A trip to the Dentist turns into Naughty Nurse Phone Sex

Naughty Nurse Phone Sex

Do you have a Naughty Nurse Phone Sex fantasy? As a dental phone sex nurse my job is to always make my patients feel comfortable and at ease. I love taking care of all of my clients and making them hot while I take care of all of their needs. One day the police captain of my town came into the office after a shift to get his teeth cleaned. As soon as he walked through the door, I escorted him over to my dental hygienists chair. I secured his arms and legs and placed a bib around his neck. I leaned over in front of him as I made sure the bib I was placing around him was secure and he began gawking at my cleavage, while getting him all worked up for tease and denial phone sex by kissing his neck and whispering sweetly into his ear. Very Seductively I bent down and began rubbing his crotch while I massage his muscular shoulders. He begins biting his lip and rolling his eyes to the back of his head as I took out his hard throbbing man meat and began planting a line of lustful kisses onto his erect pulsating cock. Once I released him from his chair I knew I was in for some hot and naughty phone sex fun. Full of lust He tears off his bib and pinned me against the wall. He opens my legs wide and fingers me in seductive phone sex. I took his cock in inch by inch into my tight and ready pussy. He gives me ten hard thrusts until he finds my juicy spot that bursts upon impact during our Sensual  phone sex role play.

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