuse for a dick is .

Cross dressing Little Dick Humiliation?

Crossdressing is a popular favorite with many of you.  Going beyond just the sexy panties. Putting on thigh highs, garter belts,Little Dick Humiliation Bra’s and heels. Applying makeup and even donning very well styled wigs. Even putting a sexy little dress . Or two piece skirt and top outfit or sexy costume to go with the lingerie.

You have a dirty secret to go along with your love of cross dressing little dick humiliation. You love having your tight little sissy fuck hole filled with my strapon (or your butt plug).

Filling your tight little man pussy with a strapon or butt plug 3-6 times the size of your dick . Which isn’t hard lol when your cock is only an inch or two (and that’s being generous).

Little Dick Humiliation  strapon play !

Sissy J begged for me to put his panties pic in my blog. J knows he is a pathetic looser with a tiny dick so small its not even a dick at all. Actually its more like a man clit *snickers.

When J pulls down his pants all the women laugh including me. He will do anything to get close to a woman’s pussy. Sissy J will dress up in humiliating clothing . Wearing makeup and wigs. fucking his own ass with a butt plug! Having his ass filled with my strapon!


Laughing at your Little Dick Humiliation!

He loves to jerk it for me and my girlfriends on the phone like the pathetic cuck he is. That’s if he can  even get his  dick up *snickers.  Tiny worthless dick no body wants to fuck.

What can someone like me even do with it? I would need a pair of tweezers for that tiny little shriveled up thing.  We love to prance him around all dressed up. Dressed in lingerie heels and a cheer leading uniform! Walking like a cross dressing faggot in front of my girlfriends!


extra mean during Little Dick Humiliation.

When J sent me his dick pick and begged me to post it on my twitter and my blog I called all my girlfriends.  I told him I try to keep my twitter clean but I would totally put it on my blog *giggles. Joann, Mai, Kaylee, and Lynn laughed so hard when they saw how tiny his dick really was.

We have been laughing at him all night.  He begged me to put him in my blog. He wants everyone all my callers & my girlfriends to know how tiny useless and pathetic his little tiny sorry excuse for a penis really is.

I mean apart from the fact he is horribly woefully inadequate in the dick department … He will do anything to get me and my girlfriends to talk about him. He is so proud of this tiny little wiggling worm between his legs.

I bet he is reading this blog with his dick pic in it right now and fapping to the fact the entire world knows he is such a small dick looser. ( He wants me to let you know in real life he has a fat one when it gets nice and hard but loves humiliation phone sex.)


Loyal sissies love my Little Dick Humiliation.

J has been sharing his little dick with me since 2014. And I never get tired of laughing at how tiny it is over the phone. I know he is so excited reading this blog right now!

” *Ha ha* Bitch Boy!!! Rub your little man clitty for me like the sissy you are ! You small dick, pathetic ,tiny little pencil dick, worthless small
cocked  shrimp dick loser.  Your such a looser I had to blow up your picture to 300x just to tell that tiny little flesh colored thing was a penis. *Snickers!

Little dick bitch

I know some of you can identify with J. Your little dicks are just throbbing and aching for me to humiliate you too. Some are bold enough to beg to be in my blogs. Others are  just small dick cross dressing faggot loosers  who beg for the verbal pain. But also major pussies, because you don’t have the balls to let me post your picture. (no pun intended lol).

No Just kidding, Not everyone wants me to publish their nudes. (though some like J beg for the privilege) . There are levels of humiliation from a light to over the top. But if you beg me to be super mean of course I will (watch what you wish for! ).

I have a sweet sultry erotic side too. Not all me and J’s calls are about  humiliation and cross dressing phone sex. Sometimes we enjoy mutual masturbation too.  I promise complete discretion when you call me (Unless you beg me to be the star of one of my blogs ).

Speaking of sweet side…. How about some free phone sex? Free phone sex how sweet is that? All my girlfriends and I are giving away free phone sex this month (and all year if you enter our free phone sex contest) Read this blog on our group website for more details.

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Bisexual phone sex

I try to keep the urge to have Bisexual phone sex to myself, but lately it’s been coming up more than it usually does. When I was  younger I use to have threesomes with my roommate and her boyfriend. He loved watching her eat my pussy as he jerked off. She really knew how to use her tongue rather well which kept me squirting. Not too long ago, she reached out to me asking if we could meet up and hang out like old times. I of course accepted her invitation.

We met up at her new house that she shared with her husband. She was a regular housewife who spent her husband’s’ money while he worked long hours. This was the lifestyle she always wanted so I wasn’t surprised to see that she was living it. We sat and chatted over tea and cookies reminiscing about the old days. At one point she excused herself for an extended amount of time. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, her tongue was buried in my honey pot.

I was moaning so loudly that I almost didn’t notice a handsome man standing there watching us. He started taking off his pants and jerking his meat while my friend made me cum for the third time. I figured the man was her husband and wanted to see lesbian phone sex. After I squirted in her mouth once more, she got on top of me and we bumped vaginas while her husband nutted on their marble floors

Call me and confess your Bisexual phone sex fantasies to me. I can’t wait to learn exactly what makes you tick. Let me help you with that big hard dick!

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Mutual masturbation


Mutual masturbation

Last night one of my horny phone sex boyfriends decided he wanted something special. He wanted something that only I could give him that’s he never tried before. When he called me and explained that he wanted Mutual masturbation phonesex. 

He always had this fantasy about his sister. He knew that incest was taboo but he wanted to live out his fantasies of sitting across the room from her touching himself. It was so hot sliding under the cover s with him and waking him up unexpectedly.

After all here we are all alone. The house is ours. We can sit across the bed from each other and look at each others naked bodies. Instructing each other how to explore the other.  The urge to want to span the distance and lock into a wet sloppy 69 was intense. But for now we were going to watch each other cum.

He wanted to see how it would feel for him and another woman to masturbate together and guide one another. I laid back on the bed and searched my body with my soft gentle hands. He told me he wanted me to search for my g-spot and grab onto my breasts at the same time in guided masturbation phone sex.

While I was exploring my body, he began stroking his cock. His already hard manhood was standing at attention when he began jerking it back and forth. My erect nipples were just waiting for someone to put their mouth on them but it wasn’t that kind of party.

I continued searching for my g-spot, hoping to make my pussy purr soon. He could hear my slight moans which made him even harder. I told him to grab his cock and jerk it harder so that we could both cum together. I told him exactly how I wanted him to touch himself during JOI phone sex .

He jerked harder and harder while I finally jammed my fingers into my love box letting all of my juices release. When we both finally came, it was loud, hot, and wet. Before we parted ways, he told me he couldn’t wait for next time and wanted an even hotter session than before. Call me for your masturbation phone sex fantasy!


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Erotic GFE phone sex

Tease and denial phone sex _V - Copy

Looking for unforgettable Erotic red hot GFE phone sex? I love talking to intelligent, passionate, horny men just like you for one on one live phone sex fun. Tired of lonely cold nights? You are never alone when we play. Call me anytime, for kinky adult fun or one on one play time. Want some naughty attention? I can’t wait to hear all about your most intimate desires. I love to flirt and tease. I know exactly how to treat a wonderful amazing man who desires the company of a woman with plenty of passion to share. Why stroke that big bone alone? Lets cum together. I am a warm down to earth lady who enjoys mutual masturbation on the phone. I will be your lover and your friend (even your phone sex girlfriend). You can call me after a long hard day at the office. I would love to hear all your kinky fantasies. I will do the taboo things Miss nice won’t.  We can enjoy an erotic adventure together like tease and denial phone sex or just enjoy some sweet pillow talk. Everything from mild to wild, kinky to taboo. When intelligent conversation with a down to earth woman with a kind heart and a sense of humour is what your looking for call me. We can be friends, playmates and everything in between. I love bringing your rock hard pulsating man meat to the edge of orgasm as I play with my hot wet dripping pussy.  Consider this a safe place to experiment with phone sex and confess your deepest darkest sensual secrets. Take me hand and give yourself permission to experience pleasure When you call me for GFE phone sex.

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Hot tub fantasies and Mutual masturbation phone sex


Hot tub fantasies and Mutual masturbation phone sex

Me and my girlfriends decided to take a trip to Belize to get away from our hectic lives. We were staying at one of the best hotels right near the beautiful turquoise waters Belize has to offer. After a long night out with my friends, I stumbled into my hotel room and decided to use the hot tub. As I stepped into the hot tub, my nipples instantly perked up when the water splashed onto my naked body. I laid there with my eyes closed enjoying every moment of my vacation. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see a man in the hot tub with me. I figured out that I was in the wrong hotel room and instantly jumped up. He told me I could stay as long as I liked and began rubbing my shoulders and telling me about his hot tub fantasies. His hands moved down to my pussy and he began fingering me while nibbling on my neck. I held onto his hand and moved along with him as I felt myself getting ready to climax. The bubbles in the hot tub made me cum even harder as my pussy juices leaked into the tub. I rubbed on his cock and began kissing him during mutual masturbation phone sex. I massaged his cock and began stroking it harder as the jets and bubbles in the hot tub grew stronger and made his manhood even harder. I climbed on top of him and rode him before he came and passed out in no taboos phone sex. Who knew a total accident could lead to some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

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Live phone sex


live phone sex _ Victoria

I love live phone sex were we can play one on one. Do you love the sounds a woman makes when she is excited? Can I seduce you into touching yourself?  Ever dreamed of having a live phone sex girl all to yourself? Someone you can tell all of your deepest dark desires to and have her fulfill your every need? Well look no further. I love everything about phone sex and enjoy giving tasty phone sex to those looking for a special treat. The wonderful thing about phone sex is that it can be anything you want it to be. If you have any fantasy that you have been wanting to act out, but have been too scared or haven’t found the right person to do it with, I’m here to help you. Even if you’re new to phone sex and not sure exactly what you would like, you’ve come to the right place. Phone sex with me, Victoria, is always adventurous and very sexy. I tempt my kinky phone sex lovers with my ultra sultry voice and make them crave me even in their dreams. As soon as I pick up the phone and say hello, you will instantly be addicted. For those into the raunchier side of phone sex, give me a call letting me know exactly what you want, and I’m sure I can accommodate you. Phone boning is an art that not everyone can handle. However, I find everything about phone sex very seductive. You can call me just about anywhere and I’ll always be sure to stimulate your mind and cock. The phone sex I offer is always live and very discreet. I offer some of the best prices and greatest deals on the world wide web. Think of me as your one stop shop for all things sexy. I love when clients call in and tell me how much they’ve missed me and my pussy and can’t wait to stick their big thick cocks inside of me and cum everywhere imaginable. You pulling on my hair, whispering in my ear, always makes me horny and gets me extra wet. I do like to tease a bit to get you ready for an unforgettable phone sex experience. Often while I’m waiting by the phone for a call, I think about all of the naughty phone sex calls I’ve had. My nipples get hard and my legs begin to shake a little as I remember the good phone sex I dished out. All live phone sex conversations between you and I will always remain a secret. We could even make it a little game of ours. You could call me while you’re at work so I can tease you and get you ready for our live phone sex session during the evening right before you go to bed. You get harder and harder as I moan for you letting you know that I’m playing with my pink pussy and it’s dripping wet. Your cock grows in your pants and you imagine my lips wrapped tightly around it. You each your hands into your pants and slowly pull your cock out for me. I want to savor every moment as you stroke your big dick and I finger my sweet pussy. Before you hang up you tell me you will call me this evening so I can give you a good phone fuck. I await your call…My Seduction phone sex is unforgettable.

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Guided Masturbation

I long to please you with Guided Masturbation.

Every time I pick up my phone to take a guided masturbation phone sex call, excitement runs all throughout my body. The second I hear your voice on the other end, I instantly become infatuated with pleasing you in any way possible. As you tell me what you want and how you want it. When we play I begin painting a picture in my mind of how I will please you.

 I am here to make all of your phone sex fantasies come true.

 I won’t stop until you cum. As I describe what I am doing to you, I open up my legs and slide two fingers into my hot wet pussy. I love telling you exactly how I’m rubbing the shaft of your cock and teasing the tip of your big mushroom head with my tongue. I love how a mans voice gets deeper as he tells me more about his guided masturbation phone sex fantasy. Do you want me to keep on teasing you with my sweet voice and vivid imagination? Or would you prefer a hot and heavy mutual masturbation session?

Let me show you.

I love to instruct you how to stroke your cock slowly and softly, then faster with urgent need. I want you to picture me with my perky breasts and warm mouth hovering over your cock and swallowing every inch of you balls deep. I thoroughly delight in your moans as you begin to moan louder as you tell me to close my eyes and play with my clit and dive my slender fingers or toy in and out of my delicious honey pot.

I let out some of the sweetest lustful moans as my pussy gets wetter from hearing you grunting over the phone and guiding me to climax. I want to feel every inch of you deep inside of me. I love it when you take your time and tell me how perfect my body is and how sweet my pussy feels on your cock. Can you picture yourself slowly penetrating my pussy and feeding me your cock like it’s the last thing I’ll ever get. Do you long to hear my sweet sexy noises as I slide my toy in and out nice and deep?

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