Playing with Fire while teasing a sexy firefighter


Edge play phone sex_1

I was headed to one of my phone lovers offices for a tease and denial phone sex session when I walked into the elevator that already had a sexy occupant. This sexy firefighter was tucked away in the back of the elevator looking sexier than ever. As I began walking towards him, the elevator jerked and the power went out. He told me to stay calm and tried to get the emergency system to work. I wasn’t worried about the elevator going out at all. The only thing on my mind was wrapping my lips around his cock. I teased the fireman for hours by massaging his shoulders and nibbling on his ear. I kept picturing him taking off his uniform and fucking me until help came in a seduction role play. I could see his cock rising in his pants and saw him finally giving in. He begged to fuck my mouth and fill it with his seeds, so I gave him exactly what he wanted. I tugged on his pants, pulled out his cock , and began deep throating it. I teased the tip with my tongue and swallowed every inch of him in cock sucking phone sex. As I stroked his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other, I could hear voices coming towards the elevator doors. I sucked him harder, trying to drain him of every drop of cum when he let out a loud moan releasing himself completely. I finally put out his fire.

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