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Have you ever had a Phone Sex Secret? A secret that was so tempting to tell, but could really turn into something really naughty. Well I have a saucy seductive phone sex secret that has been on my mind for a while now. It’s so sweet and tasty that I can feel it on the tip of my tongue whenever someone calls and asks me about it. It’s one of those things that you really shouldn’t tell, but it’s too tempting not to.

I’m sure you’ve been trying to figure out what my aching secret is and where it lies. Well I can give you a few sultry phone sex clues but I’m sure you’ll still be in the dark. My secret is something that only men with huge cocks have experienced. It’s something that’s tight, wet, divine and juicy. Something you probably have always dreamed about but never really knew what was going on. For you to guess what my secret is, you will have to dig deep into your extreme phone sex thoughts. Those thoughts you keep buried in the back of your mind will in fact explain the sultry secret that I’ve been keeping all to myself.

Are you still confused and trying to figure out what it is? The best thing you can do is call me so I give you more naughty clues and hints and then just maybe you’ll finally figure out what I’ve been holding onto for years. There’s only one way to find out what Phone Sex Secret I’m keeping. So give me a call today to find out. Give in to your hidden desires 😉

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Confession phonesex

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I like when my phone lovers call me and tell me all of their deepest Confession phonesex secrets.  Hearing the sexual desires of others and helping them reach their peak, completes my day and gets me off in more ways than one. As soon as I pick up the phone and hear your  voice and listen to your phone sex fantasy, I immediately start giving you  forbidden phone sex .  Maybe you need a nice long phone fuck after a long hard day at work. You’re looking for someone to sit in your lap and jump around in it while squeezing their pussy tightly around your cock locking you deep inside of them. I can give you everything you need and more. We all have sexy secrets that we want to tell during fetish phone sex. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to making your phone sex fantasies come true. As  your new phone sex mistress, I cherish each and every one of my live phone sex sessions and make sure to always give you exactly what you desire. No matter what your sultry fantasy is, I can take care of it and leave you wanting more. For those who seek someone to take complete control of their mind and lock in their phone sex fantasies, I’m your sexy seductive hypnotic mistress who won’t allow you to cum until I’ve squirted in your mouth and released all of my sweet juices over your face. Your phone sex secrets are always safe with me.

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