Cross dress Phonesex

Cross dress Phonesex - Copy

One of my kinky phone sex lovers can’t get enough of wearing my pretty silky lacy lingerie. Whenever he thinks I’m not at home, I catch him wearing my bright red silky cami and black sheer lacy panties. He’ll prance around the house taking pictures of himself and even use my dildo to make himself cum. One day I decided to stay around and let him know that I actually know what he’s doing when he thinks I’m not around. I pretended to close the front door and waited near the entrance of the house as he ran to my bedroom to get ready for crossdress phone sex. I walked quietly towards my bedroom and saw him admiring himself in the mirror while wearing my black panties. I crept up behind him and started rubbing his cock through my panties. He immediately jumped up and then started moaning once he began to enjoy my smooth hands on his manhood. I seduced him further by kissing on him and putting my hands into his panties stroking his cock harder. Secretly I’ve always had a kinky bisexual side that I love exploring during erotic role plays like this. He couldn’t help but moan out louder as I pulled his cock outside of  his panties and teased it with the tip of my tongue. I massaged his sissy dick with my mouth and milked it until every last drop of hot creamy cum was in my hungry mouth. The more he jerked his lady cock in my mouth the more I enjoyed our last moments of role reversal.

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