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In Ass Worship Phone Sex I use my hot ass & female charm to seduce you. My soft sultry sexy voice lulling you to satisfaction. Underneath my dress I rub my white thong. Seducing you with my full ass & tiny top barely covering my perky tits. Nipples poking out at you playfully.

You practically run to my area of the nude beach to service me. Begging for my attention. As you vie for the privledge of applying sun tan lotion all over me.Ass Worship Phone Sex When you get to my perfect ass you take your time. Rubbing back and forth across my skin. Massaging my ass in circles getting closer to my pussy. Playfully I part my legs allowing you a a view of my tight little ass.

Boldly  during Ass Worship Phone Sex you plant kisses all over my ass. Allowing your affections I pull my cheeks apart. Revealing to you my tight little rose bud. Crawling under my beach blanket you begin tongue fucking my ass. Your tongue exploring every inch deep inside of me.

Lick my cunt from behind then back to my ass.  Your mouth forming a tight seal. Sucking around my ass as you suck. I raise slowly situating my pussy upon your mouth. Sliding my bottoms to the side. Allowing you the privledge of tasting how creamy you made my hot wet cunt. Ass Worship Phone Sex continues whenever you call me. Rubbing your cock all over my nice round ass.

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Naughty Group phone sex Fun


I love having a little Naughty group phone sex fun on beaches especially nude ones. My friend and I teach a couples class on a nude beach. Now this of course isn’t your regular group of couples. We don’t just talk about our feelings; we act on them. We meet once a week, for a two hour session, sometimes longer, and teach the couples on how to please one another. I find it very important to explore anything and everything that deals with sex. There are many ways to please your partner and you don’t want to limit yourself to just one way.

In this particular session, we were teaching the males how to impregnate their lovers. For the entire session we took our time and made everyone feel comfortable. As I entered the session with my partner, I greeted all of the couples who were already standing there naked. “Good evening everyone! I hope you all are ready for a very special night. We are going to be teaching you how to impregnate your lovers this evening.

So ladies, please help your male partners lay on their backs” I said. As the ladies helped their lovers lay on their backs, my partner Mark and I, faced them to see their reactions to the task at hand. We were getting ready to have some fun. “Now that you have laid your partner down ladies, admire his penis. Look at it, touch it, and get yourself ready for the next step” I said in a flirty way. My partner Mark whispered to me softly in my ear, “Let’s show them how it’s done.”

I giggled right before I directed the couples to get ready for their next task and Mark laid down on his back. “Now ladies pay attention to every word I say. You are now going to suck your man’s penis. Do not simply tease the tip. Really stroke his shaft with both your tongue and your hand. You want him to be begging for your vagina when you’re done” I instructed.

As the ladies began to inhale their men’s penis, I gave them further instructions. My job was to guide them in every way possible and reach their goal of the men impregnating their partners. “Massage his hard steel pipe with your mouth. Your mate needs to feel your entire mouth around his penis. Don’t be afraid to use your homemade lubrication; your spit” I said to the ladies as Mark began to massage my shoulders as I sucked his penis. As the couples were there fully enjoying one another out in the open on the beach, I could not help but be turned on. I loved watching sexual acts especially ones that were out in public.

That’s why I began teaching this class. Even though it was night time, people were still walking around the nude beach, watching us. Another couple even wanted to join in on the impregnation phone sex fun and I let them. The more the merrier. One couple in particular was really getting down and dirty in the front row. The female made her partner’s penis completely disappear with her mouth. He was loving every minute of the experience. You could tell he was restraining himself from cumming and drenching her mouth with his special sauce.

By this point my vagina was dripping sweet juices that trickled down my leg. I wanted Mark inside of me so bad, so I began to show the ladies how to actually suck a penis and drain a man. I got down on my knees and sucked Mark’s penis so hard. He was the loudest of all the men. “Okay ladies let’s switch it up a bit. Men it’s time for you to devour your woman’s vagina. Make her want to push your head down there as she squirms. You want to eat her vagina like it’s the best thing you’ve had in a long time” I said.

The women quickly jumped onto their men’s faces and began to ride them. All you could hear was loud moaning. Every woman was holding onto their man’s head like they were going to pass out. I knew that everyone was extremely turned on at this point and ready to get into action. After about 15 minutes of vagina licking, I switched gears. “Ladies get onto your hands and knees and get ready to be penetrated by your man. Men insert your penis into your woman’s hot and ready vagina” I said to all of the couples.

As soon as I said insert, the men were thrusting themselves deeply into their women’s vagina. I had to make sure they were going at the right speed. “Now you guys don’t go too fast right now. Do simple slow strokes. You want to get the vagina ready for you to shoot your hot semen into it. So you have to loosen her up a bit. You can pick up the pace again after a few more strokes” I said to the men. As the men went slower I could hear the women’s moans get louder. Since the men slowed down their speed, the women were ultimately more aroused.

“Men you can pull on their hair a little if you want to get a little kinky. I know it may be getting hard for you all not to cum. I now you’ve been holding it in. But Mark will instruct you all on when it’s time for you to cum. We will cum as a group” I said as Mark began thrusting his penis harder and harder inside of me. Mark looked like he was getting ready to explode his semen deep within my hot wet love hole.

He opened up his mouth while moaning and said “Okay in the count of three we will all ejaculate our semen into our ladies.” My vagina was dripping wet and I knew it had Marks penis completely covered in juices. After Mark said 3, everyone came inside of their women. Onlookers couldn’t help but stand there in amazement. Every couple was completely drained and satisfied. “Now in a few weeks we should all know who has some good sperm” I said as I wrapped up the orgy phone sex class.

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