Phone Sex Slave

Phone Sex Slave

Phone Sex Slave Shop List.

A  Phone Sex Slave needs to understand their place.  Pain sluts must buy the following:
-Set of wooden cloths pins.
-A vibrating anal plug.
-A cock ring.
-A small hand held flogger or padded paddle to flog/paddle your self with.
-A glass to hold your own cum.

Cross Dressing & Cock Curious Shopping List.

If your also a cross dressing cock curious slave you will also add the following to your shopping list.
-A bigger Vibrating Anal plug.
-A big dildo to suck made of food safe material.
-Edible lube.
-Anal Desensitizing lube.
-Lacy panties with the back cut out.
-Thigh highs.
-Make up if desired
-Wig if desired.

Enhance our Phone Sex Slave sessions.

If you are also a pain slut  do the following. You will keep clothes pins on  your  nipples during our sessions to  please your  Mistress.  Upon placing them on each nipple you must say aloud “I love Mistress Victoria”.  Upon removing them you must pull them slowly off each nipple and say aloud “Thankyou  Mistress Victoria”. In addition to this you will place a cock ring over the base of your dick once erect. Then a vibrating anal plug up your ass. Then our session may begin.

Learn to be a good Phone Sex Slave.

If your are also  Cross dressing & cock curious  you need to learn to take big dick in both your holes. Deepthroating is a skill you must practice daily. Learning to suck & fuck a cock no smaller than 6 inches and as large as 10 inches is your goal .  You will call with your warmed vibrating dildo lubed and already in your ass but not turned on. Asking permission during our call for that privledge. Until then you will sit obediently with your ass full of your suction cup dick or your large anal vibrator.
Expectations for my Phone Sex Slave.
I will expect you to suck a dildo as well. Make sure this dildo is food safe so its appropriate for sucking. Feel free to use an edible lube you enjoy. If your an anal virgin or fairly new we will need to take it slow.  Many sex toy shops online have a “beginners anal set” It typical has anal beads and a skinny small vibrator . Bring these with you on our calls so you can get proper Anal training.
Anal play & Phone Sex Slave training.
You ass needs to be properly stretched & filled. This may take  time to achieve. You can always build up to longer thicker plugs, dildos over time. Its ok to use desensitizing lube when you first begin. But later you will want to use plain anal lube.  This way you can get full enjoyment as you fuck your back pussy for me.
 There is no rush feel free to go slow & gentle. You can build up speed, thrust over time. Just remember to breathe during anal exploration. There is no rush take your time. Soon enough you will be taking lots of dick like a greedy cross dressing faggot whore.
Phone Sex Slave will only masturbate when Mistress Victoria allows him to.  Only Jerking off per my instruction on the phone.  Should Mistress Victoria decide an orgasm has not been earned I will ruin it. Expect that sometimes an orgasm will be denied. True slaves understand orgasms must be earned. Orgasm denial is not only expected but anticipated. You will learn to love Tease & denial as well as edge play. Because it makes your orgasm more intense.
We can go shopping during Phone Sex Slave sessions.
If your desire is to cross dress for me make sure to buy lingerie that fits. The  more lace & silky sheer fabric the better.  It is important to feel like the cross dressing  sissy faggot you are. If your unsure of what to buy I will guide you during one of our sessions. We can shop on line together for what you wish to buy. Your mistress looks forward to seeing you all dressed up for me in your pretty panties & stockings. Feel free to go all the way with bra’s corsets & garters even heels.
For Cum eating  phone sex slaves the cum we will start with is yours. My  Phone Sex Slave shall cum into a small cup and pour his sissy juice in his mouth. Mistress Victoria is an expert at Cum Eating Instruction & will happily lead you through this endeavor.  Phone Sex Slave’s will swallow it when Mistress Victoria instructs him to.
Cuckold Phone Sex Slave expectations & training.
For the cuckold phone sex slave you will under no circumstances fuck your wife. Nor will you fuck anyone else without my permission. I own your cock & balls. All cock milking, fucking, Masturbation goes through me. You must ask permission to do this. We can negotiate when you can do these things, Whom you can do them with and in what manner. Understand however you will never in your wildest dreams fuck me. My pussy is reserved for the bigger more magnificent cocks.  These stipulations apply as long as you are a willing slave under contract to Mistress Victoria IE Me.
During our calls You will be given whatever instruction & discipline that applies to you. This may include CBT, Guided Masturbation, Cum Eating Instruction, Cross dressing instruction. In addition it may also include Sissy forced feminization . Don’t be surprised if you also receive cock sucking instruction as well . If your truly lucky anal training will also be apart of your curriculum.

Submit to my Phone Sex Slave commands.

If Submission is your desire Serving Mistress Victoria is all that matters. Listening to my every word & obeying my commands are your pleasure. You may ask questions as long as you obey. However you will speak when spoken to. I am the Dominatrix & are the submissive unless I agree to switch.
Toilet phone sex slave‘s will only be permitted  upon my approval. Piss play instruction could be a fantasy role play we enjoy. Or you may be commanded if your so inclined to drink your own piss. Mistress may also command you to bring a friend with you during our calls to piss or cum on or in you.
Cross dressing slaves whom are serious may be instructed to take humiliating pictures. Pictures of themselves in lingerie to show mistress. This way I can gaze at your  pathetic photos as a Sissy fag during our calls.  The humiliation of being laughed at will also be a turn on for you. As I laugh & degrade you feel free at my instruction to jerk off at my command.

Little Dick Humiliation Phone Sex Slave calls.

Mistress has  several little dick sissy cross dressing cheers written. Those of you bold enough to embark on this journey can enjoy Cheerleader Sissy Cross Dressing Humiliation. Where I cheer for you in the most humiliating manner. Humiliation often coincides with Little dick humiliation (though not always). Be sure to communicate with me what kind of humiliation gets you off. So we can embark together on helping you become the Phone Sex Slave you long to be.
Call Me for more 1-888-295-4932

Sissy cross dressing


Femdom & Sissy cross dressing fun.

You look so cute in your new Sissy cross dressing outfit baby,  I know you always have fun when we go shopping together. That lacy dress you picked makes you look like a pretty little sissy. And you have little white panties to match your white thigh highs.

 Training you for Sissy cross dressing

When I walk in I see you slowly touching your little sissy button in those lacy white panties. That little button is so hard isn’t it, you are sensitive and the fabric keeps rubbing your sissy clit. I know another place that needs attention too.

Now lay down on the bed for me, and spread your legs. Good girl, let your mistress see you pink little sissy pussy. Your fingers keep rubbing your hard button as I start to tease you. Lubing up my fingers as I tease that tight little Ass pussy of yours.

Slipping my fingers inside as you start to moan for me. Pushing them in deeper and stroking them in and out of your pretty pink hole. I know you need to be filled with something bigger than my fingers.

Sissy cross dressing & pegging!

As my fingers slip out of you I start to slowly push my hard strapon against your little button. Grinding it against you as I watch you start to beg for me. I slide the tip down between your cheeks as I start to push myself inside of you. Sliding just the tip in and out of you, thrusting the head of my strap on inside of you. Pushing every inch inside of you now as you take my strapon cock  like a good little sissy.

Now get on top and show me how much you need my strapon in your sissy pussy.  I can’t wait to make your my eager power bottom All you needed was a good pegging. Soon you will completely submit to my Femdom Phone Sex desires.

Call me  at 1-888-295-4932

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Sissy boy phonesex

I think my Sissy boy phonesex lover neighbor has been stalking me.

Every time I leave the house he’s outside waiting on me to take me somewhere. It’s getting a little creepy, but I’m actually flattered that I’m always on his mind. His wife still has no idea that I’m giving him sissy boy phone sex training! She thinks he’s fixing things when he’s at my house for hours. I decided to give his wife the shock of her life the other day.

I will only humiliate you if you beg for it!

He confided in me he loves being  humiliated .  His deepest humiliation phone sex fantasy is for his wife to catch him. He wants his wife to find out his dirty little secret. He begged me to tell her what a Pathetic sissy he is.

His wife had no idea!

I told my sissy boy to invite me over to his house in the morning after his wife left for work so I could take some pictures of him in his new bra and panty set. He looked so cute in his new outfit so I took over fifty pictures. While he was cleaning up his place, I called over to his wife’s job and told the receptionist that it was an emergency and that Mrs. Williams had to come home right away. I put up all of the pictures I took of my sissy slut all around the house and quietly left.

My Sissy will never be the same!

While I waited in the bushes for his wife to come home, I laughed to myself thinking about the mess I was creating. As soon as his wife pulled up and ran into the house, I started laughing hysterically. All I heard was her yelling and him crying like a little girl. It was hilarious! I went home satisfied with my work and took a long nap.

It wasn’t long before my sissy was begging for more!

Now that his wife knew he looked better in her lingerie then she did…he wanted more. We decided to take his Sissy training to the next level. It was time to trade in his Strap on dick for a real one! I can’t wait for him to take his very first cock!

CALL ME VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932

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Sissy boy phonesex

Sissy boy phonesex

Are you a Sissy boy looking for a mistress to train you?

Turns out that one of my naughty phone sex lovers is into Sissy boy phonesex. He’s been looking for a strict Mistress for sometime now and when he came across me at a bdsm party, he couldn’t wait to get the pleasure of me training him.

After a few conversations, we begin training for Sissy boy phonesex right away.

I like to mix crossdressing phone sex in everything I do with my sissy boys, so we first went by the mall to get a few items. I love anything pink and frilly, but he wanted something red. I told him that it wasn’t really up to him, but red did look good on him so I decided to give a go.

Once we got back to his place we tried on all of the items.

The items we tried on fit perfectly so it was time to put my plan into work. One of my old college buddies has the biggest cock you’ll ever see in real life. I decided to give my sissy boy a lesson in bbc phone sex.

He was hesitant at first to try Sissy boy phonesex like they always are, but I wanted to see how he would act.

My friend came over with a hard cock and my sissy boy started sucking it right away. Once my friend nutted in his mouth, our first lesson of blowjob phone sex was over.

I knew he would make a good sissy boy.

Want some sissy boy training? Give me a call so we can go over your new lesson plan. I want to turn you into a pretty princess and teach you how to be my good little sissy slut. I want to show you how to walk and talk and dress. I will even email you a few of my beauty secrets after each one of our sessions. I can’t wait to transform you into my beautiful sissy cock sucking slut!

CALL ME: VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932