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I think my Sissy boy phonesex lover neighbor has been stalking me.

Every time I leave the house he’s outside waiting on me to take me somewhere. It’s getting a little creepy, but I’m actually flattered that I’m always on his mind. His wife still has no idea that I’m giving him sissy boy phone sex training! She thinks he’s fixing things when he’s at my house for hours. I decided to give his wife the shock of her life the other day.

I will only humiliate you if you beg for it!

He confided in me he loves being  humiliated .  His deepest humiliation phone sex fantasy is for his wife to catch him. He wants his wife to find out his dirty little secret. He begged me to tell her what a Pathetic sissy he is.

His wife had no idea!

I told my sissy boy to invite me over to his house in the morning after his wife left for work so I could take some pictures of him in his new bra and panty set. He looked so cute in his new outfit so I took over fifty pictures. While he was cleaning up his place, I called over to his wife’s job and told the receptionist that it was an emergency and that Mrs. Williams had to come home right away. I put up all of the pictures I took of my sissy slut all around the house and quietly left.

My Sissy will never be the same!

While I waited in the bushes for his wife to come home, I laughed to myself thinking about the mess I was creating. As soon as his wife pulled up and ran into the house, I started laughing hysterically. All I heard was her yelling and him crying like a little girl. It was hilarious! I went home satisfied with my work and took a long nap.

It wasn’t long before my sissy was begging for more!

Now that his wife knew he looked better in her lingerie then she did…he wanted more. We decided to take his Sissy training to the next level. It was time to trade in his Strap on dick for a real one! I can’t wait for him to take his very first cock!

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