Olympic phonesex

Olympic phonesex

Ready for my Olympic phonesex?

It’s almost that time of year where men go crazy for their favorite Olympic teams. That also means that it’s almost time for me to go crazy all over your cock in Olympic phonesex. I am Team USA and I love to spoil my phone lovers world wide.

I just love games don’t you?

I always find this time of year very special. My phone sex boyfriends gather around and watch the Olympic games, while I serve them mind blowing phonesex that they enjoy all night long.

I love it when we push the limits together!

There’s no limit to how freaky and twisted my mind can get. Every year I come up with new Olympic phonesex games for the event. Sometimes me and my friends bet on the different teams and whoever wins, gets to fuck me for as many times as the winning team scored.

Team USA

Wanna score?

Or other times I’ll have my phone sex lovers call me for taboo phone sex and I’ll jump in their lap the entire time their watching the Olympic games. They’re usually too hard to focus on the game, so I get to devour every inch of their throbbing hardness while they try to focus on the tv.

You always win with me!

It’s very exciting to see a horny man focus on two things at once, especially when one of them has nothing to do with sex. I can’t wait to give out hot oral phone sex after the games.

This will be a summer you will never forget!

That’s always my favorite part of the game. This year I have a lot of fun activities planned out for Olympic phonesex like mutual masturbation phonesex olympics . I love finding out which one of us can compete to have the most orgasms. Think you can make my hot wet pussy cum? Give me a call to make this year one that you’ll remember!

No matter what  Olympic phonesex team you are on we can have fun that never stops! What happens during Rio 2016 stays and I will never tell. I will keep all your dirty little secrets! Take a break from the Olympic games and Call me for all you fetishes and fantasies. Be sure to ask me about and enjoy one of my Olympic phonesex specials below….

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