Threesome Phone Sex

Threesome Phone Sex

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Your hot wife surprised you with Threesome Phone Sex  .  She said you were getting trained today but you had no idea it would be like this. It wasn’t long before you came home and saw us together.  Imagine your shock when you saw your wife in my lap.  I’m an amazon at 5’11 in heels compared to your 5’2 wife.

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We were making out, my hands rubbing all her nice big tits. You came in quite surprised and cleared your throat. “Excuse me, are you the trainer?” you asked.  I smiled and ordered you to strip. “Yes, I am your personal sex trainer!”  Your wife called me to cum train you to learn how to please her!”.  Today we will start with some pussy licking as a warm up.

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Then the real work out will be Threesome Phone Sex training. You looked to your wife very confused.  She motioned for you to do as you were told. Soon you were out of your cloths. Hard dick standing up at attention at being dominated. I told you to get on your hands and knees. Sliding down beside the chair, I pulled your wife’s panties & workout shorts off.

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After training you how to lick and suck that hot  wet pussy right I showed you how to rub her clit. You never saw your wife squirt before until me.  I rubbed your wife’s hot clit as you licked her hot wet cunt.  You were hungry hot and ready to fuck but not yet. When your wife came I ordered you to lay on the bed. Head on the opposite end waiting for her pussy. Your wife sat on your face. I ordered you to suck her clit  during  Threesome Phone Sex 69.

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You watched as I put on a double ended vibrating strap on.  16 inches long, 8 inches going in each her and I.  Both our hot wet cunts getting filled up. I began to penetrate your wife nice and slow. My back arching as I worked my hips from left to right in and out. You couldn’t believe how well I fucked your wife . It wasn’t long before I slid a lip balm sized vibrator up your ass too!  Instructing your wife to suck your hard cock . You and your wife sucked each other off as I fucked her nice and deep. She was cumming so hard her cum was pouring down your face.

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Then your wife and I got on our knees and got your dick hard all over again. I laid your hot wife down on her back and got to work eating her cunt. Instructing you to fuck me from behind as she watched. I want your cock balls deep in this hot wet cunt of mine! Telling you both to use me as your orgasm trainer. Face down in your wife’s pussy as you pound my pussy hard. Making both of you cum hard during Threesome Phone Sex!

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