Holiday phone sex fun

Holiday Phone Sex fun

Every year we have an office Christmas party for all Holiday phone sex fun employees. My boss always purchases the best drinks, food, and gifts for everyone.  Unfortunately, most of us get so drunk that we can’t even drive home. I was cleaning up a bit after the party and saw that it was almost midnight and I was the only one left in the office. There’s a hotel next door so all of the other employees usually go there after the party. I was getting ready to walk out when I heard a noise coming from my bosses office. I opened his door and began seducing him in seduction phone sex. He was craving every inch of my body and couldn’t wait to fuck me. I took off his pants and immediately shoved his cock into my mouth. I spit on it to make it sloppy enough to enter my pussy. After he was rock hard, I mounted him and rode him on our trip into ecstasy. I jumped around in his lap for what seemed like hours. I wanted his nut to explode inside of me and leave me completely satisfied. He gripped onto my breasts and started thrusting his throbbing man meat deep inside of me as I rode him hard. Once his thrusts got harder and stronger, I knew what time it was. Our office phone sex role play ended as soon as he let out a big moan and filled me up with hot semen. He said this was the best secretary phone sex he ever had. Call me, and let me make your night a bit merrier this Holiday season.

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Seduction phone sex


Seduction phone sex Victoria

Who desires a sweet taste of seduction phone sex? The other night I teased one of my phone lovers who craves roleplay. I was happy to be his naughty phone sex slut who couldn’t get enough of pleasing his rock hard cock. He had been craving my wet warm mouth all day and couldn’t wait to fuck every one of my holes. I visited him at this office dressed in a seductive red dress wearing no panties. I brought him a very tasty lunch. I sat on his desk and spread my legs wide open as he devoured my pussy. My sweet nectar quenched his thirst and had him begging for more. I jumped onto his lap and stroked his cock with my pussy. As I rode him, he kept letting out small little moans, making sure not to be too loud and alert his coworkers. As he was clenching my ass we heard a knock on the door. It was his secretary who was notifying him that his 3 o’clock client was here early and demanded to see him right away. I knew our fantasy phone sex session would have to end soon, but I wanted to keep him inside of me for as long as possible. I went underneath his desk and began sucking his cock as his client entered his office. I sucked his cock better than ever since there was someone else in the room. As soon as he busted a massive load of hot creamy cum into my mouth, I got up from underneath his desk and left. I would love to make every one of your seduction phone sex dreams cum true when we play! Call me and I will fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies.

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