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Do you love guided masturbation phone sex? Want me to tell you exactly how to touch,rub and stroke that big hard cock of yours? Do you have a favorite kind of panties you love to stroke your self with during our red hot phone sex? One of my hottest phone lovers adores dark blue ones.  I love hearing exactly how kinky you want to get for me. Want me to touch myself too? I have a big eight inch vibrator I would love to bring into our kinky phone sex session. Tell me how and where you want me to put my big hard toy. Which hot wet fuck hole will I stick this big dildo in?  You decide! Shall it be my juicy wet cunt or my tight little ass? Or perhaps You need this dildo more than I do perhaps? Maybe you want me to pump both my hot and nasty holes and suck that big toy clean for you? We can bring nasty role plays into our hot and nasty phone fucking too. Maybe you have a secret fantasy about public masturbation. Have you ever jerked off in public? Or maybe your girlfriend puts on some porn and invites a few friends over to watch you  stroke it! I would love to talk about all your public phone sex fantasies.

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Panty Lover phone sex


Panty lover phone sex fantasies are extremely sexy to me.  I love thinking of how it would be to go into a public place wearing nothing but my dark blue panties, and masturbating out in the open.  A few of my clients love public masturbation phone sex and enjoy just thinking of the many scenarios we can act out over the phone.  Me and a girlfriend of mine love finding vulnerable men to play with out in public.  Usually we’ll go to the mall together and look around for our first victim of the day. We’ll go into the mall and walk around, passing different stores. We’ll start touching one another and then start tongue kissing. We automatically catch the attention of all the men around us.

That’s when our show begins. We keep walking until we get towards the bathrooms as a man continues to follow us. I start fingering my friends pussy as the lucky man begins to french kiss me. I expose my dark blue panties to him and he begins reaching into them. I tell him that we want to see him masturbate. He pulls out his massive 8 inch cock and begins to stroke it. He looks into my eyes as I keep finger fucking my girlfriend, getting her ready to squirt.  His cock gets harder as he watches my girlfriend cum hard. My fingers are covered in her juices. My girlfriend leaves and I tell the guy to zip up his pants so we can go somewhere.

We walk to a lingerie shop as the mall is getting ready to close. I pick out a few items to try on and have him follow me into the dressing room. I pull out a pocket pussy and begin to jerk him off while I finger myself. I try to make my moans low, but the more I finger myself the louder I become. He begins to lick my pussy while he mounts me up on the wall. I moan louder and we hear a knock on the door.

The dressing room attendant asks if everything is okay, but I’m too busy getting my pussy ate to give an answer. She unlocks the door and sees what we’re doing and joins in on the fun. She begins to take off her clothes and begins to masturbate too. She masturbates to me getting my pussy licked and and eaten. She looks at his huge bulging cock and lays down and begins to suck it. She swallows his cock and balls whole. A porn clips comes on in the lingerie shop, and as we’re having our fun we begin to watch it. I begin fingering the girls’ pussy while we watch him jerk off in a pocket pussy for us.

I can feel myself getting ready to cum, so I lean back and enjoy an epic orgasm. We both bend over and suck his big hard dick and wait for the cream filling to flow. He shoots his cum into my mouth and I spit hot  sweet cream into hers and then we begin to kiss during cum eating phone sex.

Good to the last drop! Want to enjoy this naughty Panty Lover phone sex fantasy with me? Call me, Lets see where this goes!

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