Seductive phonesex games

Seductive phonesex games

I’ve been thinking of some Seductive phonesex games to play with my phone lovers. I love how create my gentlemen get with their fantasies. Do you have a secret role play you long to explore?

Lets bring back Romance

I really enjoy romantic slow sensual fantasies. We all know that I enjoy being a seductress and teasing men with my curves and sexy talk. A bit of edge play is so satisfying. Long for the slow burn? The build up of with lots of flirting? Naughty phone sex role play that leads to an explosive orgasm for both of us?

Satisfying your every desire.

I find myself constantly getting wet in between my legs when a new one of my lovers approaches me with a new roleplay phone sex scenario.  My thighs shake at the very thought of the lover I spoke to last week. He knew all the right sexual buttons to push. I love a man who can get in my head.

Longing for you.

Just this morning I woke up thinking about him. I couldn’t help but slide my long pink dildo in and out of my hot wet honey pot. My hips thrusting upwards as I creamed all over my toy. Orgasm after orgasm. Our calls are so vivid not only do I cum on the phone but I play with myself later thinking of all your kinky fantasies.

Have you ever experienced something so hot that it made you dream about it day in and day out? That’s how I feel when it comes to my sexy roleplays. I love making someone’s kinky fantasies come true when they least expect it.

Seductive role play.

The other day one of my lovers asked me if we could play for a special treat. I’m always up for something new and exciting so of course I indulged his fantasy. When he got to his special spot, he asked me to seductively strip off my clothes and meet him on the roof. Once I got up there I was so excited to see rose petals and champagne. We kissed with Champagne on my lips. Then he poured some on my nipples. Flicking every drop off with his long wet tongue. 

Get me wet.

As soon as he began kissing my neck, I felt a few drops of rain hit my forehead. I thought about running back inside, but then I thought about how sexy it would be to have sex outside in the rain. There we are on the roof as he is slowly grinding his fat hard cock deep inside me. Looking deep into me with his sexy brown eyes. His intense gaze as his strong hands pinned me down. His cock bottoming out deep inside me. My thighs shaking and my pussy quivering with pleasure. Wave after wave of orgasm.

Explore your desires.

My love box got even wetter as he stroked my face before fucking me yet again  from behind. First he explored my tight little ass with his long thick tongue. I moaned so loudly. Then deep guttural moans as he fucked me.

Grabbing my hips and pounding me like a piston. Forcing all his creamy thick cum deep inside me. I came so hard on his dick while the rain drops rolled off my back. The possibilities for Seductive phonesex games are endless. Want to hear more? Give me a call! I love making your dreams cum true.