Confession phone sex

The one thing I love about Berlin, is that it’s known for pleasure, passion, and sin. I often dream of having group phone sex in the red light district of Berlin. Everyone in this section of town knows how to fulfill their deepest darkest fantasies and have no problem letting others know  exactly how to please them. There’s this mysterious dark club in a seedy part of town. It doesn’t even look like a club, but more like an abandoned building.

As soon as I walked up to the club to open the large red  door, my ears perked up to the sound of lustful moans. I immediately enter and see large plush beds everywhere that are surrounded by sheer curtains and couples having group phone sex. I watch the couples’ body movements as they please every inch of their lovers bodies and fill their mouths up with their love juice. I walk around the entire club with a iced cosmo that the sexy bartender who was wearing nothing but a silk tie gave me. The erotic moans emanating througout the elegant smokey room, as enchanting music plays makes the walls vibrate, sends vibrations through my body making  my already moist pussy begin to twitch. I walked into a dark back room that was covered in rose petals. When I turned to the right all I could see was three men and women enjoying anything goes phone sex, in a tub filled with milk. I quickly found my hand inside my panties massaging my swollen clit as I watched their bodies move and slide into each other. Their bodies fit like a lock and key. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this perfect scene of pleasure passion and sin. Our eyes met as I watched them satiate themselves in each others pleasure. I felt my pulse quicken, my hot wet vagina throb as I orgasmed with them in this dark room of sensual lust and forbidden desires. Imagine my surprise when you sit at my feet and lick my sugary sweet honey pot. Do you like the taste of my sex? I cum again on your throbbing dick as you pin me against the wall. Your man meat claims my pussy as our confession phone sex session came to an end. Of course, Our adventure doesn’t end as you slide your cock moistened with our juices upon my lips. I know you will be back for more. My body awaits your next call. I cannot wait to fulfill all your desires.

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